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Divine Love

Opening to Summer's Rites of Divine Love and Awakening 22 June 2014 - 6:44am | DL Zeta


 Opening to Summer's Rites of Divine Love and Awakening


This weekend's Summer Solstice offers a portal into the heart of unconditional love that helps us remember we are one with source energy and that we are the love we are seeking. Leading into the solstice, Chiron, the wounded healer, turned retrograde in Pisces, allowing us to revisit and heal the parts of us that have forgotten their divine connection. These are aspects that tell us we are isolated, alone, separate and unloved. During Chiron's retrograde, we are afforded the opportunity to transform thoughts of separation by realizing and reaffirming we are one with source energies.


When we go within and enter a place of allowing, we merge with the flow of all that is. Inside this place of oneness, we remember we are limitless, infinite, and aligned with unconditional love.Neptune and Mercury RetrogradeNeptune and Mercury are also retrograde during this period. Mercury, which is retrograde in Cancer until July 1, asks us to be concise with communications. It might be wise to postpone major purchases or to reconsider entering relationships until this retrograde is past. new connections with others may not be as magnetic after this retrograde passes. Neptune will remain retrograde in Pisces until November. This retrograde may lead to greater psychic sensitivity and receptivity. We may find our powers of inner perception enhanced during this period. It is important to work on issues that come before us on inner levels when Neptune is retrograde. Anything less than full inner examination will leave us feeling dissatisfied and disillusioned. Heightened sensitivity can lead to sensory overload so it's important to be aware of this potential in all undertakings.


Pay close attention to houses and natal planets in your chart impacted by these retrogrades as these reveal the areas of your life that will be most affected by the retrogrades.This Passage awakens us to our Divine ConnectionThe Solstice takes place as the Sun enters watery and sentimental Cancer, bringing awareness of divine love versus what has passed for love in our lives. The energies of this time ask us to examine any way in which we have searched for love and meaning outside ourselves. This period allows us to reflect on the ways we have seen ourselves as small and alone in a very big world; it asks us to see how we have searched for divine love in others and brings the understanding that others - be it friends, family or lovers - are unable to provide the divine love we are seeking.


This passage ideally awakens in us the understanding that, as the manifestation of source energy, we are able to access all the love, abundance and knowledge of the universe.As we turn within during this powerful time, we awaken to our divine connection and surrender to the cleansing of our emotional bodies. Uncleared emotions can shut down our connection with our higher knowing. Cleansing our emotions allows us to move further into realms of divine awakening. Self-love, emotional healing and deeper levels of spiritual awakening are the rites of passage during this transformative time.


This is an important time to meditate in order to integrate the powerful source energies that are heightened. Listen to the whispers of your soul during this time and open to receive all the blessings that are your birthright as a manifestation of spirit. As we breathe deeply inside this doorway to the divine, we find balance between the dark and light within ourselves.


Navigating this Summer's Doorway to the DivineWe offer here some steps to making the most of this week's Solstice portal:


One) Each day consciously attune to the flow of creation.


Two) Express gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.


Three) Clear clutter and donate unused items to those in need. Cleanse and clear the energies in your body as well. Undertake a full body cleanse, receive colonics and massage and other body work.


Four) Eliminate the frivolous. Simplify by asking yourself what you really need to feed your soul.


Five) Self-love and self-nurturing is of utmost importance as is caring for loved ones.


Six) Grounding and centering is very important at this time. Eat fresh, unprocessed foods, especially root vegetables and dark leafy greens. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will help ground you to the earth. Spend time outdoors in nature.


Seven) Focus on love and abundance and observe how your experience of it multiplies.


Eight) During this time, the effects of thoughts, intentions and actions go quantum. Meditate and offer simple prayers for loved ones and all the universe.


Nine) Release all resistance to realities you encounter and have no opinions.


Ten) Take 100% responsibility for everything that shows up in your reality.


Eleven) Deepen your spiritual practices and begin new ones.


Twelve) Gain clarity in values and priorities.


Thirteen) Remain focused on your priorities.


Fourteen) Remain positive no matter what happens in physical reality.


Fifteen) Discover and live your purpose. Assess your capabilities, your weaknesses, and the gifts you came here to share.


Sixteen) Practice discernment in all things. Discernment is not the same as judging. It helps us take into account the highest good for all concerned and make decisions based on guidance irregardless of outside opinions or considerations.


Seventeen) Expect miracles and allow them to show up in your life regularly.


Eighteen) Revisit all contracts and agreements on a regular basis and release any that no longer serve your highest good and that of others.


Nineteen) Make regular exercise and good nutrition daily priorities.


Twenty) Meditate daily, allowing your mind to still and focusing your consciousness on unconditional love.

Twenty-one) Become one with the divine. Unify your mind and soul through dream work, journaling, spending time in nature and unifying mind, body and soul through modalities such as yoga.


Twenty-two) Express yourself creatively through art, writing and other forms of creative play.


Twenty-three) Ritualize your life with prayer, shamanic rituals and journeys, and other energy-enhancing practices that lift your vibrational frequency.


Twenty-four) Become self-sufficient. Expand your awareness to see what you will need in the immediate future and provide this for yourself. Do not ask others to do for you what you can do for yourself. Ask yourself what you would need in a time of earth changes. Incorporate energy efficiency, alternative energies such as solar and wind power to lessen your dependency on grid systems.


Twenty-five) Allow your imagination to bring you images from the quantum field and constantly expand the vision of these potentials and act on them.


Twenty-six) Get comfortable with chaos. Be willing to break down old patterns and try new things. This creates new neural pathways in your brain that eventually manifest as new energies, new people and new opportunities in your daily life.


Twenty-seven) Expand self-knowledge by studying your numerology, which is the vibrational combination of your birthdate and name, and your astrology chart, which contains the blueprint for this lifetime.©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reserved

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