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Grounding, an energy healing technique is the connection of our human energy field to Earth, the activity of connecting our bodies - our physical vessels, that which hosts our energy bodies (chakras) to ground through the process called Energy Work – Breathing, Balancing, Cleansing, Centering, Meditation, Grids, etc. This connection allows us to establish a circuit for the smooth flow of energy currents through our system. The idea here is to reconnect to the potent energies of mother earth thereby strengthening and enhancing our energy field based on the fact that we and everything on the planet constitutes an integral part of the earth. Grounding is also frequently used to get rid of excess/stray energy by pouring it into the earth.   It is not only useful in healing or magick (twisting energy) but as an exercise for calming oneself during emotional and stressful times. All healers must be very aware of their grounded state, as to heal effectively and in a sustainable way requires the flow of healing energy through a well-balanced energy system. Grounding then as described above is the most appropriate method of carrying out these modalities for the accomplishment of the following aspects:  Healing: The fundamental objective of our journey through life is healing – resolving energies.  The facilitation of the smooth flow and assimilation of ascension energies necessary for boosting our light quotient   – to help raise our frequencies (the upgrading of our running system and the conversion of our bodies from the present carbon structure to a crystalline one).  Energy Medicine: The clearing/cleansing of toxic energy picked up from stray Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) generated by electrical appliances (radio waves, PC, TV, cell phones, microwave ovens & transmissions, etc), our hostile environment – negative thought forms and from Standing Waves originating from dysfunctional energies (blocked/stray/stagnant/unbalanced energies manifested through miscreations – ego trips: anger, stress, resentment, judgment, unforgiveness, etc). By nature we are permanently grounded due to our connection to earth; although conscious grounding will enhance the process. Nevertheless, most people living in modern societies are not properly grounded; they are separated from Nature, from the Earth.  Grounding as the term implies is derived from the word ground - connecting to ground; being electrically connected to the Earth.  The main factor to consider here is the resistivity or rather the conductivity, the value of the resistance to ground and the ground itself; how perfect the ground is in conducting energy/electric currents (ohms is the standard unit for ground measurement). A good percentage of the earth is made up of water thereby rendering it very suitable for grounding; water being a good conductor of electricity. It is interesting to mention that grounding when applied to electrical equipment or building infrastructure serves the same purpose as the grounding we are focusing on here - Energy Work/Ascension  Energies. The efficient nature of ground conductivity was deployed in early telegraph transmissions were the signals were transported on one wire with the return circuit closed through ground.  Energy in the Universe  Quantum physics has now proven beyond all doubt that everything in the Universe is ultimately comprised of Energy. Every subatomic particle of matter (matter is all energy – frozen light) in the Universe is connected to every other particle by a kind of holographic energetic matrix and we can change the behaviour of these quantum particles by directing our attention, feelings and thoughts. Quanta – energy particles are therefore influenced by the mind; thought also being pure energy. With  proper instruments, scientists can measure the frequency of thought or brain waves. Everything we know as created reality is energy in motion in the form of waves vibrating at a certain frequency – signature tones.  Emotion is energy in motion. When we move energy, we create effect. If we move enough energy, we create matter. Matter is energy conglomerated, moved around, shoved together. If we manipulate energy long enough in a certain way, we get matter. It is the alchemy of the universe. It is the secret of all life; Einstein mastered the art of extracting energy from matter – the atomic bomb and wiccans are very familiar with the technique of bending or twisting energy to achieve goals.   The Science of Grounding  Taking a look at the manner in which Electrical Networks operate – the way these systems and buildings are protected from high current lightning discharges would give us a good idea of the utility and importance of Grounding. All electrical systems – ICT networks must be grounded to ensure proper operation and protection, as well as buildings above a certain height  to prevent damage from lightning hazards.  The human framework is designed to accommodate these cosmic energies in a similar fashion to that of the lightning protection network primarily comprising of a lightning arrestor – antenna, conducting wire mesh – circuit or conduit and an excellent Ground to close/complete the circuit. The idea behind a lightning protection system is to rapidly and efficiently conduct heavy currents from lightning discharges to ground without damaging existing equipment or infrastructure. So our bodies also comprise an antenna system – primarily our hair (this is the reason why most Masters/Sages kept long hair), our energy centers - Chakras as conduit and the Earth as our Ground (the reason why we are often advised to stay grounded – meditate outdoors).  The Universe is proliferated with an infinite field of EMFs primarily from cosmic emissions/radiations, the Earth and those from thought forms generated in all the kingdoms. The earth`s EMF is produced from the Earth`s magnetic field – the magnetosphere; the variation of either the electric or magnetic field component. The human body system as a result of these above mentioned Signals sustains a complex current flow and the human Aura is the appellation ascribed to the electric field associated to the body current flow.  Meditation and Grounding  Meditation – relaxation and rhythmic breathing, sitting in a silent awareness – giving back love and joy to Source is the most fundamental method of grounding. Meditation amongst other well know benefits would heal the body through the process of deep rhythmic breathing which favor potent vital currents flow thereby neutralizing negative energy through an inherent process known as Energy Dialysis – a big stream of energy is absorbed for the charging and recycling of our system.  Meditation helps remove energetic blockages and enhances the energy flow in the system. Regular meditation eases the smooth circulation of these afore mentioned currents thereby facilitation communication between vital elements of our network: lower self → higher self → the superconscious; and for meditation to be effective we need to be well grounded.  Grounding and Grids  A Grid – Energy Channel is a network of energy connections meant to supply, transport Light from one point to another; they are indispensable tools used in creating/reinforcing positive energy or neutralizing negative energy as the case may be in conjunction with meditation through grounding.  Just as the electromagnetic spectrum occupies frequencies from zero to infinity - divided into bands, sub bands and channels; with many free slots, so is the availability of grids for channeling our energy work.  The activity called prayer is creating a communication grid (channel) to Source; distant healing entails creating a temporal grid to channel the energy to the conditioned Soul. It is very common practice in lightworkers circles to create small personalized closed circuit grids for healing work called EC (energy circles). We will often encounter appellations like planetary grid, mass consciousness grid, human grid, mother earth grid, etc; and `fire the grid` is a synchronized collective channeling of energy into a specific grid to achieve healing (Synergy). Grounding and Crystals  `The Light worker`s Companion`  The use of crystals and gemstones has been recorded in almost every ancient civilization as a form of healing and for modulating consciousness. Crystals – energy catalyst are energy generators and directors efficiently used in the presence of good grounding. Crystals constitute pure/pristine Energy, they can amplify energy - thought, as well as assist in manifestation of thought itself; they constitute an omnipotent power source. In fact, their versatile and endless applications have rendered them indispensable.  This is the crystalline age…… Just like most homes posses a TV set to connect to the world wide news network, lightworkers also need crystals to get connected to the network of Love. At the demise of Atlantis and Lemuria all the Energies/Consciousness were preserved in crystals in preparation for this present cycle (13Crystal Skulls are now being gradually released and 72 OM crystals were installed in strategic locations all over the globe on 10.10.10 as part of the ascension master plan). We cannot move from one Band/Dimension to another without the use of crystals - ascension is graduating from 3D to 5D. Crystal technology is the most comprehensive Energy Architecture that has ever existed on this planet. In energy medicine, diseases can be cured by simply using crystals to generate/channel an appropriate frequency of opposing phase to get it dissolved. Grounding and Ascension The transformation process lightworkers have been undergoing since the dawn of the Shift has been very demanding/challenging (the recreation of the physical body to calibrate to the faster pulsating energy of the fifth dimension requires that the energy/chakra system is upgraded to handle this shift in energy). Building/harnessing our ascension bodies is fairly intricate and requires regular adjustments to higher frequencies. Mankind has evolved in a society where most religious traditions disfavor spiritual aspects of life there by penalizing the development of our etheric bodies – compromising our energy templates. One of the most persistent/devastating of the ascension symptoms is the excess weight light workers have put on at this time; and all attempts to shed this fat suit has proven futile. We have literally not been able to expand our energy field so our body has expanded in its place by accumulating a lot of water – grounding water. Ascension symptoms are an unusual body symptom that does not have a medical cause, which are the effect of greater spiritual light – energy downloads in the body; these symptoms are a result of the blockage of higher energy flow. Many lightworkers who are deeply emerged in the transformation/ascension process are experiencing these uncomfortable symptoms as a way to quickly transmute the old negative energies within their physical vessel - a burning/releasing of old frequency patterns to allow the higher, more refined crystalline cells of consciousness to infiltrate and take dominion within. Whatever it is we are experiencing shows us where we still have some work to do, something that needs releasing because it's blocking our being a clear vessel for the higher energy. Our body elements under normal working life, repeatedly suffer from a variety of dis-ease partially due to the inflicted conditions of the etheric body (unforgiveness, judgment, resentment, stress……); so the passage then of currents associated to these energy shifts depending on the magnitude would further affect our fragile bodies thereby manifesting as symptoms. This implies that if our physical, astral, mental, etheric bodies were whole, we would be transparent to these symptoms but for the inherent energy anatomy – carbon to crystal metamorphosis and the constant upgrading of our running system/software with an adapted version to accommodate our new template. The way our bodies will respond to these energy shifts, downloads will be determined by the resistance presented, resistance here meaning how much grounding, clearing, cleansing, balancing we have to effectuate. Grounding and Healing Standing Waves as earlier mentioned are the basic cause of disease in our bodies. The human framework is originally designed to accommodate a free and efficient circulation of energy currents; so whenever this process is interfered with, standing waves are generated thereby giving way to a distorted etheric/auric configuration. Nevertheless, we also quite often pick up negative/stray energy from our entourage as is the case with most empaths. Energy Medicine, the art of curing the body through energy sessions in conjunction with appropriate grounding will help remove energetic blockages and enhances the energy flow in the system. When the energy in the body is balanced and flowing correctly then the innate healing ability of the body heals itself. Recent research shows that long-term separation from Nature and the Planet, amplified by an increasingly hostile environment saturated with EMFs are having a severe impact on our health on all levels. Grounding Tips In closing, we are hereby recommended to implement these grounding tips in our daily lives in order to stay whole and in particular as this cycle draws to a speedy close where the frequency and intensity of these downloads will become rampant: - We should endeavor to become more aware of our grounded state and take daily steps towards strengthening this connection. - Step-up the magnitude of our energy practice/work - these energy sessions help remove energetic blockages and enhances the energy flow in the system; let us consider introducing energy baths in our daily routines. - During our sessions, we should send grounding cords out from the bottom of our feet or spine all the way to the molten core of the Earth. Our primary grounding is most effective with our body directly touching the Earth and bleeding off stray energy. - A grounding visualization can also be very helpful – we should create and utilize the image of roots growing out from the sole of our feet deep down into the Earth and then drawing up Earth energy. - We should try as often as possible to be in direct contact with earth; by going outside and planting our feet flat on wet surface (grass, sand or even concrete); even better if we can walk in salty water, like on a beach where the conductivity is much higher. By keeping our feet in full contact with the grass, sand or ground long enough we enhance the free electrons from ground currents to be absorbed upwards into the rest of your body. We should drink lots of water during this critical period in order to facilitate the grounding process – water being a good conductor of electricity would facilitate current circulation analogous to a car radiator – preventing over- heating. Deep (Soul) Breathing will in turn super charge our accumulators - energy centers - chakras with life energy, Adamantine particles to further reinforce our protection system. We should remember to take care of our energy bodies just like we often do in exercising our physical bodies; otherwise our meridians/nadis would atrophy. And this can be accomplished through Gardening, Auric cleansing, Reiki, walking outside in a natural setting, hugging a tree, sitting on the ground, etc. Addendum: We should strive to integrate these energies with ease, peace, balance and harmony at all times thereby promoting clarity within our heart, mind and reality; it is therefore recommended to stay focused on our primary goal – light integration (unconditional love - oneness), practicing total surrender, detachment – the key phrase here is: let go. In so doing we would be able to transform the ascension journey from a scary and detested undertaking into a joyful completion. This aricle was written for & You are Free to share this, if you include the Source as credit.

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