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Dimes from Heaven

I have been seeing a lot of posts on Facebook and I have been getting visits and just wanted to speak a little on this subject.

Recently at a school visit with my daughter who will be going to college, I began getting messages and signs from my 2 grandfathers who have passed.  One who was very stoic yet gentle and one who was very happy and outgoing.  When my dad’s father passed, I kept finding dimes on the sidewalk, everywhere we went.  We had taken a trip to New York, Cozumel and Michigan, for a trip about 8 days, and I as well as my husband kept finding dimes.  I knew the deceased talk to us, but I had not really realized to what extent yet at that time.

So yesterday I was in my car retsing in between lectures and I saw a dime on my car floor.  I then went to get a water and the total was $1.10.  I knew I had a dime in my wallet or my purse but I couldnt find one.  So I proceeded to go and sit and charge my phone and as I sat down I glanced to the left, and yep, you guessed it was a dime on the ground.  That’s when I knew it was my grandpa trying to get in touch with me.  I then proceeded to go purchase a tablet because I knew some writing or channeling or information was coming.  So I bought one and low behold, they were talking to me.  They told me precisely to let my daughter go, to leave her be and move on basically and that they will be in good hands as they will both be there watching her.  What a relief.  I was a little scare about letting her go away from home, but I am so much more relaxed now.

So my point is that for everyone who says I wish I could talk to someone who has passed or I wish I knew what they were doing they are literally right next to you.  I believe that if I can hear them so can everyone else, it just takes some literal housecleaning on your part.   I am in the process of putting together a workshop or maybe a handout or whatever spirit intends for me to help you clear your channel and let go of attachments and all other things that inhibit us from letting ourself open up to hearing and seeing.  I am not sure of the time lines yet, but it will be happening  soon.

Stay tuned, and for now, watch for the signs from heaven….

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