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Master Kuthumi: ‘A New Beginning’ ~ Natalie Glasson

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 16th January 2015.

Greetings and great volumes of love are extended to each soul upon the Earth at this present time.

In the ascension process we are all moving through on the Earth and the inner planes you are

extremely valuable, your presence is for a reason and a purpose, this is the same all of humanity.

Many of you have journeyed through lifetime after lifetime, most of your past lifetimes have been

in service to others for you have supported and observed many move towards and through their

ascension processes becoming Ascended Masters.

While your focus was also on your own spiritual evolution, your service and support given to others

allowed you to observe the ascension process multiple times. While those souls you assisted to

ascend no longer exist upon the physical Earth, you still remain continuing upon your journey of

spiritual evolution to obtain your own personal ascension process as well as continuing to act as

a source of support for others. I share this information with you now as I wish to remind you of the

greater meaning and purpose of your reality upon the Earth at this time while also illuminating

the reason why we channel our energy and wisdom to support you now.

While you observed the ascension of many you were collecting valuable information and light

frequencies which illuminated your truth and enhanced the light frequency of your own being

and the Earth. Great value has come from your previous lifetimes on the Earth. There may

be some Ascended Masters who you are deeply fond of and feel a strong connection with,

it is most likely the familiar sensations demonstrated you assisted the ascension of the

Master, male or female, while they were on the Earth and so a part of their ascension

exists within your being. These masters, such as myself Master Kuthumi, now channel

wisdom and consciousness to you, not to demonstrate their evolution or to act as a teacher,

they simply wish to trigger remembrance and the further recognition of your truth. In many

ways we are not the important ones, you are, you who remains upon the Earth. We opened

the gate ways and paved the way, yet we only achieved this because of your support and

to support you, your mission and existence upon the Earth now.

We all, including yourself, knew a time of tremendous growth and spiritual awakening

would occur upon the Earth, a golden time. You placed yourself forward to be present

on the Earth throughout large stages of humanity’s evolution because you knew your

own inner strength and wise loving power. We wish for you to know, you see us as beings

to aspire to and yet the roles have been reversed, we are learning and evolving so much

from observing your great and sacred existence upon the Earth. It was divinely planned

that you would observe the ascension of some ascended masters so that they could then

support you from the inner planes. Our ascension was all for you, so you could be present

and an example of the Creator’s light at this pinnacle point of ascension. You are now

collecting wisdom and light frequencies which in turn ent huses our souls.

We are all united as one and so you are akin to our higher selves, you may see yourself

as lacking, powerless or not at all sacred; this is only a projection of the ego and a misinterpretation.

Please know the wisdom, insights and frequencies of light you activate within your being in

your daily routine are valuable and essential for the ascension process of all souls. Your own

personal ascension quietly and yet powerfully fuels the ascension of all as we are all one,

interconnected eternally. With my words describing you as special and extremely valuable

on the Earth now I am speaking directly to your soul rather than to your ego.

Our ascension was witnessed by few; your ascension is witnessed by all as all aspects of t

he Creator awaken to their interconnectedness and oneness with all. Dedicate yourself to

your personal ascension with the knowingness that this is the greatest service you can provide

and the reason you are present now. It is because you are strong you easily receive the

high frequency light; you are wise already holding the wisdom of the New Age within you

and deeply compassionately loving. You are truly equipped to live upon the Earth at this

time of ascension. It is time for you to use your sacred skills to truly enjoy your reality

upon the Earth, a reality enthused with the light and love of the Creator, this will create

an incredible surge in the ascension process.

With this knowingness developing within your being from your soul and the sacred frequencies

anchoring into your being two shifts will begin to occur for you and all. The profound

development and expression of creativity will arise, not from the personality, from the soul.

This creativity will be enthused with the divine vibrations of your soul, soul group and the

Creator, thus supporting, encouraging and manifesting the essence of the Creator physically

upon the Earth. You may have noticed this in yourself and those around you, the need to be

creative, to become involved with diverse forms of art, most importantly to express

yourself creatively.

You may also notice that when you or others embark upon these creative actions of any form

that they are easily and quickly achieved allowing the talent for the creative project to grow

immensely. Many people may find themselves picking up an instrument and being able to play

in a very short time, or finding they can write, draw, sing or so forth when maybe in the past it

seemed impossible. The energy of the Creator which is activating and expanding more fully

than ever before requires embodiment and expression to further aid the manifestation. The

expression of the Creator at this time is through creativity as the creativity of the Creator will

come forth alongside passion truly creating wonderful surges in embodiment and ascension

upon the Earth. Allow yourself to be open to the development of your own creative energies

as this is the Creator expressing and expanding through you.

The second major shift which is occurring at this time of ascension is due to the crucifixion

energies anchoring upon the Earth and within your being. This sacred energy which has

numerous purposes as described in previous communications has the purpose of completing

cycles which are no longer needed in your reality, being and consciousness. Each soul upon

the Earth has one or more major lessons they have come to the Earth to master in order to

accept the energetic templates and codes of the energy to aid further ascension. These cycles

are now ending, the lessons now coming to an end and so freedom is being granted by you

to yourself. For example, when you view your past reality you may notice patterns such as

lack of abundance, ill health, loss or failure. If there is a continuous pattern which you recognise

has been present for most of your lifetime then this is the pattern your soul has come to overcome,

to learn and to grow from.

You may have experienced patterns of lack of abundance to result in yourself receiving the

energetic codes and templates of abundance. Ill health would allow you to receive the energetic

codes and templates of absolute health. Loss may be to ground energies of unity and inner

strength while failure to access completion at a sacred level. The energy of crucifixion begins

to encourage you to bring closure to these cycles of lessons and growth present throughout

most of your lifetime because it is time to now experience the value of the lessons, the triumph

and experience of obtaining the codes of the energies your soul wishes to access experiencing

fully in your physical reality. As the crucifixion symbolises the end of the cycles of valuable lessons

and growth guided by your soul so the forth coming energies of the resurrection aid and encourage

your experience of the energies gained through the lessons overcome.

I encourage you to call me forth, Master Kuthumi, asking my energies to embrace you in quiet

time or meditation. Encourage yourself to contemplate these questions in order to understand

where your focus is required, how you can truly benefit from the crucifixion period and easily

move through this period with ease. This may take time, space and dedication, yet it will offer

to you a deeper seated freedom from within your being.

What are your main cycle/s of growth present throughout your physical reality which you may

not have yet fully overcome or mastered?

What is the energy your soul is seeking through the repetition of the patterns?

What is stopping you from anchoring, activating and embodying this sacred energy now?

This is such an important time for your soul as you consciously overcome processes of growth

which previously would take many lifetimes. You are allowing yourself to see the reason you

were born on this Earth and that which your soul seeks to embody and became at a physical l

evel thus you create a new beginning for yourself upon the Earth in this fantastic time of ascension.

Examples of energies your soul might be seeking are: love, faith, compassion, strength, courage,

peace, clarity, devotion, unity, trust, happiness, abundance and so forth. Such simple energies

which naturally exist within you and yet your soul wishes to experience and embody them wholly.

This period upon the Earth is such a sacred time, so filled with renewal, growth, awakening and

opportunities. It is truly a time of rejuvenation, regeneration and rebirth which depending on

your soul and your ability to move in rhythm with the energies within and around you may last

for weeks, months or years. The Creator is guiding a process of letting go within the general

consciousness of humanity. This is the crucifixion energies, the letting go of old cycles which

no longer bring fulfilment or expansion. Master Jesus achieved this to guide a process of letting

go within the general consciousness of humanity and now you are leading a shift in the general

consciousness of humanity. You might say you are being guided to crucify your unneeded

cycles of beliefs, emotions, actions and reactions in order to be born a new.

The word crucifixion and crucify have for many a negative connotation such as to punish, kill,

orture or execute such words it would seem could not to liken to an energy wave of light, pure

encouragement and guidance flowing from the Creator. Why has the energy and cycle of this

period of ascension been named as a process of crucifixion, something that has a negative

meaning and for some painful memories connected to Master Jesus? The energy encourages

and wishes to draw out that which it also represents. The energy expressed from the Creator

wishes to remove and dissolve energies, consciousness and patterns which are of course

self-imposed and yet have caused you to experience situation outside or within you of

victimisation, torture, anguish, suffering and distress.

All of these energies were activated from within your being as a reaction to a circumstance

outside of your body or a thought within your mind. The crucifixion energy is such a deep cleansing

vibration, it draws all cycles connected to negative interpretations, understandings or experiences

of self so these energies may be accepted by you as your own creation, thus released and let go

with the recognition they are no longer needed. Even a small thought of doubt can be a form

of self-imposed torture. The word describing this period of ascension demonstrates its

importance and also that one is unable to escape or dodge this purification process as it is essential

for moving into a space of love upon the Earth.

It is true that when habits of self-imposed torture, punishment, limitations and so forth are

released and let go of one will be able to see, sense and acknowledge the abundance of love

already present upon the Earth and within all beings. The vibration of energy known as the crucifixion

is supporting the release and erasing of self-imposed suffering within each person so the soul

may step forth more fully thus suffering, torture and pain will begin to dissolve from the general

consciousness of humanity. This would result in humanity unifying in love, respecting and honouring

each other, moving away from violence and cruelty of all forms. It is important to understand that

by you letting go of your self-imposed actions, reactions and thoughts of torture and limitation to

allow your soul and loving truth to more fully influence your existence you are taking much

needed steps to bring h armony and love to and between all of humanity.

Many may try to flee the intense vibrations of the crucifixion cleansing by creating more harm, torture,

violence and disharmony within their beings and realities. Of course compassion and love is always

present in your heart and soul to give to yourself and others, as well as the vibration of forgiveness.

We are all embarking on such a journey of discovery, creating more of that which we may wish to

let go only intensifies the enlightenment and awakening process which follows the release. Everyone

is moving at a speed appropriate for their spiritual evolution; one can never say or determine that

one soul is more advanced than the other due to the inability of all upon the Earth to see the larger

divine plan of the Creator and the goals of embodiment of the soul which are diverse from person to person.

For those who feel they have overcome the energies and cycles in the past which now come forth

to meet them, it is possible that due to your previous experience and release of a cycle such as

lack, judgment, fear, doubt, or unworthiness, that your previous success has allowed you to now

release on behalf of humanity. Signifying you are no longer working at a personal level, you are

working at a planetary level to support the shifting and breaking down of stagnant energy with the

consciousness of humanity. Be conscious that the rising of thoughts, energies and emotions bubbling

from within are chosen by you to experience as everything is your choosing and yet they may

not belong to you and so an air of detachment is needed.

When you consciously began your process of spiritual awakening upon the Earth maybe you were

made aware of the Ascended Masters? Such beings as yourself achieving enlightenment in a

physical body to then release the physical body to return to the light of the Creator. Maybe you

also wish to achieve this, to move through your ascension upon the Earth to end the process

of reincarnation and be of support and guidance on the inner planes? It is the moment of ascension

where the soul penetrates the physical body, mind and emotions so fully in unification that the

person in its entirety moves over to the light dimensions releasing their physical body and all

memory of past physical bodies eternally. This to you may be the pinnacle moment of ascension,

a moment to aspire to, maybe?

Ascension has transformed and altered since my own ascension. The pinnacle moment of

ascension which I achieved you are being granted now with this period of crucifixion and

with many new cycles of energy you will receive in the coming years. Ascension is to let go

of all thoughts, emotions, actions, reactions which hinder expansion, to also detach from

your physical body and physical reality while experiencing and expressing the deepest

sensations of love, healing and purity. You are experiencing the pinnacle point of ascension now.

The moment when I shifted from my physical body to the inner planes, united with my soul where

all divine understanding flooded my being, for me this was moments in your time and yet you are

now experiencing the same consciously at a slower pace. My moment may equal your year,

five years or ten years.

Due to the process of moving through your ascension so consciously, it almost doesn’t feel

as if it is occurring because you become accustomed to the energies each day. When you

emerge you may not enter into the inner planes, for you, your body will be like new, all veils

and illusions fallen away and enlightenment granted, while still being physically present upon

the Earth. You may not even notice the pinnacle point of ascension and the moving through

into enlightenment due to your constant conscious observation. We may even have souls

upon the Earth unconvinced they have ascended and completed their ascension to equal

the Ascended Masters they have aspired to be.

Your ascension is different and diverse to ours, do not expect the same. You are now moving

through the pinnacle points of your ascension and so enlightenment is present, coming and

flowing as is bliss, fulfilment and pure love. Know that every step you are taking now is allowing

you to move through the pinnacle points of your ascension. You are achieving what we the

ascended masters achieved now with greater conscious awareness and exploration as you

grasp and explore all the fine details of ascension to enlightenment. In the past we simply

let go of our unneeded energies in one sweep of light, you are taking each energy, exploring

and consciously releasing, this is to be respected highly. Please do not feel at any moment

that you are wandering aimlessly through your reality on the Earth, you are walking with

extreme conscious awareness through the ascension process you have been waiting for.

I wish to share an invocation with you to support this period of conscious growth and release:

‘I call forth the expression of deep cleansing and purification flowing from the Creator known

as the crucifixion vibrations to penetrate my entire being and reality with your high frequency

vibration and light. With support from the Creator, my Soul Group, Soul, Guides, Ascended Masters,

Angels and Archangels, I wish for all self-imposed torture, suffering, punishment, victimisation,

ill treatment, anguish, suffering, pain, limitations, fear, illusions, distress and any other energies

of hindrance I am choosing to hold onto in this moment to be healed, released, detached,

erased and transformed into the purest vibrations of love. May my current process of healing,

release, erasing, detaching and transformation be experienced with ease and in comfort,

resulting in a rebirth and heightened vibrations of love, light, truth, harmony, peace and

fulfilment embedded into m y actions, reactions, thoughts, emotions and entire existence.

I allow all that needs to be released to be free now as I consciously move into an

expansive space of love within and around me. I am love incarnate. Thank you.’

With loving support and truth,

Master Kuthumi

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