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Love one another

In light of what happened to Robin Williams, and although I loved him I didnt watch much of his work.  In saying that, and seeing the postings on facebook, the Internet, etc., I became extremely saddened that so many people around of suffer in silence everyday of everything.  This world is tough, it is not for sissies, thats or sure, so if you are here and alive, give yourself a pat on the back for being a spiritual warrior.  This life thing is tough.  And as tough as it is for normies, think about everyone afflicited with "somethigne", right.  something like, lets say, addiction, alcohol, men, women, money, prestige, food, shopping, and the list goes on infinitum. People right in front of us are dying and we dont even know it.  Being an energetic healer, medium and whatever the word is for whatever else I do when I am reading someone and they are taking me on a past life trip and actually showing me details of the life, home, address, year, etc., so Whatever that is called, thats what I do.  So when I look at things, whateve they may be, i see way beyond the surface of  "anything". Now having said that, I was so sad this morning, I can feel the energy around the world partly from the energy being sent to our planet for ascension, the grief, the super moon, everything else energetic, and I sat and had tears for no other reason.  I saw a picture of Robin this morning, and could see the emptiness in is eyes, even thought he was an entertainer, he was so sad in his soul.  (just an observation, I do not know everything their is to know about everything be).  But i began to think about how we treat or dont treat each other. How many times have we observed friends, family, strangers who were undeniably struggling, and said nothing?  How many have been nudged by our soul but did nothing? I hope that by writing this one person today can reach and to anyone and just give a caring hug, smile, loving gesture, send love give compassion, or just something for someone else. Just one, is all it takes and the ripple effect will begin. I have learned and been told by my guides that with this Universal Collective Consciousness, We Are One, literally, and when we do this for others, we ultimately do it for ourself.  K enough ranting, gotta work. Much love to everyone today Andrea

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