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Creating in the moment

It is true that you create in the Moment, that your path is revealed in front of you… Now you are at times when your creation is most visible. All your creations that have shown themselves to you until now with signs, synchronicities are now becoming real. All the voices that rise from within you and which you can no longer avoid are audible, your dreams are now visible. Proceed with care on your path, while your creation process is continuing. Use the magic of nature to stay in balance, meet your own nature and to allow the increase of your own energy. Free yourselves, liberate, all of your pieces without locking yourselves up. We are with you for this. New things are all around you, let its excitement be visible. Let the glitters in your eyes touch one another. Proceed from the heart, in your simplest in your moments of creation, even though you think you do not know the future in fact the future is your next step and it is being taken now. All the ties that hold you until today are loosened and free, you took your power back with courage. You have noticed the possibilities, as the dimensions increase your pints of view have expanded, you started seeing the whole rather than getting lost in details... by keeping your calm, by opening your arms with gratitude to all that is new, in your heart, what is offered to you...

Love and Light ArchAngel Metatron

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