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Equinox and more

The Equinox is at 8:29 p.m. MDT on September 22 and this is followed by the New Moon on the 24th, further empowering this particular boost in Light. Oh my gosh, it certainly has been intense lately, hasn’t it? Anything you’ve been attached to or had expectations about has gone up in an ethereal mist. And certainly this has been for our evolution into being more than we’ve allowed ourselves to be. While you may not know why a certain thing occurred, let go of the need to know what, why, where, who or how since these are egoic questions and simply accept that all is aligned for your highest good. This is being the Flow, and being the Flow is absolutely essential if we are to be truly anchored in the New.

To align with the Power of the Equinox and Moon, join in the energy. Have the intention of receiving. If you’re guided to do a ceremony or ritual, know that that empowers you to receive and transform. There is great movement with these two events. There is more expansion as well as the potential to leave certain things behind. And, of course, there is more Awareness. This Awareness is like someone wiping the sleep from your eyes to show you where you have stunted your growth. Much of the past is up for review. This includes not only this lifetime, but other lifetimes as well. You do not have to go back to resolve. View it with Compassion dispassionately and then let it go, staying in the New Now. The potential of the Equinox and New Moon is to move into a higher sense of Love; into higher consciousness. The energy will be huge and electric and is a gentle (or not) push to make more changes in your life (your choice). It is action-packed. First you Be and then you do. All doing is guided by being and feeling. Doing without guidance is blind.

The Equinox is another jumping off place. Picture yourself standing on a cliff and then flying off in Trust. Before you jump, take stock of where you’ve been so that you can see yourself clearly without illusion or self-deception. Drop any labels that ego constricts you with and allow yourself to be free to expand. Yes, that may seem really uncomfortable for it carries with it a sense of being lost (an illusion). You are not lost; you are simply floating on air carried by Angels, while being grounded to Heaven and Earth. Open up to a new vision of yourself. Realize that you are moving step by step into a higher and more Soul-aligned you. If it makes you feel more secure (for surely insecurities are so present now) to have one of your Guides hold you, then do so. You can ask them what the most powerful thing that limits you is and then let it go in a big red balloon. Watch and feel what happens.

Realize, too, that as you connect to the Equinox and Moon energies you are joining with millions of others lifting the Earth up in vibration. Let go of struggle, suffering and pushing. These are all fear-based and elements of resistance. Be in the Moment and trust that everything is Divinely orchestrated by Source, Soul and all Divine Beings of the Divine Light and Plan. Know that old energies are clearing from you…if you are willing. When you trust, you become clear about your next steps, focused in the Moment, of course.

As we move toward the Equinox, notice how much New is in your life. This may feel very raw as so much has been stripped away (by you). Being in this vulnerable state of being is when the greatest growth occurs. And know too that your physical body is changing. Yes, many have experienced lots of “Ascension symptoms” and bemoan that. And yet, with all the changes, letting go and shifting, doesn’t it make sense that our bodies shift as well? Our DNA has shifted to a higher degree of Light and so our bodies reflect that. If you are one who complains about your physical shifting, that does no good except to resist the changes. We have the ability to heal/whole ourselves and yet few believe this to be true. So there still exists a dependency on others for healing. Yes, we’re shifting into this powerful place of self-wholing, so that it may not be readily available to you because of your belief that you cannot possibly do that. We’re in the process of shifting that belief now. We’re shifting from being carbon-based to crystalline-based. And it will take as long as it takes. We can facilitate the process if we choose…by realizing that each one of us has the Power to self-heal/whole. After all, if we truly know we’re spiritual sovereign beings and are Soul-merged, doesn’t it stand to reason that we are capable of seeming miracles?

Another area in which we have gotten stuck is to be proud that we are empathic. Let me share that as we have shifted from head to Heart, being an empath has been important. It has helped us feel more and become more sensitive. And it also created a tendency to take on others’ energies. Now, in our new phase, we can let that go. We do not have to take on others’ energies and in fact, it is important not to do so. We are fully Heart-centered now (at least that is our current potential). Being empathic is truly necessary as a step to being fully in the Heart, but we are not to stop there; we are to continue to evolve into being Love and powerful in Love. When you are at that point where the only “protection” you need is Love, then you can let go of empathic tendencies. Meanwhile, have boundaries as we continue to shift into being fully Heart-centered. Check within to see where you are. If you are still taking things personally, you are still in transition from head to heart. All is in Divine Order and Divine Time, so don’t rush it; honor where you are in this Moment. It is the best way to evolve.

Let go of what lowers your energy and focus on the magic of the New. Do not hold on to anything or anyone. Let things flow naturally. You needn’t work hard to attain a certain way of being nor do you have to work hard to “keep a relationship.” That is of the old. Be the observer and allow things to unfold naturally, which indeed can be a challenge if you must be in control and have a need to “make things happen.” Trust. Be the Compassionate Observer. There is no losing or winning; just Being. Stand tall and Be. This is the Path of the Spiritual Warrior.

This is a time when we are learning a lot about self-love. Ask in each moment and situation, “How can I be more loving to me?” This is not selfish, for when you come from a full cup of Love, it spills over to others. So when you are loving to self, you are loving to others. If it is not perceived that way, that is not on you; everyone has perceptions based on their consciousness. Many still blame and that is fine for them, but you needn’t take part in that old way of being.

We are so full of Light and New that it no longer is an option to lower ourselves in any way to please others. Focus on how you want to feel and be that. Remember that the New is about Flow, Joy and Ease. And remember how very loved you are. As we embrace this new level of Light that is coming in on the Equinox, empowered by the New Moon as well as much increased solar activity, you will notice yet another shift in you and on Earth. Your new foundation will be strengthened and you will experience a new level of Balance.

ost here.

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