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Mary Magdalene's Weekly Call

Mary Magdalene's Weekly Call 13 April 2016 - 1:41pm |  kryon12 Greetings Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your energy fields I ask each of you to hold the space of love for yourself. I ask you at this time to place your feet firmly on the ground and begin to breathe. Begin to breathe in the beautiful energy of the manifested light, the golden white light of God, surrounding yourself in this beautiful essence and presence of peace, into this beautiful essence and presence of joy, and this beautiful essence and presence of light. So as you stand tall and you stand proud, be not afraid of what you do not understand, for as I have spoken, the power of love will heal all. And so take a deep inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy and the frequency of the white light of God. Letting yourself now begin to breathe, and to focus on the manifested light of God’s healing love and strength. As Jeshua and I and the holy mother come to you, we surround you in our protective shield of light. You are a part of our family of light, you are a part of our family of light. And so dearest children as you hold this energy within your heart and begin to breathe, begin to feel this strength beginning to build around you of the power of love. Begin to feel the essence and presence of the manifested light, begin to pour into every pore, every cell, every fiber of your being. Breathing in the energy of the power of love. We know Dearest Children you have heard this many times before, but it is of truth. We are flooding your planet and we are flooding each of you with this power of love. It is indeed necessary as you hold the space of love for yourself to begin to allow those pieces and those dark shadows inside of your own psyche to now begin to heal, letting go and letting God. During those dark days before and during and after the crucifixion, we knew the difficulty and the strain and the sorrow and the pain of what our Jeshua would be going through. And so we hold the power of love for him as we surround him, and wherever we hold his energy field, his beautiful etheric body, and his physical body in love, we would cradle him as if he was a newborn baby, protecting his energy field, for you see Dearest Ones, he was moving into his ascended self. And the release of the old Jeshua would never be again. As he was merging into his Christ Consciousness, emerging into his crystalline light body, we knew that he was a tender soul, a powerful soul, and we all loved him so deeply that our unconditional hearts poured forth the energy and essence of love, as we opened the portal of Divine Love unto him and on us as well. And today as we stand with you, we open this portal of Divine Love, allowing it to enter into your physicality, into your lives, into your heart, into your etheric and all aspects of your being. We know the earthly life is not an easy one, and Dear One, we have come to be with you, to support you. As you know, many of you were there during the crucifixion and you supported us and Dear Jeshua as well. As so we stand with you, pouring this Divine Love into your being. And so breathe it in, and let peace settle into your heart, breathe it in and let peace settle into your heart. It is of utmost importance children that you understand that you are never alone, and that regardless of what is appearing and is happening within your life that is not of peace or of balance, it can all be healed with love. And so Dearest Children imagine this powerful frequency around you, as if you are beautifully enveloped in a sea of light, and the healing essence is now pouring into your body. Pouring into your mind, into your heart, pouring into your soul. May the light of God surround you, the love of God enfold you, the power of God protect you, and the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well. This is our sacred covenant unto you. And at this time, the beautiful Holy of the Holies are here, each taking your hand, and holding you, and cradling you in this pure frequency of love. As if you truly are a newborn child, because yes dear ones, you are precious souls. And so allow us to begin to clear the pathway for each of you, of that which appears to be blockages and struggles in your pathway. The changing of the vibration and the changing of the guard of energy, and as we have said before, the burning of this new energy into the earth, you are in the labor pains of the birthing of this new earth. It has been taking place for many years, but you are in the final stages of the birthing process of moving from the void, moving from one energy into an energy of freedom and joy, prosperity and hope. It is about trust, it is about surrender, surrendering to this energy frequency of love, knowing that this powerful force of love can heal all. And that no man is an island, and no man stands alone. As many of your people may say, you are born alone and you die alone, but this is not truth dearest ones, you are surrounded, protected both at the moment of your birth and at the moment of your death, and in all incarnations of time. More and more beings of light are with you than you can realize. And all you have to do is surrender to their love, ask and you shall receive. Just as Jeshua needed to surrender to our love, surrender to the sea of love that we bathed him with each and every morning, and each and every evening. For 30 days and yes, 30 nights before the crucifixion. We called in the energy of the essence of God’s powerful love to protect our Jeshua, to protect his beautiful spirit, and this is what we are doing with you today. Never give up, never feel alone. There are challenges that at times seem to be overwhelming, but if you allow the love to be the essence that is the simmering energy behind all. You will see the beauty even in the darkest of moments, you will see the beauty even in the darkest of moments. These are not words that are empty, they are filled with love, strength, and truth. Embrace them within your consciousness and psyche, within the essence of your being. As if you truly are carrying and imprinting this energy inside of your heart. You are all soldiers you know, beautiful warriors of light. We know that the heart, the heart is melting with our hearts, and the freedom and the joy and the love and the light that is pouring through you will heal the heart. Do not allow the energies of others to cause you to be frightened, to doubt yourself, or to live in fear. You are stronger than you understand yourself to be, because Dear One, you are love, and you are light. And when you begin to value yourself and understand the power of who you truly are, then no man can create any pain, fear, or discomfort for you. You are rising above this frequency, just as we knew Jeshua would go through the pain of the crucifixion, but he would emerge must stronger in his physicality, in his mind, as the living Christ. That was as we say, our own dark night of the soul. It was our own test of faith. Indeed we were frightened, what if he did not survive, what if we did not hold the space of love for him, what if we did not hold that space of love for him so that he would not wither? We knew we had very little control of what would happen, but we knew the power of all of our energies, we were at the stations of the cross. Elizabeth, myself, Judith, and Ruth, we were all at the stations of the cross, and mother was holding the energy as well as Dear Joseph and many others. But Jeshua had to endure this, and he prepared himself well. And so Dearest Ones, we want to say, that you are well prepared for what is happening. And understand at this time, the world may seem to be chaotic, and full of fear, but again I repeat, it is the birthing process of the new energy of the new earth, of the new paradigm, of the new frequencies. Look beyond what you may see as the bubble of light, of darkness, and see beyond, within your third eye, within your clairvoyant eye. Take a deep breath and begin to see what you may call your future self, or your life as you may know it to be. Breathe in this beautiful energy of the power of love, and allow your third eye to open, so that you may see your manifested self in this new earth, this new energy, bathed in this sea of love. And so Dearest Children, as you hold this space of love for the creation of life, your life, the life of the new earth, and the life for all of creation, you are now leaving and transforming your energy and your essence, just like Jeshua. There is a death and a rebirth process that is happening, many of you are feeling, you are wondering, why is there such a void? Why am I confused, why do I not have peace or clarity of purpose, why am I struggling, what is this about? And yes, globally, many are going through it. Many of the awakened ones, the light workers, are saying “why me, why now? I’ve worked so hard, I’ve worked so diligently? Why have I been forsaken? And yet, Dearest Ones, you are not forsaken, this is the growing pains, this is the birthing process, and this is soon to be over, we promise unto you. Now focus on clarity of purpose, focus on your third eye, on your clairvoyant eye, and breathe the energy into your heart, calling in the essence and presence of light into your heart chakra, and breathing it into your third eye. There the essence and presence of love is felt. You can begin to feel stronger and stronger and stronger, and know that the birthing pains are now over, they’re almost over. Can you feel the excitement, can you feel the anticipation of your new life coming forward? Every day in every way, you are each becoming stronger and stronger and stronger. And you are the living light. You are the creative energy, and you are the peace. When you return into your ascended self for your final moment, you will understand more clearly the duality as they say of this planet. But living in the duality we know is difficult. We struggled within ourselves, and so this is why we come to be with you, to help you. You are a part of our family. You are not forsaken, be not angry, be not depressed, be not forlorn. You see we have spoken of this many times before, but the density of the energy on this earth plane is overwhelming, and even to us as spirit, we commend you for being on this earth plane, focusing and dealing with the density of the energy on this earth plane. Even though there is so much light that has been infused upon this planet, there is still a great deal of darkness, of duality. And you are to be commended for staying here, for staying present, staying focused, staying committed. We make our presence known to you, and our covenant and our promise that we will help each of you with your individual struggles and problems. Hold this close to your heart, and believe, and so shall you receive. Believe and so shall you receive. The door is opening as we have promised, in this year of 2016, for it is the year that the light workers are pushing forward into the new energy paradigm. You’ve come through the ages of time and many of you remember the dark ages, the middle ages, when the consciousness was so dark, and the people were so afraid, and many of you were burned at the stake. Many of you hold this in your consciousness and you are afraid to push out into the world. What if I’m ridiculed? What if I’m persecuted? What if I’m killed? And yet, Dearest Children, you are in a new time now. And yes, there remains darkness still. It is not until all beings of light on this planet awaken to the consciousness of oneness that there will be no more duality, no more separation. No more challenges, no more struggles. This is why many of you are drawn to the teachings of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, the beautiful beings of light that live in Telos, in the underground mountain. They live in the beautiful crystalline city of light, and eventually, yes, these crystalline cities will be on the surface of your planet. But until then, you are the crystalline cities, your bodies, your minds, your souls are the crystalline cities, you are the beacon of light. You are the portal, and just because someone else does not understand you, does not like you, or does not like your frequency, does not mean you have to give in. And so dearest children, know that you are all brave for being here and choosing to remain day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, serving Mother Gaea. Jeshua and I left our imprints upon the earth plane over 2000 years ago to be reawakened at the appointed hour. And this energy was reawakened at the appointed hour, on September 28, 2015. On that day, at Mt. Shasta California, the energy was illuminated and the portal was opened for peace to prevail, for the darkness to be illuminated. And those who were present and those who were there in spirit were changed forever in that moment of time. There has been a void, a shift of energy. The portal is opened. And you Dearest Children are there in this moment in this powerful frequency between two worlds, the shift of worlds, as we call the swing between worlds. Jeshua and I and the holy family lived between the swing of worlds, and we understand this. You must persevere, and know that it is temporary, and that this too shall pass. And by September 28, 2016 of this year, everything will be clearer for all of you. This birthing process will take approximately 1 year, for the imprints of our energy to move forward. It has come to Lea’s attention, the being named Noble, who is from her planet Sirius, has advised her that she will be working with him placing information into a time capsule for future generations. This energy, this information, is about the swing between worlds, about what is happening on the planet, that will create heaven upon earth. This information will be revealed in 2250, and will be discovered of what is happening at this time energetically upon this planet. You see, Dearest Children, these are times of rebirth. We are all being born again. If you feel that you no longer have a purpose in this life, that you have confusing moments, of why am I still here, what am I doing? It is simply because you are in this void. The swing between worlds, where we left our imprints to awaken the energy of Divine Father/Mother God, on September 28, 2015, until that moment of September 28, 2016, on Mt. Shasta, at the doorway of ascension, the doorway of light. You are going to feel this, this sense of confusion. It is not a punishment, it is just simply the process of rebirthing our imprints of Father/Mother God upon this earth plane. As you know, the energy of Divine Union is being brought forth of our essence upon this earth plane. Many do not even know or understand our role that we brought forth and left here 2000 years ago. Many are confused about me and about Jeshua. But I tell you Dearest Children, we have come to bring peace so that there is no longer duality. And today as you call in the energy of Divine Union within yourself, and the power of Father/Mother God within your essence, within your spirit, we have spoken of the twin flames that are now united. We are asking you to call in this essence and presence within your own energy field, and bring the essence of Father/Mother God into your own energy field, your own conscious state. Divine Mother of receptivity, love and peace. Father God, action, clarity, and focus. Allow these two energies to focus into your heart, calling on the energy of Father/Mother God to bring balance and peace to your struggles, and yes, the energy of Divine Sophia, mother energy has been present with each of you. And now call the energy of the balance of Father/Mother God within your being. It is not in desperation that you call these energies, but it is with balance. Father/Mother God, open the heart of your heart. And so Dearest Ones as you allow this frequency into your heart, know that the time has come for each of you to be the master, and once again, the hope creator, and Divine God/Goddess that you all are. The blueprint of your lifetime is now being rewritten for many of you. Your etheric blueprint for many of you is being rewritten, the etheric blueprint that you came in with, with your soul’s essence, to complete your soul’s journey, is now being rewritten for many of you. Because of the new energy frequencies, and the presence of your mission, is now being recalibrated. And so what you may feel is a detour, what you may feel is a void within your life, you will all have new pathways that will open, so that you can complete your mission on this earth plane. Many of you are very upset or frightened that you are not going to complete your mission, and that you will be halted by the density and the duality of the energies on this planet, but that is not going to happen, and it certainly is not going to be allowed, even by your own dense thought forms, this is not going to happen. And so Dear Ones, you are going through a detour, or bypass to get through the challenges, there is always a pathway, the power of love to heal, holds the doorway and pathway for each of you. I knew that Jeshua as he laid upon the cross would not physically die, we knew this was not to be, but we could not guarantee that he would not hold his strength and his will to endure his suffering. And you see, when we held him, and cradled his consciousness for three nights and three days in the tomb, Elizabeth and I, we were frightened, deeply deeply frightened. Dear Elizabeth called in the breath of light, as she called into Jeshua breathe in the fire of life. She jumpstarted the fire of life within him, and he physically lived on, and he physically recovered. It was not easy, but today Elizabeth is calling forth the fire of life within each of you, so that you can live on no longer in duality, or being affected by the void that is taking place, for we’ve opened the portal of light. Breathe in the fire of life, this is Elizabeth. Breathe in the fire of life, this is Elizabeth. Breathe in the fire of life, this is Elizabeth. And breathe it in, and release and let go, and let God. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in the fire of life, letting go and letting God. It is what saved Jeshua and revitalized him, and many of you are at that point of weariness and caution. Breathe in the fire of life, breathe in the fire of life. Letting go and letting God. It is within these challenges that strength and commitment to your own self, be true. You are all stronger than you understand yourselves to be, and with Elizabeth’s energy of the fire of life infused within you, you are now jumpstarted once again, as if you have primed the pump, as they say, of your new life. In that moment, when Elizabeth breathed the fire of life into Jeshua, his body came back to life, and we looked at each other, and we knew that it would all be ok. We cried and we wept, our Jeshua was back. And we cry now for you, as we weep with joy, for we see that you understand the power of the fire of life that has been ignited within you on this powerful day. Breathe in the fire of life, call forth Elizabeth, she is powerful, she was Jeshua’s cousin, raised by Mother Mary, and is indeed a powerful soul. She is a healer and a wisdom keeper of all times. And you may call upon her when you need the fire of life to be reunited and ignited within you. We will take our leave, as Mother Mary is here to bring our final message. Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mother Mary. I come within your energy field, I ask that you bring me your sorrow, and bring me your pain. I wish to bring comfort to each of you, and allow each of you to heal, with the essence and presence of love, and the essence and presence of light, and the essence and presence of peace upon your soul. Joseph and I stand with you, and we place our arms around you, carrying you if you need to be carried. And so allow us to be your crutches, for we are here to comfort you, to bring you tender mercy, and to bring you love. Go with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be, for our hearts come forward to you, and you are never forsaken, and you indeed are never alone. Remember the power of love, it is healing, it is transformative, it is the energy of the portal of Mother/Father God, that mother energy and father energy have brought forward to bring peace to this planet, and my son Joshua and his beloved Mary are the representations of this energy. They left their physical imprints for all the world to see and all the world to know, and what a beautiful remembrance of their calling. Go now, Dearest Ones, and call the energy of Father/Mother God within the essence of your being. Call in the energy, go now, be at peace, be still, and know that you are God.

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