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Current Frustration and Chaos

Many of you at this time may be in total frustration and chaos. The overlay of the New Earth working to pull you into your heart space AT ALL times whilst the old 3d earth maintaining or trying to maintain its hold on your LOGIC. It is vital that at this time you find and try to maintain BALANCE. This is found by being in your HEART space AND your logical mind but allowing one to reference the other. By this I mean you allow your logical mind to reference the HEART space and NOT the other way around. If you try to anchor that which your logical mind is trying to teach you then you will lower your energetic signature and may descend into the hall of mirrors of the old 3d earth once more. This is not supported by the New Earth and will not therefore manifest fully, so you may find yourself in a sort of see-sawing motion where you attempt to move forward but may feel that you are going around in circles and actually getting nowhere. It is NOT TRUTH to believe that you are getting “nowhere”, all is energy and energy CONTINUALLY moves, it never stops, it is the perception of the human logical mind that will try to teach you that you have not moved. Many times during this process the process has APPEARED to slow down, experience has shown me personally that when things in my life APPEAR to be slowing down they are doing the exact opposite, the “slowing down” the perception of my logical mind. Again I have blogged on this previously, any of you who have been in a traumatic situation or accident will be able to resonate how the incident APPEARS to slow down as it is happening, this is the way that the human logical mind has been TAUGHT to interpret the overload of information that unfolds around, through and within the human vehicle at that moment.   At this moment upon planet earth there are energetic frequencies that are flowing both within and across the planet that have never been experienced by the human vehicle at this level. So perception takes some “time” (to use a human expression) to find balance and be anchored within the cellular structure of the human vehicle. There are NO reference points for this part of the unfolding of the New Earth, your HEART is creating them and your human logical mind is referencing them at all moments, this is the opposite from what you have been TAUGHT within the old 3d earth. TAUGHT to allow the human logical mind to reference and the heart to follow. I have often asked people “if you had to make a decision to choose HEART or HEAD which would you opt for?” The answer is not as easy as it first appears, for when EMOTIONS are running intensely around, through and within you the human logical mind will begin to assert its position, but this position is DISTORTION.   Many of you at this time may be trying desperately to make some sort of “sense” of your outer waking reality, with many scenarios perhaps birthing around you, through and within you that challenge your logical mind. You may find yourself using the phrase “this makes no sense”, “this is insane”, “what is going on?” repeatedly and if you are attempting to share your thoughts and anxieties with those around you who are still within the old 3d earth frequencies this may be ADDING to your frustration and anxiety. For you will be able to FEEL TRUTH long before you can SEE it and identify it. For ALL is hidden in plain view, all that obscures your vision are the teachings of the old 3d earth. It is no longer enough to work only with the teachings, you must now align yourself FULLY with the New Earth and focus SOLELY on the New Earth. I have always guided and stated that YOUr SOUL is overseeing this entire life experience and many people filter out the depth of this statement. At this moment upon and within planet earth YOUr SOUL is triggering you deliberately to “flush out” the hidden residue of the old 3d earth teachings. Personal experience has at times taken my breath away as the New Earth has shown me the DEPTH of distortion that is in operation upon and within this planet. How my logical mind will at ALL times attempt to teach me that what I see is what is actually real and this is NOT TRUTH. It has taught me to process each moment the energies that are presented to me. MANY upon and within planet earth are running karmic dimensional distorted frequencies (see websites for further info) and they may at a very human level APPEAR to support and understand you but unless YOU check the frequencies that they are running personally through your HEART then you may get drawn into the reality they are trying to create. This is an overlay from the old 3d earth and more information about this will be placed upon the Crystalline Sanctuary and Whispering Universe websites. It is not enough to anchor that you are CREATING your OWN reality within the New Earth, YOUr SOUL is trying to show you how to move fully into this moment whilst detaching from the karmic residue that others are allowing to run unchecked within their energy signatures. Remember the old 3d earth teachings attempt to BLIND YOU at all turns, if you believe that you have dissolved all that you need to dissolve I would guide you to look again and to look deeper.   TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE. ALL is not as it APPEARS upon and within planet earth at this time. Kx

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