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Current energies

The Orion Council through Krista Raisa -on Peace and the current energies, July 2014-


Current energy report for July from Krista:


A lot of Central Sun codings are coming in, holding the energies of peace. So, many Pleiadian ambassadors will be receiving activations and dispensations as Jupiter, the money planet, goes direct. Some of you may be recalling your peace insignias and seeing strange symbols. These symbols activate subconscious programs which are prematter blueprints for sound.

Sound is how elemental spirits Ascend. In the deva kingdom (fairies, nature spirits, etc.) there are nature angels who create beautiful symphonies and shape-shift upon reaching higher levels in their development. You may be lucky enough to hear angelic choirs like these if you are relaxed enough. I have heard this in 2007 while laying in bed, and it sounded like a choir of voices, with the most beautiful sounds beyond comprehension. (Note: I was in a happy, sober state of consciousness.)


One thing we can do to accelerate and ride the wave, is to be in big, open spaces, and expand our auras. You may want to wear light-colored and airy clothing, be near plant-life, and take off your shoes. This helps you absorb negative ions through the ground and into your foot chakras, and tune into the wisdom of the Earth.

What I used to do is tell the grass spirits I was going to walk over the grass and I would thank them for moving aside for me. This cultivates an appreciation for the beings everywhere.


If you begin to see faces in the trees, bushes, or grass, do not be afraid- you are "tuning in." This is an accelerated state of mind, as you shift from the logical, left-brain, to the intuitive, right-brain, harmonizing your energy field. What the Orion Council calls "centralization" is taking place, so that you can receive the Divine codings coming in and become aware of the happiness that already exists, here, on Earth. Plus, this is a major grounding exercise, while staying awake and aware.

In July, Peace Ambassadors should tune into their Higher Selves through meditation, visualization, and consistent practice, holding positive intent in all four directions.


The Orion Council, blended with Helios (solar logoi) says:

"Recognize who you are and who you are becoming. There will be a shifting in the 12th layer and more agreements being made through the God-conscious Self. Intuitive practice must be cultivated in order to facilitate the Higher Learning taking place in dimensions 5 and 6. We are accentuating the creative process and trying to focus in minds of humanity in certain locations.

There are certain people who need to recognize who they are, in order for the Great Plan to be fulfilled upon Earth. Yes, the Great Plan tends to change, however, in certain time periods in your future, you will see the work [you do today] unfold into major accomplishments, developments upon your Earth [planet]. 12 Elohim arrange for meetings of the [Higher] minds and so we read about the centralization when you develop writings about Who-You-Truly-Are. Tell humanity, how much you enjoy these creative processes and explain to them that the True Self is emerging. And so we complete the transmission with a mind-altering message: Sweet, sweet life, is beginning to transform. The Greater Hierarchy (collective) will Centralize in 12 minutes. So it is."

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