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Connection to your Guides and Light Beings

“We encourage more and more of you now to please work towards creating your own connection with your light friends, to the higher parts of yourself and those beings around you that only wish to help you with your progress. We can see so many of you seeking those that connect you to sources of light but how valuable is it to have your own connections- Firstly learning to become very aware if the feelings, messages and words come from the highest places of love is very important. Tuning in and feeling if you are connecting in with the highest possible being or beings that you can in that moment is important. Part of this connection is allowing. Allowing the higher energies to flow through you. Allow your heart to be guided – Allow your body to be guided to different foods, movements and places of location. Please dear friends- This process may take a while to cultivate as many of you lack trust that you-(yourself) can connect with higher wisdoms or messages more filled with light that resonate with your souls. But- it is worth the process. It is so definitely worth the time it may take to feel this connection For some that hold trust already- a connection may be able to be established very quickly yet for others it may take a learning to believe and then to trust that there are beings that wish only the best for you and work from places only of the light and love for you. Once you have this trust – you can begin on the path to creating the dialogue or connection. As you would with any of your earth friends you may begin by talking and taking the time to connect. Take the time to ask questions and wait for the reply. At the beginning of the process you may lack some of the sensitivities and trust required to feel the guidance that comes back in return but as you practice more, you will create deeper connections. Also remember- You need to open the door to these communications- You need to allow the connection to any higher guidance. Guides and light beings will wait patiently in the wings until you wish for some more deliberate and created communication. They understand the trust is takes and they understand it can take a while to allow these communications to open up. It is also good to know that communication from your higher wisdoms can come in many forms. Direction of vision to read or pay attention to a feeling to change a course of action and then it can become more specific in the form words and as this writer now receives detailed messages received through the act of writing. Through the act of allowing the pen and the mind to be guided as the energy is fully trusting and open to receive. It does and can take a while to achieve this level of trust and connection to your light guides if you are not used to it. As your light grows, your ability to be seen by other light beings wishing to pass messages increases. As you are seen to be a messenger of the light, of the heart and pure intent to help and lift up yourself and others, you will be given more and more communications that require a steady heart to pass them along correctly. It is good to look and get clear for all of yourselves why you are creating this connection to the higher versions of yourself or to other light beings- What is the motivation behind feeling to connect? It should come (as we often speak) from places of love and connection within ones own heart and to the hearts of others. To create more love and connection on your planet and to all that inhabit your planet and finally to love the infinite spirit and the divine spirits that work and assist you consistently. Please do not try to push your connections as they will evolve when you are ready. But do give time to connect. Create time as you would for your family to connect, to loving them, to listening to them, to trusting and understanding them and like any good connection, it helps to nuture it. To care that it is looked after and given a priority in your life. Many of you wish for a connection to the higher wisdoms but you firstly lack in trust and you lack in the stillness or desire to connect. It is possible for all of you if you wish to connect and be a direct receiver of messages of wisdom and of light. Cultivating a loving, open heart to receive the connection can help, the desire and trust and finally the good intention to share and bring love with the information that you receive is a strong way to maintain a consistent flow of wisdom to you. We encourage you all to seek this divine wisdom to allow it to flow through each and every one of your lives. Take time to connect and to keep lifting the intentions of your heart for your life and the lives of others. When we can see your beautiful intentions – we wish to share more through you as we know it will of benefit to many. Please take the time to create your own connection. Listen- Tune in- Get quiet- Trust and open your hearts. There are so many guides and helper beings around you all but you just need to allow us to come through you now. We love you very much – The Circle of Seven”

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