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Magdeline Energy from a caterpillar to a butterfly

As we move our very kicked cosmic butts away from the eclipses and the 4-4 doorway we look intensely into our selves seeing a deep shift that cannot be named or explained. Once again we are not who we were and we are not who we are becoming. Like a shape shifter we are caught mid-stream between a hard place and a slippery rock. How can one be so alone and yet to connected to everything in the universe? The energy of the 4-4 came in like a razor sharp storm that cut right thru any and all illusion and perception. It stretched itself like a angry snake across all the lands and peoples that were to shift and allowed for the cleansing and opening of all that was whole and holy. The land was cleansed as was the spirits of all that entered the 4-4 Magdalene portal. All that was hidden in time and circumstance is now slowly coming to the surface for all to see and sup from. Like a vessel of light, a chalice that asks to be filled to the rim. Every soul that ventured forth consciously into the vibration of the 4-4 energy cleansed their soul very deeply. Letting their tears and past fears touch the soil and soul of earth, letting go for good. The very land gave forth a ‘heart mound’ to be seen and acknowledged as a place of great healing for eons to come. As the Magdalene heart was opened into a place of healing on 4-4 a great wave of love washed upon the earth releasing a dove into flight. All of those that were living vortex’s ambassadors of light will find that they have shifted forever. Coming into power is not for the weak willed, for it asks much of one, as they walk thru the kingdom of their creations. We cleared many planetary and human blocks in order to hold a higher truth and walk a brighter path. Our group souls were in agreement with this change. Our group heart and eyes open to a brighter future filled with greater possibility. As we all go thru these shifts it is important to remember, ‘We cannot reach our highest potential on our own’, we always ‘need each other’ in order to move forward into a more light-filled future. When I give you all my truths then I empty out to receive more truths, and that is the way of the Universe. Blessings Gillian I am the Spirit, the Blessing, the sound of Shekinah ‘I am that which dwells in the house of Light’. I come on the winds of time to allow you entrance into knowledge that goes beyond human memory. Within the being known as the Holy Spirit, there are many dimensional metaphors and contradictions. There are many doorways, and inter-dimensional places that humanity can enter thru to see with a more divine vision. Many believe that the Holy Spirit is but one being but that is not truth. Each of you holds within you the personal breath of God. You each live within the out-breath of God. God breathed you into existence. With The first breath that a baby takes, the Holy Spirit enters the child in fullness. The Holy Spirit does not dwell within the fetus during gestation. it waits until full physical form has been issued. The Holy Spirit is the silent witness to all you say and think and do on your earth walk. Look at its presence as a recorder of events, one who documents, a silent witness.. The Holy Spirit energy is an imprint, an encoding that is held by each individual on their journey through life. On the death of the individual, the last out- breath, the Holy Spirit is released back to Source. It is a separate and different being than the spirit of the individual, but often when death occurs they leave as a two-fold light. At the point of release God inhales you back into original light original blueprint. As the universe inhales you a little more each day, you are cleansed, refreshed and released of toxins, angers, blocks and memories that no longer serve your soul’s evolution and purpose. When you sleep your spirit exits the body and the physical biological unit is left to fend for itself with the help of a few large angelic beings. The spirit is connected by a chord of light and can always come back during any emergency. When you leave in spirit, when you slumber, no matter what time of day you move eloquently and easily and effortlessly onto the higher realms where you exist simultaneously. Even during the day you tarry off to the higher realms via the vehicle of daydreaming. The universe is cleansing many layers of your being, loosening and redistributing blocks so that can easily be dismissed. In other words, all that is solid and shadowy within you is breathed loving and exquisitely by the prime creator back into itself. There are many parts of you that have gathered together as a depository. They migrate to a magnetic point in your physical body. From this magnetic point, they will exit and be sent to Prime Creator. Not only will this be experienced within the physical body, but it will also be experienced within the planetary body. The Creator is taking the thickness of the energies and birthing new baby universes. The atomic structure of light shifts in nature. the universe is taking the quantum debris of man, the thickest and darkest of stuff and bringing it home to the light. Recycling it and allowing it to re-form into pure universal life force. There will be some cosmic coagulation within your body as the psychic and emotional debris is released. You may have pains that come and go in the body, memories in the heart, heavy dense emotions. the very fabric of you and all that you have been through time as well as all Mother Earth has endured, will be birthed into beautiful blueprints of baby light looking to be birthed in another part of the cosmos. It takes more molecules to create anger, than it does a joy. It takes more molecules to hold disease within a body than it does to hold love. All that is holy is very light and non-fattening. I ask you to allow the Creator to breathe you in deeply. Feel yourself being lifted by this holy breath. Allow the out breath to bring you into the expansion that you so seek. Feel the presence of the holy ones as they stand by your side. You will be alleviated of what has stuck to your soul. use your inhale and exhale with power of attorney. I am Shekinah, I leave on the winds of time. Daughters of the Holy Encodings As you open your heart and arms to more of my awakening You become daughters of the Holy Encodings. You dear daughters of knowing, hold within you, a memorandum that is meant for Earth. A message that is encoded with holy calligraphy. A message that you can only read from the inside out. I ask you now beautiful daughters of the Light, to remember one of your many holy positions. imagine yourself standing in the center of a temple when you once were part of the holy Order of the Magdalene. The Magdalene was an Order of the sacred feminine teachings that were passed down for 1000’s of years. Teachings of nature and heaven and power and wisdom that has survived thru time and myth. In your holy text, your body is referred to as a temple. your body is a space of solid light that holds sacred memories, a place you keep your treasures of truth. In days gone by Whenever you had to hide and secret something of power you encoded within and on the body. You physically integrated the sacred encodings. Some of you placed the ashes of the sacred scrolls into oil and rubbed them upon your body. Others ingested what was written to hold its energy. The order of the Magdalene is encoded within you. It is not a club you join it is a sacred way of living and being for time immortal. The next strand of time unravels many secrets as they awakening within the daughters of the stars. It may come in a dream, through a book, it may come through a tattoo or an afternoon sunset. it seeks you as much as you seek it. It has never forgotten your scent. It has never forgotten the lines of time you wear in your soul. It has never forgotten the sound of your voice. For the one thing that has stayed the same incarnation after incarnation has been the vibration within your voice. That is the reason that sometimes people are repelled by your voice and sometimes others are hypnotized by your voice for it has always been your calling card, your energy signature, and an activation sound. Imagine now that you are standing as the beautiful, youthful divine goddess that you inherently are. Your physical body is a luminous temple beaming with love. Stand in the center and look at the walls of your personal inner temple. There are glyphs and sacred writings, hidden truths that seek to be remembered by you and you alone. In your heart place imagine placing your hands and your third eye upon the sacred text that lives in the walls. Now move your heart to it, let your heart beat with it. It is your heartbeat that will awaken the truths inherent within it is your heart key. Sacred Order of the Magdalene In the days of old, many of you were in the Sacred Order of Magdalena. It was not a last name. It was a title. It was a crown. It was a knowing. It was held sacred in the Essene community where Christ walked among men. In my time of living I endured much hate that was placed upon me because of my position and training. I endured arrows of poisons that came from the eyes of others. I endured angry words. I stood high in my Light and the sacred teachings of my order. I did not trip upon my path but kept a strong heart of love towards all that wished me harm. I did not beg for mercy for I knew that I stood in a light so grand and so beautiful that nothing could make my world tumble, for I was a seer and already knew of events to come. I saw my light as solid, not as a red thread that blows in the winds of change. The mantle of light and secrety I wore was beyond bending or ever breaking for it was the very fabric of my soul. Each day as you awaken to the grace of a god given day solidify the light that you are. Become the pillar of light you are and penetrate Earth and Heaven with a column of light. Then anchor and seal it with every prayer. It is this majestic light that you must daily solidify with your words and intent. Life will often strip you naked of your divinity. It pecks upon your body as vultures that cannot wait for the kill. You allow life to delete you. When you allow life to suckle upon you, and steal your peace, you do all that is holy an injustice. All of life depends upon you holding the kingdom of the life and light as sacred and holy. Women of the Light walk forward as a Holy Entourage, showing what cannot be dissolved or obstructed. Women of Earth -- no matter what color, creed, size or age -- stand up and set your light. Do not bend and cry and pray. For what you seek lives within you not on the outskirts of someone else. Visualize the light as solidified, peace as solidified, love as solidified! See the weaving that the weavers of light create. See it as the very fabric of all that was once holy and has been forgotten. You have forgotten that you are the core of heaven on earth. You have forgotten to solidify the love that you are, the beauty that you, are the peace that you are. You have let everything enter your womb because you thought you were to shift it, to heal it, to change it. Does the mountain bend down to the sea for a drink? Nay it creates beautiful waterfalls to drink from. All that you seek lives within your realm of possibility. I am Mary Magdalene. Your connection has never ended nor can it. You have never been separated from what you are and what you are destined to do and be. Believe it and it is so. You Enter A Promised Time You are in a time of birthing yourself into higher light at a different position of truth. As you sit in the womb of No-time, you try to stretch, but the walls of self-imposed illusion, keep you confined in an invisible prison. You push and push but you are not able to stretch into the vastness you innately know yourself to be. When a child is in the mothers womb, the child’s spirit has the ability to reach out past the limitations of the physical womb, skirting about in the parent’s lives, reaching into the past, and future, overcoming space and time. Your life is similar to that of the unborn child. You feel limitations as if the very walls of your life grow steeper and slicker each time you try to scale them. You grunt, you groan, you complain as the limitations become more and more real and animated. You have the same innate abilities as the unborn child. You are living in this dimension of matter and yet you are also living in spirit, in the light on a multitude of levels. Your body seems limited and vulnerable, yet the spirit and light-force that inhabits that vehicle has magnificent and never-ending capabilities. You enter a promised time where the limited perception of your humanness merges with the vast and all-knowing Spirit of Light. Coming together Merging and then EMERGING into something much more. Right now you all feel like a caterpillar, in early cocoon stage. You know that you are destined to become more, Yet Everything In Your World Points To Less Than !! The Chrysalis shifts and the Cocoon around you thickens and hardens like the crust of earth. There seems no way out! Keeping you confined in a prison of your own thinking. One day out of the blue a small light appears on the horizon coming from a minute hole within the cocoon. Your heart races with possibilities as the illusion of limitation begins to crumble right in front of your eyes. You all are just now seeing that small point of light in your life. a tiny hole of truth showing you the way out, the way up. The caterpillar must walk into a time of complete trust and surrendering! Surrendering what he thinks is his limitations to the divine glow within him. Surrendering is trusting! The hole is small only in the mind of the caterpillar, not in the mind of God. In the mind of God it is large enough to accommodate all the future butterflies of earth. The cocoon would never ever allow the caterpillar to be released, because that is what a cocoon does. it protects, it keeps bound. Earth keeps you as a cocoon until you are ready to set yourself free. The caterpillar knows that it must try, and try again, or it will die. That is the point of reference that each and everyone of you sit at. You feel you must try, or perish in the process. It is a time of surrendering and trusting. The butterfly that you are inside this human caterpillar, is far greater than any illusion. Let go and know that the divine plan will work no matter what. The caterpillar is destined to become a butterfly it can be no other way! Your Soul pushes you through that tiny hole into a Higher Light, just like the caterpillar is pushed.

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