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Inheritance of Forgiveness


It is importantBeautiful Bright Hearts to appreciate that forgiveness and self-forgiveness areboth your birthright; it is your inheritance to heal yourself from one oflife’s experiences and enter into a new one with fresh eyes, new perspectiveand ready to take on life new and with vitality. Yet regardless how full thisinheritance is, you truly cannot enjoy it or reap the rewards from it if youhave not fully accepted its importance. And it is your choice to accept it ornot accept it as you were gifted by God with Free Will. Remember, what God hasgiven to you as a gift can never be taken from you, but it can be rejected byyou. You always have a choice in every instance of every situation. You canaccept the inheritance of forgiveness that God has given you, or you cancontinue following the path of false learned beliefs that are helping youattract more harm than good; it is a choice only you can make. It is your ego,the hidden virus of your spiritual growth and development that prevents youfrom accepting God’s inheritance of forgiveness. During anysituation where your emotions or events are professed with dislike, you havedecided to trust in the plan of your ego over the plan God has for you. So manytimes you have chosen to have faith in the way you believe instead of havingfaith and trust in God’s divine plan. How many times have you selected your ownperception over God’s wisdom and vast knowledge? All your planning for tomorrowdoesn’t guarantee tomorrow to come. You are not to know all that is to unfold,as what unfolds is a result of your choices and many times how well thosechoices work with others. Remember dear ones the past only helps you learn whatnot to repeat, the future is not promised, it is today, NOW that needs yourattention. Be in the present as it is a divine gift given to each child of God. Within everysingle situation you have met thus far, you have always been given theopportunity to exercise your Free Will on how you will react or respond. You knowyou have the choice to react with anger, worry, anxiousness, confusion, withconfliction, or you can choose to react with gratitude, peace, compassion,love, trust and joy. Within all your experiences, regardless of what hasmanifested you are given the opportunity to begin anew, to let go of what wasnot working, or what was hindering your ability to express joy and love in youreveryday challenges and adventures and give yourself peace of mind, love andhappiness. The profound knowledge Beautiful Bright Hearts that each of you havethe power to react any one way to any situation at any time is truly the startof comprehending the complete power of your Free Will. Findingpeace when you let something old go, helps to manifest trust and peace of mind,it helps bring forth your inheritance of self-forgiveness in order to heal andmove on gracefully and successfully. Keep in mind, your highest will and God’sare always joined as one. God’s plan for you has always been held in thehighest regard, all that God has bestowed upon you is because God knew youalready carried the inner tools to transcend and overcome any obstacle and growas a result in all ways that are necessary for your own evolution. In allmoments of your past, no matter how you think of those events now, remember youmade the best possible choice you could with the tools and means you had. Sinceyou made the best possible choice that you possibly could with what you had tochoose from, you were acting through your highest of Will and Good. Everyproblem, difficult situation or even mistakes are to be accepted as lessons,stepping stones to learning to opportunities and ways as gifts given to you byGod in order for you to remember your own divinity and perfection as well asthe divinity and perfection of all your brothers and sisters of God. You havequestioned yourself many times over the past several years. You have wonderedif you should be grateful for the lessons life has given you, and how theproblems you have overcome has helped to contribute anything universally. Knowin your Beautiful Hearts that each of you are loving and accept the choices youmade at the time. We know, that in your heart that if you had other tools andother choices during the time, you would have chosen differently. Don’t be hardon yourself for the choices you made, you chose the best you could at the time.Be responsible for the choices you made and for what you learned from them.Don’t regret the past, instead learn from it. Be grateful and thankful the lessoneach past experience has brought you and for the person that helped bring thoselessons to light. If it wasn’t for the encounter with that person, the lessonwould not have been available to be learned, the knowledge you gained would nothave left you the opportunity to make use of your inheritance of forgiveness tobe utilized. Your ability to forgive anyone who has hurt you, to bring peaceinto your life as a result is also a wonderful contribution and compassionateoffering to all brothers and sisters across this fine globe. Each of you todaythat has given a piece of their inheritance of forgiveness have all contributedpeace, honour and gratitude. Your past Beautiful Bright Hearts has helped youbecome the knowing, wise and knowledgeable person you are today. You are notless for your past, you are more because of it. Try tounderstand that when you are open and accepting of God, where you trust Godimplicitly, God is then able to express Himself through you. When you are beingloving, forgiving, joyous, accepting and peaceful, you are during those momentsallowing God to flow and work through you. Even with God flowing through you,when you come to a choice, not even God can choose for you. All God can andwill do is bring you to the crossroad of your choice, then it is you that makesthe final choice. God will never force you, persuade or coerce you. Whentrusting in the Presence of God, you trust in your ability to choose of thehighest of good and maintain peace, love and forgiveness as you move throughyour new choice and extend your joy in every corner of the world you live. Tryto understand the impact and importance of self-forgiveness, forgiveness andlove has over your fellow brothers and sisters. When you offer anyone of theseimmediately to your brothers and sisters of God, you are also offering these toyourself. Forgiveness and love must be able to flow through you before it canbe experienced by others that you have offered it to. When you are in thismindful and healthful state of mind, you are able to experience peace, genuinelove, forgiveness and happiness. Eachexperience you have had, have been lessons and gifts. When you are able toperceive all your experiences as lessons or gifts, you are ignoring the Ego’sattempt to see the negative of the situation, you are leaning towards thedirection of God’s plan in trust and faith of Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge. Ifyou look at past experiences with judgement, criticism, or think of them aserrors or bad decisions, you are allowing your ego to replace your trust inGod’s plan. Try to remember that every day of your life, you have the abilityto create heaven in each instance and situation or you can create chaos…italways has been up to you. When it istime to forgive yourself, you are demonstrating that you have lived long enoughwith the ego in charge and with the pain the situation brought. Each person hasa ‘breaking point’ of living in torment of the pain that a situation hasbrought. When you ready to let it go, then you are ready to forgive and stoppunishing yourself any further. When you have reached this readiness state, youwill not only be aligning yourself with God, but releasing your past to Him,then willingly becoming a means to bring other sons and daughters who have becomelost in their past home to Him once again. There are somany dear souls disconnected from the Source of their Creation, from God.Remember your divine source, is always unconditionally loving, alwaysforgiving. If you are at a crossroads in life and don’t quite have the strengthto forgive ALL of yourself, then permit the part of you that is still alignedwith God to forgive the part of you that is still believing and living theillusion or dream that you can’t completely let go. You have the power alreadyto heal yourself, one bit at a time. Healing of yourself through theInheritance of your Forgiveness is not something that has to happen in onecomplete moment, it can be done in steps determined by your own readiness andacceptance. If you are not ready to accept what you believe is an illusion thenthe forgiveness you apply will not hold. You must be fully ready to end thepain and suffering any event or situation has brought for the power offorgiveness to have its divine and healing effect. Stop punishing yourselffurther, end convicting yourself with heavy, negative feelings and emotions.Say, “Enough is enough!” then take that brave step forward towards God andtrust that He will always guide you through your tears and from His light tothe ways of healing and growing that are for your benefit that help contributehealing to others as well. God will always be the kind, gentle Father, He willnever turn you away. He will stand with you, if you let Him. When you areready to forgive yourself and those that have harmed you, even if they didn’tknow they did, find a quiet place or give yourself enough time at the very endof your day and speak to God, or choose to speak to God’s Golden Son, you maychoose to connect to an angel or different deity, be it one that you know wellhave experienced before. Tell them you are now ready to bring peace into yourlife once again. Tell them you are now ready to forgive yourself and to livewithout the pain the emotion of the situation has brought that has plagued youand kept you from living the joyous life you deserve. You can address thismoment of forgiveness to any past event, person, a feeling or even to yourself.Go back to this experience Beautiful Bright Hearts, understanding and knowingyou are completely protected by God’s shielding Light and know that the painfulparts of that event can no longer hurt you because you are now surrounded by aprofound divine family that are there to help you, to guide you, to supportyou, to protect you and ultimately to love you. Trust in these divine beingsthat they are here for you during this momentous moment you have given toyourself. As you sitin this moment, you are no longer choosing to punish yourself, you are choosingto forgive and to love yourself. Envision yourself being surrounded by not onlythe Divine Ones you’ve asked to be there for you, to hear and witness youracceptance and release, but also envision your present brothers and sisters ofGod that will be blessed by your ability to forgive, love and let go of thepast. Try to feel their energy, and to feel their support lifting yourconfidence and helping to raise your head high. Ask your brothers and sistersof God to lend you their help to accept and gift to yourself with what you havebefore you as gifts for others…which is the gift of forgiveness, your divinehealing inheritance. It won’t be long when you’ll begin to feel an incredibleamount of love coursing through you, flowing through every pore as your fellowbrothers and sisters of God, some who have passed on, some who are still livingamong you sharing their love and support, helping you rise above your situationand accept self-forgiveness and to let go of the pain and past in favour of thepresent. Bring allpain into your thoughts and release this to God. Watch yourself hand thispackage to God that includes all the pain you have felt during all the time youallowed yourself to suffer. It only takes acceptance and a little willingnessto trust and to have faith that God is taking all that dark pain away from yourmind, away from your body so He can dissolve it into Light. As that package ofheavy negativity and pain dissolves, you feel yourself becoming lighter as youhave finally let go. You may be overcome by a rush of tears as the weight you’vecarried for so long is finally gone, you may feel a warmth move throughout andaround your body as your whole self becomes alive once again in the Presence ofGod. God’s Light now has space and fills up inside of you, filling up all thecrevices that once griped you to the painful parts of your past hindering yourattempts to move forward; now God’s truth has replaced your illusions which hasset you free so you may pursue so many opportunities that were once blocked. The divinebeings you asked to attend cannot be harmed by any of the pain you carried, donot feel or think this. God’s Light runs through them always and any pain youhave carried has absolutely no effect on the divine ones. Never forgetBeautiful Bright Hearts that God will always accept your memories of pain andsuffering simply because God loves you. When you release to God, always seeyour pain and suffering being dissolved in His Brilliant and Penetrating Lightand feel the Peace His presence brings you. Allow God’s love to enter you andlet yourself feel the flow of Love moving through your own spirit, body, heartand mind. At this moment dear ones, you and God are One. His love for you willalways be unconditional and always complete. Whenever you feel pain from anexperience, allow God to take that pain away and let Him replace it with HisDivine Love. Where the pain once lived, is now His Love, feel this change andembrace it for it is yours. God isalways willing and grateful to help bring you back to peace and love when you releasethe pain of any past event or situation. From taking this brave step BeautifulBright Hearts, know that you have also taken a step closer to Him. He does nottire of these exchanges, He is Grateful for the exchange and for the connectionyou are making with Him because He knows you are letting go of the illusion infavour of truth, peace and love. His gratitude to you is an essential part tothe inheritance of your forgiveness. Always thankGod with your whole heart and really feel Him receiving your gratitude. Sendyour own love as waves into His own Light and watch it become that muchbrighter. Thank God for always being there and for His endless love, guidanceand support. Give thanks to the ones that you have asked to be witness, toguide and to support you that was not God, perhaps was Jesus, an angel or adeity that you often turn to. Give yourself time to bask in their light inquiet gratitude and allow the healing of forgiveness to work through you andaround you. Finally saygood-bye to what you have released to God or to whom you have entrusted yourpain with and allow the angels, allow Jesus, allow the deity or God Himself toguide to new ways of understanding that will remain with you. Always know thesedivine beings that you have called will come again when you need to heal, tolet go, to forgive and move on. Take sometime to rediscover any moment that was hidden from you and acknowledge that,that hidden moment has always been available. All you ever need to do to healis to forgive and ask for peace, then the love will soon follow. As you askBeautiful Bright Hearts, remember the presence of the beings you have entrustedyourself with and always know they will always offer you their presence, theirsupport and guidance as you offer your peace, love and compassion to yourselfand to all your fellow brothers and sisters of God. And so itis… I AMAscended Master, Lady Nada… …throughJulie Miller


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