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Healing grief

I got to make a house call on a freinds childhood home where her father and mother both passed away in.  The home had sold and the family was concerned that if they sell this home, the will lose contact with their grandparents.  With this newfound quickening energy, spirit has been working faster than ever,  prior to getting this phone call, spirit had already contacted me, so I knew somethige was coming, but I did not know who or what was going to happen.  Earlier in the day, I began to smell a powdery "old-lady" perfume.  I don tknow how else to describe it.  lol


When i called this person back, it made sense that the spirit had already made contact, and they needed to talk with the family.  As I went the next morning and walked through the empty house, I could feel their presence very strong, especially in my heart area in the master bed room.  So I did two healings in this room. 


So Prior to coming, I asked the persons name.  I did some distance healing, and wrote down a bunch of stuff, about 15 things based on what the spirit was telling me.  I had to literally get out of bed to write it down, so I wouldnt forget thats how much there was to convey.


The first healing I told this person the things I wrote down, and she was completely blown away as I was becasue I had not even touched her yet.  I was amazed at how clear and consise I actually was, and THEN, the grandmother spoke vey clearly as to what she as to do next.  The grandfather also came through, on the way there with some messages.  It was a beautiful healing for this person as all her fears and anxieties were put to rest and she could move on.  I did another person who basically had the same detatchment issues, and she got a great quick healing as well. 


My point is that everything is moving so fast, the communicatin with the other side is amazing and I feel as though the veil is lifting and I can see so much more clearly.  I am very greatful for this gift. 


More later,



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