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Love More

Love More

Message from Archeia Lady Radiant

Received by Julie Miller

November 8, 2014

There’s not a person out there that doesn’t judge something or someone at some time. Being judgmental may very well be part of your human make-up, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most useful way to be or the best way to demonstrate yourself. When you judge another for being different in any way, what you are doing is creating a deeper division between you and them, instead of uniting on what is similar.

How many times have you passed by someone or observed someone waiting in line and based on their appearance or how they acted you judged and assumed what kind of person they were? Many times, what we observe is people falsely judging other people that they don’t know, they don’t take the time to ask probing questions or to understand. They simply see and from what they see they judge and assume; there is no interaction, there is no effort or attempt to get to know the other person, there is no extension of friendship or comradery; there is quite simply your biased opinion. When you judge, you are not coming from your radiant heart, where love is forged, sent and received, you are coming from an ego’s standpoint.

Have you ever considered what happens when you use your precious energy on judging people you don’t know, or know little of? You judge without understanding and you don’t seek clarification, you don’t seek anything further that would dampen your negative view of the other person. It is through communication dear ones that understanding can come through and where the walls that divide one from the other come down and compassion can enter. To judge someone without knowing them is to turn your back on an opportunity to learn more of yourself, to become united with another dear soul just trying to make their way through life and you are also turning your back on God. God provides you with so many interactions, all given to you as gifts to expand your connectedness with others, to unite through compassion and your radiant heart.

You may not be able to create bridges of connectedness with every person you meet, but with one person at a time, you can concentrate your effort to learn by asking pertinent questions, by being empathetic, and to see the truth that you cannot judge a person accurately based solely on their appearance. The worst dressed, smelliest person that yells a lot and causes a commotion could be the gentlest person you have ever met, just as the best dressed and groomed person could be one of the cleverest manipulator or a thief of sorts. Even if you try to use your intuition to sense the goodness in others, how to bring clarity into any uncertainty is to ask questions.

Instead of using your precious energy to create more divisions between you and others, how about creating bridges that brings you together on common interests respecting what is different and leaving what is different to be. The moment you find yourself about to pass judgment onto another, stop yourself and think about it. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this, what is it about this person that makes me want to judge”? Observe your thoughts as they will also contain your answer. Becoming the observer and witness of your thoughts, gives you great power as you are then able to change your thoughts before you speak them. Once you speak what is on your mind or act upon them there are no take backs.

Once you become more aware of what goes through your busy mind, you realize what needs to be changed in order to curb your habit of being judgemental…and that’s all it really is; a habit. And habits can be broken. Remember every dear soul that walks, lives and breathes upon this beautiful earth all has a story. You may not get to know their whole story, but instead of judging them right away based on their appearance, try putting yourself in their shoes; try to envision their home life, what kind of background they possibly have or had. If it is possible to converse with them, ask them questions that lead them to what is currently happening. If you cannot converse with the person then envision or imagine what could have happened to cause a person to act the way they did. Remind yourself that there is always a reason. Nothing happens for nothing.

And once you begin to understand, even if you don’t get it all, accept this dear soul for who he or she is, just as they are. Judging them will not change them, only they can change themselves. But by accepting a person unconditionally, without wanting to change them will help deepen your connectedness not only with this person but with yourself and the world around you. And it is your acceptance of them that could encourage or inspire them to begin making new changes for the better.

Every time you judge another, you create distances or divisions, making it difficult to love them. Once you have finally accepted the fact the each person is their own individual person, and that they have a story, a reason for being who they are right now and you have no intention to force change upon them, then you can see them for the divine human being that they are and love them. Love does not know what discrimination means, love does not hate, and nor is it prejudice. Love is in you to give and every man, woman and child, regardless of their appearance, background or lifestyle deserves to be loved and to love them as if they were a member of your family. You are all sons and daughters of God, therefore making you already brothers and sisters, and after all is said and done; love is what will bring you together.

Is there any good loving people other than those closest to you? Even if your love is limited it will create a long-lasting effect of happiness and peace will be known. To show you care and understand instead of condemning someone based on your assumptions and judgments provides more life-changing results that have the potential of lasting a lifetime. When you choose to love over judgment, you choose to come from your radiant heart and to shine your goodness and compassion with others because it does feel good and if you feel good, you are able to help make someone else feel good or at least a little better. Remember love, it’s in you to give…let it be the underlying cause of making new acquaintances that could evolve into friendships. For those that are quick to judge, and who doesn’t take the time to get to know the other person, this could be quite a challenge, but not an impossible one. You’re not as different as you think. Take the time dear ones to get to know one another, put aside your differences and allow your radiant heart to bring you together. The world becomes a much better place when you can get along with your fellow journeyer by accepting them and loving them for who they are.

I AM Archeia Lady Radiant

Through Julie Miller

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