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Looking for love

Love begins with your self. Searching for love never works. When your heart is full of love, it is like a magnet. Love never fails. When love is attracted to you when you are not looking for it, you can trust it.


We all know that when we are looking for love, we never find it. Why? We are looking with our mind and not our heart.

Our mind has many ideas of what we think we want. But they are all produced by our dreams and have nothing to do with reality. They say, “Love is blind.” Love is feeling not an idea. Love is comfortable because we feel something that we can’t explain.

When we are desperate for love, we make a big mistake. Why? Because what we think we love is not peaceful or natural. Real love always starts innocently and unexpectedly. There is no mind involved. All other forms of love come from the ideas our mind creates when we are imagining the things that would make us happy. “If I only had this, if I only had that…then I would be happy.” This is not love. This is imagination.


Our mind sees the surface. It sees only the appearance today. The mind sees the mask. This mask was created either by our dreams or by the façade worn by someone else.


Love that appears in our heart without an explanation can see beyond the moment into the future. The nature of Love is eternal. Love desires eternity. Mind is satisfied today and changes tomorrow.

If you want to find long lasting love, don’t think about it and don’t look for it. Love is like a flower waiting for a sunny day to display its innate beauty. Real love is worth waiting for. Real love is not going to disappear if you wait for it. Love can only get stronger with time.


If I don’t have love, what should I do? There is only one answer. Love and happiness go hand in hand. If you don’t have love, find what makes you happy. You can only find love on the path to happiness. Love is never found on the path that the mind creates when it is serious.

Searching for love? Find happiness first. Don’t think, just enjoy for no reason and for no expectation. If you find happiness for no reason, love is not far away. These two go hand in hand. Tell your mind to stop searching. Tell your heart to start enjoying without expectation.


Love, life and happiness are all simple peaceful pleasures. They are never found when our mind is complicated and serious. Life is here to enjoy. So enjoy life and don’t think too much.

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