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Integrity of your Motivations

Each of you began your life with an ego. Some egos or false self’s are larger or smaller than another person’s and very few are without a false self. Have you ever wondered why the ego was included in your make-up? Is it possible dear ones that for your own development and evolution the ego was added in order to increase the rate of your own survival and how many children you would have that would continue your family line? We know many of you already understand that the dynamism of your energy of spirit that is inside of you enforces a commanding need to survive and to evolve. In order for you to serve that commanding force, your own incredibly intricate mind, emotions and feelings develops a structure that you identify as being you. It is this very development that represents a very intricate formation of thoughts and emotions that is founded on the idea that you are here, that you are separate from all things, people included. The formation of such patterned ideas can be recognized when you think of your body. The people that grow your food or the stores that sell what you need to maintain your body you realize you depend on this and that dependency doesn’t stop there, you continue to develop separateness every time you use “my.” Every time you use the word ‘my’ you are unquestionably assuming the thoughts that refer to what you are claiming to be the real you. Are you your house, or your bank account? Are you your job, your car or even your spouse? None of these things are you, but they are all at the center of the development of your ego, the little self. You have seen this yourself, maybe not in person but from reading the newspapers or from watching the news on your televisions that those with the biggest egos lead to some sort of crime, they seek attention, they may be the cruelest of people and encourage chaos amongst others. If permitted the little, false self will be what hinders your connection with the Divine, it prevents your true authentic self from being revealed and from you being able to live and thrive from your authentic self. Remember dear ones that the entire development of your ego has always been false. Just because you mutter or think of the word, ‘me’ does not necessarily indicate that there is really is a you unless you consider your own body as ‘me’ which you don’t. The exterior shell which is your body, inside of it is where you are to be found and the you that is there is the owner of your body. The moment you begin to search for who ‘me’ is, you grasp that you are unable to find it. You are unable to find this ‘me’ of yours simply because it does not really exist. Because you can control and direct your thoughts, you are then not your thoughts. For the most part each of you can control your emotions, therefore you are not your emotions. And because you can manage your body, you are not your body. Then it is understood dear ones, you are neither your body, mind nor your emotions. Then the question remaining if you are none of those, “Who are you?” It is a pretty tough question that requires only honest and truthful answers. Many dear souls really do assume that they are whatever their thoughts are referring to or whatever emotion they are reacting from. Understand dear ones that that is your false, little self that encourages you to focus always on yourself that has you fruitlessly building and defending your me-self or my-self. Here is a question for you to think about, if the ego, or false, little self does not exist, how can it prevent you from connecting to those of the Divine? How can something that doesn’t really exist prevent you from living from your authentic self? The answers to both questions is that the false, little self distracts you. Your mental distractions, what prevents you from listening more closely or from understanding is your false self getting in the way. It is your false, little self that tempts you towards external orientations. If you are just looking inward, you are looking superficially, only stopping at the basis of your thoughts and the emotions you tend to react to. But if you meditate and practice contemplative prayer often, you develop a mindful habit of putting your false, little self aside and allow yourself to connect more deeply with your true nature, with your true, divine ‘I’ that is pure and sacred. The process of putting aside your self-centered self purifies you from seeing the world before from an egoic viewpoint. The more you give time for meditation and prayer the more you are removed from taking most things for granted and not being so ‘me’ centered. Your personal engagement with the world then becomes different, changed for the better as you see everyone around you regardless of their class in life as equals and just as necessary as you are. You then may recognize that other people are no longer separate from you but connected in ways you never really thought about before. Dissolving your self-centered obsessions is a natural part of the purification process. Another part to purifying yourself from your false little self is by increasing your commitment to the Spirit of God. When you work consistently to dissolve more of your false, little self and increase your efforts on improving your connection with God and the Divine, then you become surrounded above and below with purity of your own spirit that is fused with God’s infinite light and love that will be recognized by others, while enabling you to see the same in other people that also don’t act upon their self-centered side. An important question dear ones for you to think about: How can you make your actions more pure? The best way dear ones is by becoming more aware of how you already act that is in accordance with the motivations of your integrity. Can this be difficult? You bet. It is only difficult dear ones because it requires you to be truthful and honest with yourself and to sometimes do the things you often ignore or don’t want to do. Comprehend that your conscience is really your tell-tale eye for truth, especially when it’s about yourself. Any action that goes against your conscience becomes a burden, and these burdens end up clouding any hope to purify yourself from your false, little self. Any meditation that encompasses non-doing, where you simply sit, allowing your inner experiences to unfold without trying to shape them into something else can aid you to becoming more pure in thought and action. What this also does dear ones is refocuses your need to control situations and people which is derived from your false, little self. Through consistent and constant effort to purify your thoughts and actions, you are finally able to let go of the massive weight that came from always having to defend your false, little egoic self. You gift yourself with the ability to breathe freely and move comfortably in life from your authentic self. What a gift, to live and to be as your true natural self shining brilliantly unhindered as you were meant to. There will be a moment when you will stand before the Sacredness of God and it is in that moment dear ones that everything will depend on your purity. Remember residues of self-centeredness, of the false, little egoic self will hinder your connection and cloud your purity. “Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God” - Matthew 5:8 And so it is… I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

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