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Help with transition


During this stage of thet ransition, here are some suggestions:

* Pick some small tasks that make you feel good * Find small measured ways to flex your empowerment muscle * Do things now that you have put off, leave nothing unresolved * Create space for more time for rest in the coming years, but right now is thetime for action * Don't expect immediate results, but in the waiting times focus onsynchronicity over process * Learn the power of discernment, and how to avoid judgement * Eliminate belief systems that seem to perpetuate limitation * Read the news headlines. Don't mire yourself in details. But don't ignore thecondition of mankind either. * Take responsibility for your current state, and for the state of mankind. Youare not a leaf blowing in the wind. * Take your power, but be aware and have compassion/empathy for those that feelstuck


What you may notice as you gothrough the transition: * You may have noticed increased strength and success, coming from integrationof past lives and other things. * Life challenges are more easily being addressed and moved through, but thereis still that occasional frustrating challenge that seems perplexing. Not allthings resolve themselves at the same time. * Time will stop seeming to speed up, and will seem to fluctuate based onthings such as moods and state of mind. * People that you never thought were spiritual or psychic may say profoundthings. The masses are awakening. * Things are getting unfrozen, great things may be happening for you, yet youmay feel more distressed than ever. * The energy around you feels thick as molasses or feels very light. It goesback and forth and there's no rhyme or reason to it. * Actions you take are more effective, but the delay from intent tomanifestation is still long, just not as process-driven as much as driven bysynchronicity (seemingly nothing may happen until things align then *poof*)


We want to leave you with thefollowing. Right now, you have the weight of the universe behind things you do.We said it's a time of action. You need to make a move so the universe cansupport you. Do what you intended to do forever.



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