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Channeling from Sananda

HI all,


I am beginning to post the channeled information that I am receiving from Ascended Master and other Master Healser who care to come forth: I belive there are message for some, so please take what you need and leave the rest:


Hello Sananda, I am pleased to be in your presence.




Mydear one, it has been some days since we have talked and now you know the realidea of my existence, we can begin the teachings.  These will be the teachings of Jesus to beused to guide you to others.  They arewill/forms of ancient carrying tools of love, dynamic truth and justice filledapparatuses to adhere to in general terms of love and light.  Understand? Yes Proceed:


The simple ways of Jesus the Jesuit.


Adding to the simplicity of time it will be generally and heartfelt that the forms you take are simplistic in ways that only the simplest mind can adhere to.  Fearnot, they will come and enjoy each teaching my child.  Don’t be afraid, you can do this standing onyour simple ear. 


Treacherous ways of the world manifest darkness inall.  Fear not, the light will prevail,eventually.  The sinners will bow downand exalt their sins to you for there is no other way of abandoning yourself/themselves to god.  Bow the downand ask for forgiveness of ALL sins large and small good and bad evil anddark.  Some sins are good, when they areoverboard in allowing others to take advantage or doing too much forothers.. 


The glory of Christ is that becoming clear, you will be a steadfast hold or clear core for the power of godt flow through and you then become the Christ. Understand.  Yes I do but will others, eventually.  Show them the way home.  To me to us.


Demanding too much from someone is evil or unpleasant.  Dare not reach that point of demanding too much so that the other person is drained and unrelenting.  Become one with the Christ and you too canenjoy freedom.  Freedom from self, overbearingothers family siblings, etc.  Be Christp eriod and the others will flee or come. They will decide, it’s not up to youto decide, it’s up to them.  You cannot control others and their outcomes of their lives, they are preset to thechallenges of this life and need to find their own way, and you can’t findtheir way for them.  Be strong and lett hem go.



Healing of Forgiveness for all who care to do so:  



Kneel down and pray and ask for forgiveness of ALL sins, god bad, big little mediocre.  Listeach and every one of them, look at them, feel them and the hurts they havedone others, and then let it go. 


Pray about each and every sin.  Until you are complete, the let lord Jesus,into your core and begin to live.  Thissetback is just a simple stepping stone to the power of Christ in your life.  Do not let anyone or give anyone control overyou any longer, you need to stand tall before god, and repent.  Repenteach and every sin to correlate the presence or presences in your life.  You cannot see god as of yet, because youlack the ability of true insightful faith that is hiding behind the fear thatstands before you.  Fear not for he or Iam with you; use whatever terms you need to be know, that behind this fear isgod.  The ultimate reality, the allserving omnipotent and relentless god. He will save you; he is you, therefore you are god.. All that god is,you are and it’s beautiful; begin to see it begin to feel it; be it; be god,the imaginary light threshold that is in your inner core and has been since youwere chosen and born into this family of sinners.  Sinners aren’t bad people, they just don’tknow any better, they are ignorant to the power of god and his love for themand others.  You my friend, my son haveto get up off the floor, stand tall before god and praise him that you havebeen saved this day.  Do it now, say itloud be god.  Say to yourself; I am achild of god the holy Christ of above and I am deserving of being savedtoday.  Today, I am saved, in the name ofthe father the son and the Holy Spirit we are one Amen.


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