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Divine Spark Class- God's vibrational rate

I signed up for a 10 month class in the Divine Spark Process.  I have put some info on my front page but I have not written about it on my Blog.


So far I hve been able to realize that there is so much going on in my reality, that I do not even know.  I thought I knew about God, spirituality, peace, etc., until I began this journey.  A journey into my complete unknowingness.  I do know that when the student is ready the teach will appear.  So anyway, In this 4th class I got to see my body spirit and self as separate entities and each gave the other a healing. What a euphoric feelilng. My soul gave my body a healing and my body gave my soul a healing, I never truly realized they are separate entities working as one. Hence, the holy trinity, I would assume.


Then I got to bring the presence of God once again into my vibrational being and vibrate at the rate of the holy spirit, which is always there by the way.  And actually talk from that presence. Scared the daylights out of me. I didnt think I could actually be one with God, and actually speak. But I did it. The whole premise of these classes are to bring the presence of God into my being and help others to heal without having to touch them, or look at them. I am so excited for this journey. more to come


Stay tuned, I am so excited. 

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