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Please join me for a Special Skype Session from the Beautiful Healing Hawaiian Island of Oahu.

I have set aside a few times so that the Hawaiian Gods and Goddesses can Join us in your session.

The Hawaiian Island Gods, Island Goddesses, Past Kings, and Queens as well the healing land itself has much to say and great information for healing for your past present and future self.

Join me and allow the ALOHA love to flow through the entire session allowing in the vibration of Love, Transformation and Truth.

Below are the days and times I have available.

Please join me in the ALOHA Presence. Session price is $50.

Saturday April 22

Sunday April 23

Monday April 24

Please go to my website at:

Select Book Appointment Tab /Select the 60 Minute Reiki Session and Book your appointment.

In the notes, please add if you would like a Skype, Telephone or Long Distance Healing-which will include a written excerpt of your healing session.


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