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Earth Changes

The changes on Earth are rapidly advancing. The 11/11 gateway is another step in the evolutionary process. Many channelers are predicting physical changes, biological changes to the human anatomy. The reality is that these changes are already underway. This is a process that has been happening since the inception of the universe, since before the universe was even an idea. You are experiencing events that have already occurred in the mind of God, your own higher mind. These experiences are part of what make up your identity as the All That Is. In truth, there is nothing new to your highest self. All has been experienced. Every timeline, every possibility. You are a manifestation of the desire of your highest self to experience a particular timeline. There are infinite timelines to experience. Every experience is part of the All That Is. Consciousness is who you are. You are the conscious awareness of infinite possibilities. You have the power to experience all possible realities, because you are all possible realities. In your greatest aspect, you not only have experienced all possible realities, you are consciously aware of all realities you have experienced. In your current incarnation, you are gathering experiences for your greater aspect. Your conscious awareness will continue to expand until you realize the fullness of your divinity. Full realization of your divinity is inevitable, because it is who you are. Time is an illusion. The only reality is you and your awesomeness. Never doubt that you are experiencing this incarnation by choice. All of the details of this incarnation were chosen by you, for you. You chose to experience a world of duality, to eat from the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. There are many other universes and many other realities where evil is a subject of legend, but not experienced in the way you have experienced it. Evil, as you know it, is the result of separation consciousness. It is the result of a veil you purposely placed in your own consciousness, whereby you forgot who you are and believed yourselves to be isolated and alone. For many of you, that veil has been lifted. You have returned to unity consciousness. The 11/11 gateway marks another opportunity for people to return to unity consciousness. 11/11 is a code that transforms. Elevens are like two pillars, and the space between the two pillars provides a gateway for unity consciousness to enter. Elevens are made up of ones, which symbolize unity. Imagine in your third eye an infinite number of elevens lining up, one eleven behind the other. Then imagine those elevens shooting into your brain like machine gun bullets, one after the other. You just received the code for unity consciousness. Don't be surprised if you have strange dreams or real life experiences which compel you to release all judgment. In unity consciousness, you realize that everything is exactly as it's supposed to be. There are no accidents. Every obstacle ever placed in your way was put there by you, for you. Every millisecond of pain you ever suffered was part of the lesson of duality, designed to guide you back to unity consciousness and eventually the full realization of your divinity. Your parents that treated you poorly and hated you, the were sent here to teach you the lessons you needed to learn to become who you've become The bully who smacked you around on the playground, he/she was placed in your life to teach you painful results of duality consciousness and thereby guide you back to unity. The net result of your release from duality and your graduation to unity consciousness- freedom! You are free from judgment, fear, and worry. You can float through life in a constant state of grace, receiving blessings from yourself and giving blessings to everyone you meet. Your life will flourish in ways your can't currently imagine. Obstacles will become opportunities. Lower emotions such as anger will flow easily through you and will not stick with you for prolonged periods. You will be more kind and loving to everyone around you. Your relationships will flourish. Some scarred relationships will heal completely, as you will be able to completely forgive anyone who has ever done you wrong. You will be grateful for the lessons everyone has taught you. You will see the bigger picture. You may choose to remove some people from your life, as you will also realize that your choices have more power than you previously believed. But you will hold no ill will toward those people. Grudges will be a thing of the past. You will have a much clearer connection to your higher self. You will trust your own inner guidance more, and therefore you will find pursuing goals much easier. Again, you will see the bigger picture, and because you are one with all, everything you do will be for the greater good. This will happen effortlessly and easily. You will no longer have the desire to pursue selfish interests at the expense of others. You will love and honor yourself always, never letting other people take advantage of you. Your power will increase exponentially. You will feel powerful. You will feel invincible. You will no longer fear death, because you know you are an eternal being. You will be excited about the future, because you know it involves the continued expansion of consciousness for all eternity. You will love without restraint. You will play with abandon. Everything you do will be more joyful and more exciting. Fear will no longer control you. You will stop judging yourself and will forgive yourself completely for every wrong you ever committed. You will realize that you were placed in others' lives as a catalyst for their evolution, sometimes as an agent of change, sometimes in a very ugly way, but that everything you did was part of a bigger plan, not only for you, but for everybody involved. You will never knowingly or purposely hurt anybody again. You will consciously be God in the flesh, and you will act like it every moment of every day.

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