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Happy Birthday Dad

Yesterday in Reiki II Teacher Training, I was receiving a healing and I began to feel extreme coldness.  I knew someone was around (a spirit) and I began to ask who it was.

 Then in my mind's eye, I saw my Baba walking around eating something and asking who was this lady touching me.  It was funny I could see her chewing, and just nonchalantly walking rround checking out the situation. 

As it became colder, I saw my Grandpa John, who I have not seen yet, along with my Grandpa Auscensio, my uncle Fred, my brother Michael who passed before I was born, and my dad.  There were all there just watching, and I asked if they had a message and they had no communication, so I asked for a healing, and I received a beautiful loving healing.  What a gift. Today is my dad’s birthday, so I assume they all came to celebrate with me, even though he is gone.  I am blessed.


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