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Connecting to other realms


Wes Annac

However difficult it is to believe you can actually communicate with entities on other levels of existence, it’s the truth and all you need to do to experience the benefits of this truth is open up and explore your abilities.

You’re capable of much more than you realize, and you possess the hidden talent to connect with entities in other, higher states of consciousness who want to help you along your growth and evolution back into the realms you descended away from when you made your way to the earth.

You can flowingly express your ability to write, channel or do anything else that’s inspired by spirit if you let yourselves, and all it takes is getting the ego’s overbearing influence out of the way and connecting with that aspect of yourselves that’s constantly attuned to the universe and the vibrant spirituality all around you.

Explore Your Connection

You’re constantly connected with Source, the higher realms, and your higher selves and spiritual guides, and all you need to do to reap the bounties of this connection is, again, explore it and show yourselves just what you’re capable of.

Everything’s more difficult when the mind’s rigid or closed off, and only with an open mind that’s willing to express everything that flows through it will you be led to do anything real, pure or significant with your time on earth. Keep your mind open and keep your heart aware of the spiritual truths you’re discovering, because life tends to become confining and unenjoyable when you’re closed off from these truths.

You have the ability to communicate with various souls in various higher realms, and these entities await your reconnection with them and your embracement of the flowing perceptions and abilities that come with a genuine exploration of your consciousness.

Realizing you have an ability to connect with souls in higher realms can help you utilize this ability to its fullest and get the most out of the channeling experience, but only if you believe these entities are real and you can actually connect with them will you experience any potent results.

Faith and belief are essential to maintaining a connection with spirit, and while some seekers would disagree with this notion, the things you choose to believe really do play a big part in the things you experience later on. Your experiences are bred from your beliefs and what you create as reality, and if you’re willing to believe you can connect with entities on other levels of existence, you will.

If you choose to believe these entities don’t exist or, if they do exist, you can’t possibly connect with them, you’ll experience the natural results of this belief and you won’t be able to maintain a real, pure or lasting connection with any higher-dimensional entity.

What Stops You?

We’re all here and we’re all waiting to be picked up on, and beyond your beliefs, we feel compelled to ask: what stops you from making this connection? What stops you from connecting with the higher realms and reaping the perceptual bounties that can result?

In most cases, unwillingness is the only thing that stops you from maintaining this connection, and if you can’t transcend the ego-driven unwillingness that stops you from trying new things – especially things that have to do with spirituality that most of your planet can’t currently accept – then you’ll be forced to deal with the limitation that always comes with it.

You don’t have to deal with inability, rigidity or any other limiting or confining qualities anymore, but you have to be willing to open your minds to the greater perception that exists beyond your conscious understanding if you want to transcend limitation or any other, similar quality for good.

You have to realize how infinite you are and how capable you are of doing anything you set your mind to, and until you can realize this and put your realization into play, you’ll continue to struggle with the usual difficulties and challenges that have brought you out of your center in the past.

Remaining in your center is one of the best and most potent ways to maintain a lasting spiritual connection and continuously reap this connection’s benefits, but many of you willingly leave your center the minute you face challenge or any form of difficulty that tests your abilities or your willingness to continue contributing.

Staying centered and keeping the mind open and receptive to the heart’s influence will help you greatly along your journey, and along with having faith in yourselves and the things you’ve come to earth to do, these will help you make the most of your time on earth and inspire others to make the most of theirs too.

It bears repeating that you can do so much more than you realize, and the longer you stay in the flowing perceptual space that comes with meditation or other forms of spiritual attunement, the more at peace you’ll be with life and the more your wholeness will begin to increase.

Stay Dedicated

The things you can do now that you’ve discovered spirit and your emerging greater perception are more potent than you yet realize, so stay dedicated to your mission – especially when something comes up that could easily deter you from making the progress you’re meant to make.

You’re highly encouraged to keep your links with spirit strong by practicing the forms of spiritual attunement you’ve come to resonate with, like meditation, channeling or anything else that helps you get into the flow and stay there, because as you’re learning, the rewards are as limitless as you’re starting to become.

If you stay dedicated and strive to do everything you can to anchor the light onto your lost yet evolving planet, everything will become easier, more free-flowing and more enjoyable as you open your arms far and wide to spirit and let your greater perception take you on a journey to places you never expected to visit while still on earth.

You can anchor heaven onto your evolving planet if you make a consistent enough effort, and if you put all your time and energy into your spiritual practices, you’ll find that the rewards are far worth any difficult effort you make to obtain them.

Your journey isn’t about the destination you eventually reach, so remember to enjoy yourselves along the way and never fix yourselves on a specific destination.

It’s good to have dreams and goals to strive for, but you don’t want to fix yourselves on a certain destination because you’ll limit your journey and the things you can achieve if you do. Once you achieve a certain goal, strive to expand it (expanding yourselves in the process) and accomplish even more.

You’ll achieve things that surprise you and the people around you if you do, and you’ll never have trouble completing the goals you set for yourselves again.

The first few goals you set are the hardest to achieve, and once you achieve them, the self-confidence that results can motivate you to want to do more; accomplish more and inspire others along the way. As you continue to set, meet and surpass your goals, you can continue challenging yourselves in new and exciting ways.

As you do, keep in mind that you’re being assisted by all in the higher realms in every way possible. You’re given help with the goals you set out to complete, and you have legions of angels at your side who strive to help you in any way they can.

Breaking the Programming

We note how difficult it can be to believe you’re actually given assistance by higher-dimensional beings who most of your world is programmed to believe don’t even exist, but once you break the programming you’ve unwillingly and unknowingly worn for thousands of years, the peek you receive beyond the veil opens your eyes, minds and hearts to concepts that seem like pure hogwash to your society but, as you’re rediscovering, are realer than you can imagine.

The angels, archangels, extraterrestrials and every other being who’s claimed to communicate with humanity are realer than you currently understand, and we’re all watching and assisting you whenever and wherever we can in hopes that our efforts inspire you to do your best with your time on earth and uplift, motivate and inspire as many fellow seekers as you can to contribute to your growing revolution with love, sincerity and the drive to finally bring humanity into the light.

You can connect with each of us if you’re willing to believe in yourselves and your divinely rooted abilities.

Self-empowerment is one of the greatest tools you’ve been given along the enlightenment path, and when you empower yourselves and use your spiritually rooted abilities for the good of others, you’ll notice that you have no real desires, fears or hindrances that stop you from doing exactly what you’ve come to your little blue world to do.

You’ve come to earth to awaken humanity and show everyone the way back into the higher realms, so continue to diligently perform this mission and know that even when you feel like you’ve erred significantly, you can never do wrong in the eyes of your (and our) creator.

Source loves each of his/her children unconditionally, and tapping into this unconditional love is the first step to expressing it to yourselves and everyone around you who, underneath the surface, craves the love they separated from as they made their way through the difficult and confining lower vibrations.

You’re all rediscovering Source’s infinite love as you strive to share it with others, and the best advice we can give right now is to continue to diligently work (and play) in the name of spirit and humanity’s evolution.

Continue to expand your perspective and create new short and long terms goals for yourselves, because everything you do in the name of the light and anchoring a greater perception onto your world inches you closer to your collective ascension.

Feel this and know it in the core of your being, and the unwillingness that’s held you back will be replaced with increasing motivation to do anything you can to advance your evolution and the evolution of every other divine being in training who’s just starting to remember their origins and the things they’ve come to your world to do.

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I’m a twenty-one year old writer and blogger, and I created The Culture of Awareness daily news site.

The Culture of Awareness features daily spiritual and alternative news, articles I’ve written, and more. Its purpose is to awaken and uplift by providing material about the fall of the planetary elite and a new paradigm of unity and spirituality.

I’ve contributed to numerous spiritual websites including The Master Shift, Waking Times, Golden Age of Gaia, Wake Up World and Expanded Consciousness. I can also be found on Facebook (Wes Annac and The Culture of Awareness) and Twitter.

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