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Clairvoyant session

Lately I have been in sort of a lull, with nothing really happening.  Then I went to lunch Saturday with my husband downtown at his suggestion, and when we were done, I suggested going to the Sunlight of the Spirit store, and surprisingly he said OK.  So we get there, and this lady who looks like she could be a psycic or card reader is carrying a sign and she puts it on the sidewalk and it says "clairvoyant readings today"? So I walk up to the counter and ask the man working how and can I see this person, and he said sure shes standing right here?  I wasnt the lady I thought i was....  lol

So I went in for a 15 minute session, and by the time I left, we were exchanging numbers and planning on meeting for coffee.  She said it was an honor to meet me? what, shes the clairvoiyant!  She knew I spoke with the dead, and that I have been struggling with my path, and she had very much information for me.  Her information was that I am to become a teacher in my capacity and teach what I do and what I know. Which is something I have been asking my guides about.  Sh also said that my client that was coming over that afternoon was sent by his guides.  I found this very interesting.

I had a treatment with a new client later, and he is a very powerful healer, but wont do it, or doesnt want to.  So I think this guy may be my first student.  lol.  I love this stuff.  more later.


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