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Metatron 2014

Greetings Masters ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light!  As 2013 enters its final weeks, we ask each of you to take pause and consider the powerful progression of events you have experienced individually and cumulatively over the past year. Whether or not you fully recognize that the Planetary Ascension has occurred is truly a moot point, for time moves faster now than ever before. Masters 2014 is a year of extreme change, and these changes logically occur in primary nodes you term as astrological events. Yet these are far more than you currently comprehend.Within each node are codes that affect your auric field through induction. These codes serve myriad purpose. A coded astrological event is like an animated energy fountain, an organic cascade that affects you on a very deep level. It is an infused conscious and purposeful coordination of sacred frequency. Within its own arrangement of particalized light, it is just as alive as you are, the difference being that it has no individual agenda and its evolution depends upon its environment as well as the environments of all other star gates. If astrological powernodes, specifically solstices, equinoxes and eclipses were to be truly understood as the devices of induction they truly are, you would then define them more aptly as an aperture in the space time contingency, an insert succinctly purposed & governed by the organic geometric nature and framework of resonance of their entry into your plane and their expansive essence. Nothing stands still, and regardless of how time and dimensionality are measured, change continues to reveal and express itself astrologically….and logically so. And so as we begin this discussion of 2014, we encircle each and every one of you with a nurturing energy and with the field of self empowerment, for each of you are truly Masters on your path of individual Ascension. It is our purpose to offer you inspiration and clarity, but indeed it is once and always requisite that YOU, as a sacred and sovereign BEING, practice discernment with this and any such ‘channeled’ message. Dear Ones, in these radically transitional times, always remember that Spirit speaks of LOVE. Spirit does not attack. Every current religion on your Earth has its truths and distortions. Discernment is the key. It is requisite of you to decide what is true and what is not, based on heart and NOT FEAR. No true sacred expression limits its truth, its beauty, to one grouping. The current time offers each of you an opportunity to choose to live free, to choose to release worry and fear, and create your own well-being. Respect and Nurture one another, and embrace LOVE. It is the science and frequency of God. It is the way that the Nation of Humanity will UNITE, it is the way humanity will Ascend, and 2014 is a key phase for allowing you to coherently create the Earth you desire. Year Two of the New Earth, 2014, energetically initiates the true phase into what is termed the ‘Age of Aquarius’, the true beginning of the Aquarian Shift. A Key Time Accordingly Masters, you are in the folds of a key sojourn. Indeed there are specific lifetimes that are more highlighted within your vast sojourns, certain vectors in space-time that offer succinct quantum leaps. Within these are crucial crossroads of decision that define you. This is one of those lifetimes. Energy and time are moving fast, much is happening on your Earth as you continue to adjust and calibrate to the Crystalline transitions of the New Earth in 2014. It will not be easy, nothing truly worthwhile occurs without focal effort … but it will be a joyous accomplishment and credential. For you are among the souls that are collating to create the planet of harmony. Accordingly 2014 is an incredibly important year, in many ways more so than 2013. For in 2013 you were in the early phases of adjustment to the New Earth. You were exercising the utility of new chakras that extend into higher dimensions. In 2014 you will begin stretching new wings and trying out flight into new spectra. You will be working in theta coherency to visually create a world of harmony ! It will take time but potent tools are now in place. What happened in 2013 was a new beginning. That new beginning is the New Template of the New Earth. The Ascension of the Earth has allowed for the dimensional revision and expansion of the planet. The Earth is expanded to a Crystalline Field, expanded from the 5th to the 12th dimensions. In 2013 you began learning the ropes, and in 2014 you will progress further in this exploration. It will take concerted effort. 2014 will be a year in which you continue to experience many subtle shifts on your levels of awareness. Your expanded chakric system is still adjusting to operating in new manners and indeed in new dimensions. The layers of your CEF (Crystalline Auric Field) are still somewhat in flux, still stabilizing for most of you. The expansions can and do effect to varying degrees your sensory systems & emotional field. Mental Focus In Year Two of the New Earth, you are required to make a greater effort in your mental focus. It may at times feel to you that you are struggling to maintain balance, to keep focus. This is a combination of the new energy influxes and the requirement to not only adjust & calibrate but to crystallize your purpose and intent. The Aquarian shift with its change in ionic ratios (from the past 2 decades of Solar Radiation) now surrounds the planet and is compelling each of you to put your spiritual life in order. The ionic ratio change is up-shifting the ‘code-wiring’ between the mental fields of the conscious and subconscious, between physical actuality and divine pattern. Because of the coronal mass ejections jet streams of anionic plasma circulate the earth and pocket around specific ‘sacred sites’ . These allow for easier access into theta coherent consciousness, and it is within theta coherency that you are able to more effectively create the New Earth. There are certain timings in 2014 in which you will feel and focus on those areas of your life stream that need to be addressed. You will be required to confront the self and prioritize what actions are needed. Redefine your inner contracts and determine how you wish to utilize your remaining time on the planet. You will be compelled to seize the moment , and make a bucket list ! You can no longer sit complacently on the fence. 2014 is a time to determine the missing pieces of your puzzle. It is time to make your mark, to contribute your part, to consider the legacy your life will be. And yes it involved putting the pieces together … assembly is required! The Crystal Frequency is becoming even more powerful in 2014. This is a resonance that increasingly will influence each of you into more ‘ impeccability ‘. This is simply an aspect of understanding who you are and becoming true to the highest standards. It requires you each to take your power and walk in integrity, to truly become impeccable. Each of you has an opportunity to be impeccable every day. The scenario in which you recognize your own failings, your own conflict with integrity, is the day you more fully encompass Mastery, and indeed it is a journey. Likewise the day you stand in your truth with willingness to recognize another person’s truth, you achieve the compassionate aspect of integrity. This truth then applies to individuals and nations as well, it applies in macro and micro. In 2014, the aspects of inner conflict will move into the crucible phase for purification. Any dishonesties, any flaws that were hidden, any shadows will come into light in order to be faced. Align your actions to highest goals. Prioritize ! Examine your path..and plan your journey consciously. Understand then that it is the energy of the Earth in the Ascension in parity with the 144-Crystalline Grid that enabled and continues to drive the crystalline energy expansion of the Earth into greater and more lucid dimensional reach. And take note Masters, the energy from 5d to 12d that is accessible to you now is only the beginning. For the aspect you term zero field is the aspect of crystalline dimension. It expands into energy dimensions that indeed exist within you, but have been dormant, inaccessible to the masses of humanity, yet these crystalline dimensions are your true impeccable origin, and you exist in higher form within them. An Essential Understanding We will first tell you once again that the Ascension of the Planet did indeed occur. It is essential you understand this and not lose faith. There are ever the naysayers and will continue to be those that question, even among those on the path, that any real changes took place after December 21, 2012. The Ascension did occur, those of you of light made it so. But we want to clarify it is the graduation of the Planet Earth, an expansion into 12 Dimensions that has taken place. And it is the ascension of the planet that has made the coming ascension of humanity possible. So we will tell you that the Ascension is a new beginning. And in 2013, the Earth entered into the new format that will allow for humanities ability to rise lucidly, further ascend consciously into higher dimensions. The New Earth now carriers a matrix through the Crystalline Grid that is absolutely enabling humanity to be more aware of their true nature within multi-dimensionality. We assure you that in 2013 a new sun dawned, and it is indeed the sun of change. It brings the light of the magnificent New Earth. And Dear Ones, we do mean magnificent. In this new era, it is incumbent upon the seekers to project joy, to project light, for in the expansion to Crystalline Harmonics, every photon of mental light you project is exponentially amplified. And this occurs more rapidly in the New Energy of 2014. So your roles take on a new importance, a greater benevolence, as your creation powers increase in that termed the Aquarian Shift. So we speak in specifics of 2014 ! 2014 Power Dates & Activation Phases The energies of 2014 will be less intense than the obstacle course of increasing frequencies experienced by humanity in 2011 and 2012, but perhaps more intense than 2013 in specific periods. But the intensity phases of 2014 can be managed with awareness of the influences occurring. for these are taking place purposely. However that does not mean that the periods of high intensity do not have specific purpose, for indeed the frequencial ‘bar’ is still being raised and specific energetic codes will be aligned to download during astrological openings The 2014 quadric of equinoxes, solstices, and quadrangle of eclipses are extremely powerful, each presenting unique coded octahedronal portal openings of the New Earth. During the equinoxes, solstices, and especially the 4 eclipses of 2014, a surge of ‘new’ coded energies will flood the planet. Key Focal Dates: April 15 – Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse October 8 – Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse April 29 – Annual Solar Eclipse October 23 – Solar Eclipse (Partial) March 20, 2014 – Equinox June 21, 2014- Solstice September 22, 2014- Equinox December 21, 2014 – Solstice It is absolutely a natural synergy that these astronomical dates provide downloads of coded influx. For these events (solstices, equinoxes and eclipses) truly open gateways, apertures that have always been unique events for such transfers. That is why they have been revered as days of introspection, prayer and meditation in ancient cultures and in many current spiritual sects. Now the 2014 eclipses take on an even more unique quality, in terms of offering catalystic energy triggers of change both individually and for the planet. In 2014 the 2 lunar eclipses are ‘Total’ the eclipses occur on the full moon apex both in April and October. . It will be the perfect time to change course in your life by meditating toward self direction and calibration. In 2013 many of you discovered a renewed purpose, experienced a renaissance, and are on newly creative paths that will continue and gain momentum in 2014. Others have chosen to remain on the same path but with a renewed vigor, new perspective or new group association. Many of you will yet discover a new purpose in 2014 and bring to the surface a prolific talent that was previously dormant or unrealized. In Year One,2013, the Green Flame reactivated bringing you greater ability to commune with the elements and kingdoms of the Earth. Year one also brought in the Portal of the Renaissance that aligned your current time hologram to the three prior Golden Ages. This was coded in the navals of Delphi and Rapa Nui. 2014 provides the energy to complete the ‘rebirthing, and alignments by recharging your willfully to the uncompleted points of your ‘soul contract’ that had not yet been achieved or acted upon. In 2014 they are even more multifaceted than the potent ones that have taken place since 2009. Each of the above listed dates in 2014 offer the following: Time for deep introspection toward self discovery in the New Earth and alignment of goals Time for self purification and establishment of impeccability – ‘walking ones talk’ Opportunity for healing relationships, individually & globally ‘ planting the seeds of Peace & Harmony” Enhanced energies within power nodes, enhanced visioning and lucid dreaming. A window for recharging & balancing energies, renewal of determination & courage. Reception of codes that allow for greater utilization of the full 33 chakras in Crystalline Mer-Ka-Na. The Grand Trines of 2013 are also still in energy influence through the mid-term of 2014. Three coded ‘Portal-Influx’ phases will occur and reach an apex in March-April, May-June and again in September & October of 2014.. 2014 Key Portals of Coded Influx The three Coded Portal Phases of 2014 are as follows: Portal of Harmony : March 20 – May 8 Star-Gate Portal / Violet Ray of Truth :May 14- June 21 – ( Peaking May 22-26) The Platinum Ray Portal : September 21 – October 23 The first coded phase occurs from the March Equinox to the Total Lunar Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Grand Cross and into the Eta Auarids Meteors of May. April has a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and a Grand Cross sandwiched between the eclipses involving Mars, Uranus, Pluto and Jupiter. It is a hallowed & opportune time to seek harmony, to project harmony collectively. There are codes that allow for a spiritual rebirth on a Global scale and a redesigning, redefining of relationships. It offers an opportunity for the seeds of World Peace to be planted in areas of conflict, especially in what is termed the Middle East. On an individual level, it is a time to bring greater troubled relationships. To reconcile what has been severed. It is an influx of compassion. In a very true sense it is a download of what may be termed ‘Unconditional love’ the Kristos Energy’. The second is between May- June with its initial trigger flowing forward from the Harmony Portal of April. This phase also includes the energies of the Grand Water Trine which began in 2013 and remains in force through June of 2014. It is a time of completions. In a very true sense the Star-Gate Portal of May 2014 is the beginning to the Age of Aquarius. It is a time in which the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance will move into a greater influence, and greater presence. This is absolutely an embellished phase for Global prayer a time to gather to meditate in unison for it marks another phase of the ‘Return to the Dharma, the Great Nobler Truths. The third phase occurs between September 20 and October 23, 2014. It is perhaps the most inward reaching. It is a phase containing the codes of the embellished Platinum Ray, the Energy of the Earth Goddess. It harmonizes all 12 physio chakras. In this phase an opportunity of self calibration, and the release of all obstacles that do not serve you as an individual, and as a collective of Humanity on the New Planet Earth. It is a time to shed old remnants, release hidden obstacles. The Platinum Ray represents a time for individuals to manifest the new self, the new purpose, the new partnership, association or direction. It is a time of intense re-energizing, re-vitalizing of life force. It is a time to install the new codes and take action toward a better self and a better collective force. The Platinum Ray is a nurturing energy; it may be termed Feminine in nature, for it allows for a sense of support, as each soul seeks greater light. The 13-14 Couplet 2014 is in one aspect, coupled with 2013. In the neoteric sequencing of the newborn expansive earth, annual pairing will become the norm. Astro-codes that initiated in 2013, complete in 2014, the true contemporary span then is a 24 month phase. This base 12 doubling will be evident in your experiences in many arenas, especially your calibrations and reformations of relationships. We have told you that 2013 & 2014 are times of change. Consider this advice as a gentle tap on the hand – a ‘wake up call’ from we who love you deeply. Look first in the mirror, and trace the reflection of your life’s interactions. Reflect upon the footsteps of every year of your life that have led you to this moment of ‘Now’. Explore deeply the compassion expressed within & without your heart and see what has been gained, and what has been forfeited. Have you traveled so so far only to find yourself in the same place? Dear Hearts, if your present situation does not suit you, then make the concerted effort, take the action of change .As we have stated, the energies of 2014, offer you enhanced opportunities for such action. Relationships will need to be defined and re-determined. An effective exploration of such employs a requisite of total honesty in all forms of companionship from ‘ A to Z’ …in allies, acquaintances, lovers, brothers, sisters and even what you may consider ‘enemies’, antagonists, and adversaries. The 3 core code phases of 2014 afford energies that peculate trapped feelings, hidden emotions to the surface. These are actual frequencies that can create crucible effects for those choosing impeccability. And it is always a choice, whether to achieve clarity or remain in conflicted projection. Greater cleaning, greater consciousness of “Integrity” is absolutely achievable for the serious seeker in the harmonic phases of 2014. Uranus-Pluto Triggers Dears Ones when you are not fully in integrity, you are in conflict with self. In truth this crucible purging began last year and will indeed will surface again in 2014. Particularly during the span of the two Uranus-Pluto squares: **Uranus Squares Pluto April 21, 2014 at 13° 34′ Aries/Capricorn (Uranus direct, Pluto retrograde) **Uranus Squares Pluto December 15, 2014 at 12° 35′ Aries/Capricorn (Uranus retrograde, Pluto direct) You may use these energies wisely by completing uncompleted feelings, exploring unexplored emotions and expressing unexpressed opinions. In doing so you can indeed lift a burden that has dimmed your inner sense of self rectitude. Complete honesty can lead you toward not only fidelity, but a greater light-quotient of consciousness. And this year is triggered for such virtue. And we tell you that those of you in what may be termed ‘senior’ phases of your physical sojourn, may indeed feel very driven, compelled within the energies of 2014 to ‘make things right’, and Dearhearts, there is no better time for this, no better energy for this, than the ‘Harmonic’ phases of 2014. Take advantage of this opportunity, and keep in mind that you are in a temporal setting. Change is the nature of physical reality, and things can change in an instant. People come and go, and often when you least expect it, someone is here and then gone. Find forgiveness ! Look deeply within and without as these words find a foothold in your heart, and lead to action. Closing We tell you that 2014 is a time to flow, a time to flower. It will be for many of you a year of great change. There is a new energy on the planet. You have created it. There is much yet to do. Use this time to find your roles. Those of you who have been sitting on the fence, considering taking more committed roles of leadership, writing your book, expressing your inner artistry.. now is your time of actions, finalizing the seeds planted in 2013. 2014 is your year of fruition. The energy will support your highest good. In 2014 you take your second wind and polish your ability to operate in the New Earth. You take on new missions. It is time to gather together and meditate in coherent union for creating the Earth that you want, a Planet of Peace and Spiritual well being. It is time to utilize the enhanced creative abilities offered in the Aquarian Shift. I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved. …And so it is…and it is so.

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