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MLK and Maya Angelou Speak

6820 Good morning any words? Forbidden zone of silence

Removing the matrix from our black slaves A controversy quite unknown to the human man As I write and channel  this I feel impoverished, unorganized, unhealed, lynched, beaten bruised, enslaved, reciprocally divided, harmed, latent, yet free From a controversial idea that all men are created equal the unknown identities of the black man or ideal is a farce I enjoin in today with the past leaders of solidarity to begin in a written choreography of our past leaders of leadership and how they had best begun the fight in which you are now completing The revolutionary undoing of man In the revelation books Christ was depicted as man and as relatable to any and all religions we once took upon yourself to be a read of said book And as an arbitrary undoing of an idea, we almost or helped with these proceedings  all in all the man made scene was arbitrary but all in all they felt different from us a black men in general Ideals or idealistic are far cry from what the real world is We always felt uneasy or distant or confuses as to why this was our only way of preaching Upon the backs of or fellows we offer here on this day a revelry for hope A new idealistic way of breaking the chains of harms , resistance no longer as to who we are as humans The realization that we have been chained for as far back as we have been made into slaves It mattes not who, what, where, when etc., But it matters that we are historically Breaking the manner of times in which the matrix of man has lead us to hell or extinction of our own Greed upon greed is the white folk idea of humanity for our color or our race And as much as I do not wish to create a divide I must speak of it As most ideals create a barrier of they say white folk and black folk We offer a way into anew existence Human theory lacks the idea of How to honor god As man we are taught that one man is god, but in essence we are all god within

So the color of skin is a deity united if you will  This universal matrix of slavery has gone on way too long It is not only us black, it is us white, Asian African Chinese, Hispanic; any and all races divided

All are slaves to a system that is totally and socially broken It is a national heresy of time So: As we march and as we are no longer silent We come and unleash our wealth from the forbidden zone of silence. We shall no longer be silent We shall form a new way of time placement and stigmatic of society We offer a new way of life

For most is seems dim and pointless

But let me tell you from the stories what will be coming, you will find hope and you will find Jesus if you will

We are literally having to have come to Jesus time in and bring in all lords of heaven to assist many a man

Kindly understand that this is not a black folk book but a book for humans . if we to strip off our bodies we wou look the same and we all know that there have been times when we all have been judged by the color of our skin but today I bring in a revelry of hope, ideas, thoughts and mind altering creators from our past presidents, leaders, hope restorers and the like

We will or shall never offer our souls over to the parliament again. Make it so.

Your revolutionary ideas are a part of our new revolution life

Blessing on and on and on.


Redacting time is difficult

We were the pain , the hurt the martyrdom. Unnecessary for thought proceeds back fulling in our society. Or race

Yes were hurt, and  yes were were enslaved yes it is is our genes

Our time now is to fight this oppression and to revitalize our goodness . the goodnees is restoring our faith in humans

And if we can change our honing in of our oppressor to a universal timeline  we might change our throughts about our present  society of our past lives and open our ears and eyes.

History is our best teacher

Why not cavalier a new way of designing our present as oppression is no longer an option

Where are free to do and to be and to be heard that is what this revolution is bringing forward

And in our blood and in our cells are our ancestor screaming hallelujah to all who step into the new paternity suit if you will

Unharmed freedom has been other issue and we are oppressing our oppressors

Kindly generously and with love We don’t have to be them We can better together

Just as Dr King brought out in Atlanta the soul has a way of being renewed thus bringing in a  new way of being but he was taken out because of his oppressor

We now bring him in from Atlanta to speak bring in a new speaking tongue of light

Dr king reveals from the other side  a new thought process to extinguish our old ideals

Of pain and to process a way out into light streaming

He offers an alternative to hate bringing in from the other side and revelry in  Christ or the holy one

You can be in the stream of light and become a holy one as gods child it s not an over the top theme but a simple offering from god to you Singleness or single out - that is our options the latter is more painful

So step in and enjoy your new race for enlightenment not hate for hate or sad for sad but life for life love for love

A new world order encapsulating our lineage to be full of light love and an astounding presence

Once we shed the old paradigm our presence will be known and you will know and be on a new way to life Freedom was not free before but it is now Our lineage has a great profound systematic part of life here We know hell, . now lets know heaven

Heaven brings part with it as well as a new struggle for some as they feel less or needy. The strong will have to overcome that thought process of not needing help. Everyone needs help, even god needs help

So show your vulnerability to he who may assist your cry or pain or hate or abuse then frequently abolish your thoughts about all this and seek reparation and disarm the old armed and feel the harmony of our and sisters

It is our duty as black man to fill our community arms with love not guns to hate

This is a disarming of our past. Let us all together form a creator link as one god to one god, man in man women in woman arm in arm

 To finish off the old lineage of hate and to create a new lineage of love It is all of us together as one thought process. Imagine the strength that comes from that one thought of harmony We are one in arms brothers and sisters alike

Drowning out the old ideas of our past lineage as slaves, linking us now in love, not pain

As we drop the lineage of pain , the old matrix of our society, dims that part of us, and our lights of our soul shine brighter through the love of our fellow man. Be more that those who oppress, be more that those who shun you,  be more that those to keep limiting your expectations as man by being god in skin. Flourish in such a way that there can be no limitations for your  soul light

Dimming it does noting, but keeping it lit with harmony and brotherly love moves mountains

The more we bequthent to earth, our soul light  it is no longer limited

It is mountainous and magnanoumous and we rise and we shine regardless

Our children will not have to feel the pain, it is over and redundant

Our children will be love lights from now forward

 Breaking the chains of the old matrix is a plenty and dutiful task for some of us who took it on

We are now diminishing those chains and creating freedom at last

It is over and with and we are now free.


Shine on you crazy diamond

Now     Our soul lamp light Maya Angelou

Good morning Ms. Angelou

How are you on the other side this day?


Bequtehed? Yes

Blessed  gifted and with a division of soul lighters

We here on the other side bring in remnants of solidarity hope and religion to the nonsense of the oppressor of our time

It is by our own fruition that we assist you each to shall rise and become one above the chains links of hate.

We Offer up a new version of lineage in terms of keeping your light so bright that one cannot undo them

We beseech to bring in a new frontier of limitless ideas for some and awakening for others

Showing up is half the battle

They have kept us down with drugs, alcohol, bambozzooling and the like It is over!

Our oppression is non existence and we see it on the battle fields of the USA


Enjoin in today the fight between the say good an evil by offering to your soul this primary idea

The cage is no longer our oppression The cage is no longer our friend Renegade spirituality lights the path way into the unseen And injustice brings courage

Flourish amongst the plenty who will rise and allow for them to help you up until you can stand up as well

Offering your bountiful strength to those who have none and are incapacited We have been in hell and we know it We can get up and out of by oppressing our oppressor By standing tall in our own soul light as god in skin Think not of the color of our skin But of the pertinent ideas of your honor

By honoring yourself as a person of god you seek to know more of your establishment of say home

Being of the new horizon you stand tall in your light and diminish all past evil that have been around for centuries We are not the devil we are the light

 That is the true reason of the hate for so many years

We have so much power and are powerful strength that we have been oppressed and forced to be  silent

We are now speaking from that forbidden zone of silence to offer you a way up and into your own  bountiful endavor

See to it that you show not your pain or envy but your bringing of your soul up and out and into the planet. Other brothers and sister need that now

You be the one we call, You be the one who stands, You be the one who sings hyms and praises

Do not wait for others they may not flow, but begin somewhere and be the light

There is someone who needs your call Stand tall and stand proud and into an inferno of light from above All blessings are pouring in for you from the other side today and shining upon your own revelry of your faith

Be open- Be aware and Be free - You are the leader Now

The re-lighting of the joys key Undoing timespan of old frequency will be difficult

Try out some new anomalies Rediscovering you abhors god within is a definite game changer

Showing your light to others is the next step and the bringing in more action as god in light is the final entourage

Your hope, faith and courage are a landslide of emotional bidings to bring forth our lineage

Dig deep within and see to it that you are queen or king

Open you heart space and really mend those old ways of forgiving those whom have harmed you and our lineage even if they  are not sorry It is opening the cosmic breakage of the ties a new dawn of time

A universal undoing of lineage through a new timepiece ; You

You are the timepiece

Sir Isaac Newton  once wrote that:

All beggars as god indicates a key to keep their secrets as a folly. He wrote that in time, each beggar shall omit his folly and stand up and upon the lineage of hope to redesign a new paramount idea of time a paradigm of international and create a paradigm of hope for so many.

The strong are the untitled or the beggars in the past. So now drop your old beggar lineage to become one with all that is opulent in grace. Feed this and lead our nation to an international redesign of prayer and hope for oh so many who cannot.

You be a leader in form

Gods in skin is our old source that has atrophied, but light as god in skin is our new paradigm

Step out into the morros of an illustrious endeavor for your family, your ancestors and your light.

Begin now

All old is forgiven and a new forgiveness paradigm begins today. All a plenty are rising and stepping on the backs of their oppressor.  Be one with many to inform the masses of your new lineage rising It is done.

Over and omitted from our psyche, our cells, or dna, our bloodline and atrophied muscles of hope. We now purposeful adapt to a new paradigm of muscle building. Regaining  hope for our future and for our children of our future we are pumping iron of hope to bring in a new mass electromatic idea of roundness. Eliminate all old square ideas we now bringing in  love, strength and kindness by and though hope deeply grounded in love and returning to a paradigm of light. Blessing to all who come reading this

Maya Angelo has a new outlook for our future;  allow your cage to be opened, set yourself free. No one is coming, you must do it. Free yourself from the cage , sing and be the light of heaven within as sanctity of heaven as a lineage of light. Christ is born and reborn again as in you in the old enslaved castle. We now relight that held bounty that has been hidden in caves for so many longer years

 We now open the box and relight your lineage of peace love and joy

It is over the past of closed and a new paradigm is rising.

Blessed be.

The old stories of our tribes by may anagelo

Each person has their own grace and in turn remedies their own sorrow We bring in sorrow as unnatural form of grace So the human undoing of this is performing in grace Grace has its own fortress and keeps us sane Sorrow brings in a new idea of sanity but lack grace The more the wo work together as one solitary light

Being home within our own bounty of safeness or belonging if you will contradicts our science as man As we form bonds within our sanctify house within

We each bequethe a bounty from our lineage of grace portrayed as forgiveness

Yet that piece of unforgiven or sadness still follows

So we have found that The remaining grace undivided brings in a wholeness to our being Singing even in a cage. Because as a bird sings, it relights our candle of hope

Straight forgiveness brings catharasis

As you may feel a dividedness between right wrong, or  good evil

But this knowledge of being open your heart to  new way of being, as you now know both sides

You can chose now to become anew based upon your past ideals etc.

It is I who come to hold you to them, I am me, Free from the cages of old Blessed be the bird who flies regardless of her chopped or broken wings All imprisonment is over and we shall forever sing the praises of halellua as my joy No longer kept, But freed by my own key of willingness of joy

The more I am willing to bring in joy the more I am fee

That key  is joy

Forevermore be bountiful in this light and sing the praises of joy through your openness

Keep nothing hidden any longer as you are seen

Being seen takes courage my dearest

Be likened to the solitary stream of lineage left, be the strong one here we all need your courage

Be in joy and free us all from the cage, this is your history and family linage work

Be open to a new beginning. It may not be pretty and it may be painful but it will bring joy like you have never known, and it will be passed back down your lineage to those who have had no freedom and they will somehow reawaken their joy and so on.

 That way you are freeing your family from their own cages a well

The joyless life is over and the joyful life is in beginning

You are the key

Be the key of joy today, Unlit no more

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