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Challenge for December - Help someone

Yesterday we supposedly had a big storm coming, people stocked up on water and food, people stayed home from work, schools were closed and we were told to batten down the hatches.  And guess what it’s just rained hard.  

This made me start to think how we live in lives in fear based on someone else’s ideas, beliefs and authority.  I also began thinking yesterday as a friend posted on Facebook that everywhere she travels there is a television.  And that the TV stations are owned by a few rich corporations who publicize, you guessed it FEAR. 

What if everyone began to turn off their Televisions, quit giving power to fear.  Because what you focus on runs your life.  If you are watching Television and talking about the big fear that is going to happen you are missing out on the spiritual opportunity to help yourself and your community.  What if we actually took some time to help one another, to help the elderly, the sick and the homeless?  Or anyone in our community for that matter. What if we taught our children these values as a way of life, not sitting in front of the television and living in constant fear of what is going to happen next.  What if we trusted in our higher power, we helped our neighbor as we would our family and let things happen instead of forcing everything to happen in our life.

How about we begin today to do something for someone else without anyone else knowing.  That’s my challenge to you this month.  Because in turn, the other person may take it to another level of helping another person and so on.  Something has to change for the world to see the good, instead of seeing the bad. Are you up for the challenge?

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