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Well we made it through 2014.  What a year of change both of  heaviness and light.  The paradox of life.  We must carry the heavy burden of this energy to release what does not serve us, clear our karma so we can life a life full of light.  This year for me has been a shedding of old skin, relationships, ideas, ancestral issues, and awakening to the light inside all of us.  The veil has been lifted and I am seeing through new eyes today.  What an amazing year.  I have met so many new amazing people.  I have made so many new friendships.  Have lost a few friendships, but have gained more than I lost, so that is a definite plus. Also,  I began taking piano lessons.  (WTH) where did that come from? 

I began channelling a few months ago and began channelling musical notes, then colors and musical notes, then I read that music is color. I began piano shortly afer that .  I have taken only one and a half months or 4 lessons so far, but have played my first song and learned 3 notes.  I can already read music since I played the clarinet for about 8 years in my childhood.  I did not know I could remember so far back. 

What is coming out of this, is not really so much that I am playing the piano, but that the left side of my brain reads the music at the same time the right side reads music as I play with my fingers, and the realization I have found is the wisdon that had opened in the middle of my head as each side is busy playing and reading the music.  A wealth of wisdom is being opened up in the middle of my head. WTH.  I believe it to be ancient wisdom from past lives and journeys.  I will say that now, but I will write more when I discover its true nature.  2015 is going to be a fantastic year of widsom, joy uncovering or recoverying  life or spirit or God or nature, I am not sure yet, but check back at the end of 2015 and I am sure we will all not be the same as we aqe right now.



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