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Creating Answers as Creator Consciousness

Creating Answers as Creator Consciousness 2 November 2014 - 7:13am |  Jill Renee Channeler: Jill Renee Hello! I love to offer a fresh perspective on things, often in a playful manner. I laugh with my team a lot as I realize things from a new angle. Something came up recently that I wanted to offer you, as you might smile (and expand) as well. With my work we receive a lot of questions. Questions come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes I’m asked to provide a meaning for a certain physical experience someone was having (like a dream or a physical ailment, as examples). “What does it mean” we often ask, as humans wanting to expand and to explore and to “know”... The more interdimensional we become the more readily we will experience that there isn’t one answer. And actually there never was one answer, even if we chose to experience it that way for a time. We can choose to look for “the answer” and we can also become more comfortable with the idea that there are many, many answers, none of them wrong, and each of them leading us on a unique experience. We Create a life based on how we interpret who and what we are, what different experiences mean, what others mean to us, and on and on. We apply meaning. And sometimes we ask others to apply meaning for us. But we were the ones who asked the question, and this is where we’d like to explore further today. "Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden and Platinum Rays, sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing. We offer our unique and loving perspective on the Creation of Light into matter, your Personal Ascension and your unique Role in the Shifting of Ages on Earth. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her roles while also being within the bodysuit for this timeline expansion experience on Earth. Let us begin with this sharing session. The Source Creator (God) is infinite energy. Boundless. Limitless. And pure Light, pure love. What makes Creator infinite is it’s inherent Curiosity. What would happen if “we” did this? What would it be like if we tried that? How is it going with this or that exploration? What is possible, knowing nothing is impossible? We understand that some interpret this as Source “trying to know itself”. And yet that interpretation implies a sense of void. That Source doesn’t know itself. And that through exploration and incarnations and such it can fill that void and get to know itself. We have a very different awareness. Source explores because... well there isn’t one right answer here. Because it Can. Because it desires. Because it loves. Because it feels so whole and so alive that it wonders how much more whole and alive it can possibly feel. Source is energy in motion. Light in perpetual movement. (deep breath, please.) Source is whole and complete in any moment, from any angle, including the divine energy of you experiencing itself as human. You are a unique, and whole and complete aspect of Source energy presently exploring/experiencing the human form amidst the physical and the non-physical dimensions of Earth. Source Energy, as infinite energy, is boundless and, like a beautifully curious child, it wonders. Out of wonder it creates questions. Let’s pause right there -- Creates. Questions. Sound like anyone you know? We witness your comfort level at Creating Questions. There is little to no hesitation about what question to ask, or whether the question is good or bad or possibly even dangerous. We see no fretting about what question to ask or not to ask. You ask questions like the Masters you are. With courage. With entitlement even. You have the right to ask Questions. A beautiful demonstration of your Sovereignty. Notice the vibrational range and sense of inner peace and ease upon Creating Questions. The questions flow with ease and grace. You are operating from an energetic sphere of love and possibilities, just flowing in the Creative juices. No need to meditate upon the questions in order to create them. They almost pop out of you with no effort at all. Beautifully done. Now, what about the answers. When it comes to answers your energy shifts, dramatically. Where the portals and gateways of Creation were wide open, fully trusting yourself and your Self upon Creating questions, those same portals and gateways seem to slam shut, unconsciously, when you proceed to Creating answers. No judgment necessary here. Just notice the distinction of the energy and how it feels to you. Freedom vs. contraction, feeling shut down and closed off. In the Separation Age answers were sort of locked down. Dampened. Constrained and contained. Answers were put under the authority of authority figures. Parents had The Answer as to what was for dinner and when you had to be home. As children most didn’t even consider there were even varying possibilities to what those answers could have been. The varying answers that could have been created by that authority figure, who themselves may have felt blocked from all the possibilities. Separation Age Science “proves” answers and this becomes “fact”. Teachers ask you to learn and then recite answers, with only one right answer being “correct”. Even in areas that integrate matter and anti-matter such as religion and spirituality there was the same imposition and rigidity of answers being controlled and put under someone else’s authority. In the Separation Age, everyone had/has someone to answer to. Another factor to the ease of creating questions is that there is no follow up action required or even expected. Anyone can ask questions and then be held responsible for nothing. But in the Separation Age energetic structures, Authority for answers is handed over to others viewed as more knowing, more wise, more capable, even “experts” in a particular area. Answers required a sense of authority. They require action for implementation and therefore access and control over resources. Answers take some sense of responsibility for self and others, if others are directly affected. (deep breath, please.) What genius came up with this system? You. Source. In it’s genius curiosity about what it would be like to forget itself as God, a reality was created called Earth. And Earth has cycles/ages that offer almost complete unconsciousness; separation. And now the ages are shifting, being shifted (by you), into an age of experiencing conscious Light. The dawning Platinum Age. The challenge, and the opportunity, for this special group of you here, is the deconstruction of Separation Age energy patterns into energy patterns better aligned for Connecting with your inherent Source-ness; Conscious Creation. And for this message, we are encouraging you to re-store your authority over various answers you indeed are responsible enough to handle and to see through to implementation. Responsibility had been considered a burden and now is enlightened to simply mean responding to your abilities. Masters, rooted in love and a pure desire for any and all to be uplifted by any action, are certainly worthy, responsible beings for Creating Answers. Creating Answers!?! What? Does Creating Answers feel dangerous? Reckless? Irresponsible? Well, it is when you believe there is and will always be only one answer, The Answer, rigid and static and universally true for everyone. In the Separation Age that was the norm. And yet, you are already shifting this, expanding the concept of truth to allow for more free will, more Creator Energy in form. From our perspective it’s dangerous to Create Answers in the Platinum Age only when your intentions are unloving and/or manipulative, when you are unwilling to take responsibility for your own responses, when you are unwilling to allow others to have their own responses or any other form of denying another their inherent free will. That is indicative of the Separation Age. You are not there for that (smile). Notice former programming as it surfaces within you, possibly asking you to not trust yourself with your own life, with your own experiences, prompting you to feel dangerous by considering various answers to your own questions. Energy structures are in place to keep the status quo, the Separation Age, in tact. You will most assuredly bump into various energetic barriers as you successfully proceed into more of your Sovereignty. You can face and explore and then discern for yourself whether your newly re-stored ability to contemplate answers, solutions and interpretations is indeed reckless, irresponsible, or not. Proceed with this new creator ability at a pace you feel comfortable with. Taking back authority of your own life takes some patience and a lot of love, for you by You. Look at your intentions. Let love for self and others, all others, be your guide. You’ve done this before... you’ve restored your inherent authority with your beliefs and your truths. Re-member how scary that may have seemed at one phase and yet how liberated and free you felt as a result? (deep and slow breath, please). You’ve got this and yet only you can prove this to yourself. That you Are capable of offering new answers and new solutions to your own life... and even to your overall reality. That you aren’t playing God for everyone by doing so. You are simply re-storing the God energy that you Are in your own life. And in the process you are indeed expanding and further honing the transmission of divine energy through and from inner portals and gateways of divine energy. Flowing Light into this reality, into You. Creating an amazing journey guided by your unique Light, your beautiful intentions, your loving dreams for self and for all. In our view that feels very trustworthy. And actually a huge upgrade from the present levels of perceived external authority figures humanity had been handing over it’s power to. Imagine that same free-flowing sense of ease and grace and permission you had felt with creating questions, now also applied to creating answers. Just imagine this for a moment. You can create this experience. Play with this. Answers are now just possibilities to consider, not rigid and constrained dogmatic applications of external power to one’s personal life. Instant manifestation as some had intended, thankfully, isn’t being applied in this timeline. Hence you may consider answers with ease and freedom, just like questions. Answers in the Platinum Age are something to be considered, discerned, explored, tried out and adjusted as/if needed. There is so much power in your ability to respond to any and all circumstances. Consider the more recent revelations offered from the field of quantum mechanics; the observer affects (creates) what is observed. Please deeply consider the magnitude of this approach to life and living. You determine/create what you experience, even amidst others creations, others answers. This has always been true, and now it can be known more consciously. As Creator energy in human form you Are Creator be-ings, becoming more and more Conscious of Creating.  What does that statement mean to you? In the spirit of no one right answer, we ask what do you Want/Desire this statement, to mean? Your unique interpretation to this profound statement will determine how much of your inner Source energy you give yourself permission, authority to Express and Be in your carefully designed human journey. Again, no wrong answer -- just varying answers that result in creating varying experiences. This is supremely important at this juncture in your linear time. In order to authentically access and re-store your own Sovereignty as Divine energy in human form, it is valuable to regularly explore and utilize your own ability to consider/Create answers.  Handing over that power to others is honoring their Mastery, but does very little to help you further expand your own Mastery. You asked for more. More expansion. More connection. And we are delighted in helping you see even more of what there is to play with, create and explore. Knowing your beautiful heart and loving energy that you and all have the opportunity for further upliftment from who and what you Are. With infinite love and gratitude for each of you, this beloved Ground Crew,

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