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For Those Who Carry The Flame

10 February 2015 - 12:51pm |  Starlight22


Angel Star

This is a channeling I received 3 years ago. I thought I would share it again, as it is still relevant. My spiritual understanding has evolved and grown since it was written...but the channeling itself, I feel, still holds true.


Ive decided to write a bit today about what I am feeling....what I think we are all feeling, in some form. I feel a sadness and distress concerning the state of the world. There is much suffering occurring on many levels, and the planetary vibrations are increasing...every moment of every day. I speak to the other Lightworkers, as we sometimes call ourselves. We know that we have entered the Time which we have been prepared for.

It is strange to experience joy in fulfilling what I came here to do, and at the same time finding the strength while observing the pain. Many of us have been shown (a long time ago) what is happening now, in one form or another...visions, dreams, extra terrestrial teachings. And yet, it still does not cease to amaze me. I guess it's validation in a way that we aren't so "crazy" after all, huh? :) Anyway, I realized last night that my dreams and nightmares are happening simultaneously. Catastrophes, war, materialism, technology (that furthers isolation of each individual)...and at the same time, many people coming to me to help them with healing work...looking for answers.

However, I also understand that this cleansing, because that is what it is ultimately, is Love reasserting itself. Balance of the earth, of humanity, of spirit. I am now more fully aware of what all the visions and dreams I had so many years ago, mean. I had a dream (that you can read in previous blogs) that I entitled "The Garden And The Feast". Its meaning is clear now. In it I saw people going through life, completely isolated from one another...sad, lonely, disconnected from their ability to feel true happiness. In the dream I was spreading joy, reawakening everyone. The dream ended in a large feast set before us for everyone to share. A feast for the soul, I see now.

The following is a very strong (clear and direct) "channeled" guidance I just received, it is for all of us. I never know what I have written till afterwards, it comes very quickly:

Dear master, we are with you as always. In full force, as it were.

Yes, you have entered the Time, the Event for which we have all prepared. You must trust guidance now, more than ever.

Subtle, direct, loving, and clear. It is easy to hear now because your heart is united with spirit completely. This is simple for all to accomplish now. When there is nothing to lose one can see what truly brings joy to themselves and to their fellow beings.

The earth cannot continue in such turmoil, neither can its sentient life. This pain of birth will result in great joy, peace, and relief of suffering for many. There is much work before you, but let this thought be your comfort. Many of you, who came here as messengers, as helpers, as teachers, healers and artists, have at the core of your being great love. Love that cannot be taught but simply is. This is your great treasure, and indeed your value. You are the Light Bearers, you carry the Flame. Suffering was part of your remembering, however now you are ready to go forth and fulfill purpose. Many of you have wandered, doubting your worth and purpose...believing that you came here to do something that would help...but flailing in the dark, as it were. Some of you may use the term lightwarrior, however this does not fully embrace who you are. You came here not to "fight" but to love others into awakening, and indeed yourselves. Love can have no counter equal. It IS the only reality, all else is illusion. Remember this, no matter what you see around you...remember this each time you allow fear to creep back into your consciousness.

You are chosen for your relentless ability for love and compassion. Development of technology always ultimately ends in destruction. It is now time to endeavor in another direction. Move forward. Each day will present many golden moments and opportunities for you to share love and light with your brothers and sisters, both human and animal. Do so by example, no matter what others show, do or say. See the light within even if they do not. Mass awakening occurs by the individual...not solely by events, although it may happen this way also.

Be the Light in the darkness, even if it seems that you are small and flickering...for many small lights can brighten the world. You are Beloved, all of you. The Kingdom Of Heaven is upon you...look in your hearts and be kind to yourselves and one another. Whatever society may dictate...ignore it and remember what is real.

Only Love is real.

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