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Contacting your Guides

Many of us do not know how to contact our spirit guides, or even know we have them.  Here are some suggestions:


When we awaken to the understanding thatthere is much more out there then what we are led to believe, the first thingthat we always ask ourselves is how do I communicate with my guides?


The answer is simple.. you already AREcommunicating with your guides.. without even knowing that you are doing so.


Each person has at least one guide that isassigned to them. Most of the time your guides are in the shape of a blob, asphere of light, that travels with you wherever you go. Your guides are yourown personal portals, your best friend who is always there for you, loving youunconditionally NO MATTER what you do. They understand you completely, love youdeeply and know you like no one else does.


So how do they communicate with you? Theydo that in various ways, some very subtle some very direct. If you really stopto think about it, you will quickly see what I mean. Everything, and I meanabsolutely everything is a direct communication with your guides.


When you get up in the morning and rusharound, have you noticed that sometimes you walk out the door and then for someodd reason you feel that you need to go back for a moment because you think youforgot to turn off the stove, light, water, whatever, and as you walk back intoyour house and open the door you notice that you actually forgot to take animportant document, a bag, your lunch, or phone, or wallet? Or how many timeshave you had a moment when you are rushing about, and can’t seem to leave toalready get to work, or wherever you’re going, either you can’t seem to tieyour shoe, or something gets caught in the way, and you are getting frustrated,and when you finally get out of your house you find yourself seeing a terribleaccident that just took place.. and you know for a fact that it could have beenyou!


These are the subtle ways that your guidescommunicate with you constantly!!! What about walking into a book store orlooking online for nothing in particular stumbling across something ofinterest, why go that far.. reading this here right now, is a directcommunication and guidance from your guides! They have brought you to my pagein order for you to get in touch with me, so that you can be reading thisparticular text right now! All in the hopes ofgetting you to understand that they area already here, that you shouldn’t feellost or hopeless, because you’re not! In fact you’re right on track. And theytruly want you to know that it is so!


They want you to know how loved and caredfor you are, and how you are never alone, you are always surrounded by love


So how can you transform this communicationfrom signs into actual conversations with your guides? There are a multitude ofways. Once again we already are conversing with them constantly, using variouslanguages, the most prominent one is light language. But our mind is constantlydoubting what we are feeling and sensing, because we were conditioned to do so.Were we conditioned to embrace all the subtle frequencies you wouldn’t be readingthis text right now as you would have already been in complete understanding ofeverything.


So the first step is to re condition yourmind! To start with, get yourself a pendulum, and when you do, completely relaxlet it hang in the air from your hand and start asking questions, tell yourselfthat if it starts to spin, the answer is “maybe” if it goes from left to rightthe answer is “yes” if it goes from right to left the answer is “no”.


Start asking questions that you know theanswers to, and you will see that the pendulum will respond to the energy thatyou send out from within your heart. Its quite fascinating, lets say you knowsomething for a fact in your gut, but your mind is conditioned to knowotherwise, the pendulum will confirm what you are FEELING rather than what youConsciously know to be true. Work with the pendulum for a while and when youfinally learn how to use it properly and start receiving direct answers youwill then discover that it stops working!


Why? Because your guides will start movingyou onto better means of direct communication with them, and soon enough youwill have absolutely no doubts in your mind, that when you are haring a thoughtin response to your question, that thought is actually coming from your guides!And hence you’ve established a complete two way communication with them J


It takes time and practice, the mostimportant practice is to let go of blocking yourself, and doubting yourself.It’s just something you need to get used to. I hope that this will help you tounderstand everything a bit more.


Sending you lots of love and light!




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