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Ascension information

We come today and are introduced as “Guardian of Essential Elementals”. This is to give us a moniker that can assimilate into your understanding. And it works well with Susan because she has brought forth other elementals into this room for other channelings so she already has an understanding and an openness to that world. And as Susan shared, we are neither male or female but our energy that comes forth feels male and female through these channels. As the “Guardian of the New Dispensation” comes through with a very masculine energy with James. Perhaps it is the caretaking and nurturing aspect of my job that helps to resonates with this one’s (Susan) vibrations as we have been working with her this week. I wanted to share with you some of my tasks and to share with you other worlds today. It was our deep intention for all of us who are here to be with you. And yes, indeed, we have not been called to this planet for a very, very, very long time. It is one, of course, that we are always aware of but it has not been one that we have been called to until this point in time because this is the point in time when something that has never happened before has been called to happen. And now that the Ascension process is well under way with the Mother, it is our task to bring people such as you along on the path. We will be working with others upon the planet. Some will hear our call and some we will work in silence with. We will be working with others because part of that we bring is a very specific method of assisting people in raising their vibrations, helping raise their consciousness more and more as the consciousness is raised upon the planet. And activating those, such as you, who are committed upon the path. This has been a great pleasure and when we have been invited to participate such we do today it brings us great joy for we have not worked with humans in this way ever upon this planet! That is not to give you a big head. It is not to raise your egos. It is simply stating a fact. You have had many teachers on the path since this group came together and we are yet another set of those teachers. As you saw in your journey with us, there are many different elementals in creation. You know that there are many different elementals upon this planet. You have many names by which you reference them. Elementals are a specific soul group that work in all the galaxies and universes throughout all of creation. They work for very specific tasks. Their jobs are to maintain, to heal and to bring to wholeness. There are many, many different worlds around creation. Some worlds that have beings that are in processes still in wars and in harming their planets in different ways. This is not the only planet that is guilty of that. Those elementals, much as those upon this planet, work overtime to try to maintain of their being and the health of their worlds. Not all worlds are physical such as this one. Many worlds are but vapors. Other worlds seem to be dead on the outside but house amazing lives internally much as this planet does. There are worlds that are sentient rocks. There are worlds that are sentient waters. There are worlds that are sentient vapors and clouds. In all these worlds there is a creative Being presence. There is that overall creative energy of the Universes that maintains harmony and unity. Each of these locations, each of these worlds has their purpose. They are called into being and filled with purpose. Those that are not tuned into that are still evolving. Those that have been evolving for millions of years ahead of you, many of those have reached that unity consciousness that you are moving to. This is a world that is changing. As this unity consciousness and the Veil that started the processed of being pierced by light with the work this group did last week, the Veil is falling. With that falling you will be able to mix, to mingle, to have telepathic communication and perhaps even verbal communication, if you so desire, with all of those under my care on this planet. All of those who are caring for the clouds, caring for the rain, caring for the water, caring for the Earth, caring for Gaia and caring for creation, all of those aspects of caring upon the planet. They are here to maintain balance and to heal the planet. They are in service continually and they will be communicating with you. There are those in this group who have been elementals in their past lives at times. They come with a sensitivity that is unprecedented in the Human Family. They have sensitivity to the needs of these that you call fairies, sprites and elves, all of those different beings. As you open and you visit with them more and more openly you will find that there will be opportunities to work with them on projects. As these projects move forward on this planet, as that Veil drops and all is in place and your eyes are fully opened you will be working with other kingdoms as you continue to move forward. We know that you are excited about your Galactic brothers and sisters but you will be so amazed and excited as your eyes are opened and you see all of those in other kingdoms on this planet that vibrate at a different frequency than you. You cannot see these easily at the moment but you can feel and sometimes you can hear. Many in this group have stretched their perceptions to be able to have those communications already. My friends, we are so pleased to be able to share with this group. To take part in this energy that you are, who you are and what you are and to share with you our energy and life force. And to share with you worlds beyond what you know. There are other Guardians who will come through James and Susan in times to come to speak and to share with you. I am so appreciative for this time today. Thank you for this opportunity. We bless you. “One Who Serves” Greetings. This is “One Who Serves” at least one of us. Please know that when I speak there are all of those with me that speak as well, in unison. We are as One. Working as One we can work with you differently than if we were just one. We are a collective. So are the “Guardians” and they are working in this way as well. And know that as the times come we wish for you more and more to let go of the past. Do not find yourself dwelling in the past for this only holds you to this three dimensional world and this illusion that has been created here. We also caution you to not only look towards the future. Be expectant, yes. Be hopeful, yes. But do not count on what is coming in the future for your present condition. In this way we are telling you to be in the now. Be here now in the moment you are in and allow each moment to unfold as it will. Because if you do this, each moment that unfolds, as it comes upon you will become a part of this great orchestration and great plan that has been developing here and you being a part of that plan. So, it is so important for you, as has been said many times, to continue to go with the flow and allow the process to take you. But do not be entirely passive in terms that there is something that comes along and you feel an inclination deep within you to move on that, whatever it might be, then it is important for you to do so. If there is an action required, do it! If there is something you must write, write it! If there is something you must send to someone, send it! Allow the process to work through you and you through the process, you see? This is very important. Now I will take questions here both I/we and Ashira. We are happy to assist you in any way for the questions you might have. Question: I was wondering why my friend had dreams of Ascension in 2012 before the December 21, 2012 date of expected Ascension and wonders why he is not having those dreams anymore. That is directed to Ashira here. (Ashira): Share with your friend that his experience in 2012 had a specific buildup toward a specific date. Because of that those dreams were occurring but also he was moving through an Ascension process at that time and was “trying” it on for baby steps. At this point in time he IS having other dreams. He is having dreams about movement. He is having dreams about new locations. He is having dreams about moving to new homes. He is having dreams about exploring new places. In these dreams he is expanding his consciousness as he is trying the movement into the new person, the new consciousness, the Ascended being. Assure him that it is not that he is no longer having those Ascension dreams but they have changed. This will help him to look at his dreams with less expectancy for a specific date where they are creating a false expectation, which could happen at this point in time as things move forward. It allows him to be more in the moment that he is living and also allows him to see these dreams that he is having as expansive dreams, Ascension dreams that have different pictures for him to view. Will that be of assistance? Question: This same friend is having a lot of trouble with his teeth and his stomach. Is there anything going on with that? (Ashira): I am absolutely happy to answer this. Last week I shared information about what to expect in the physical body as the energy continues to rev up. This one, (Susan), has had many days of diarrhea. The reason is the time in the Ascension process that the body is being allowed to release the past. We also discussed last week that, part of the issues around teeth, are releasing old belief systems, rooted deeply belief systems. In order for him to move forward he is having these things brought up for him. It is causing some fear because he is not accustomed to experiencing these types of ailments. His body has been a pretty finely tuned machine that has operated smoothly and effortlessly for a good long time. And now there is a fear that says, “Oh my God! I am reaching (xyz) years and all of sudden I am falling apart!” And so he is fighting with his belief system. On one hand his belief system says, “We are eternal beings, we are young, we can determine how we feel in our bodies and our bodies will respond.” That is battling, “Oh my God, I am X amount of years and I am getting old!” That is an old belief system and one that is rooted deeply in the mind. What we would share with all of you because teeth pain is coming up in a lot of people. Indeed, there may be infection that is associated with this. We are not going to deny that this is an imaginary pain but know that as these are being taken care of and remedied what is being released are some very deeply held belief systems. There are also many people with headaches, with sinus problems, problems with their throats, problems with erratic heart palpitations. These are all related to the chakra systems. Problems with the digestive tract. As these energies continue to come in, your bodies are becoming more and more refined. You have less density. You are moving into that crystalline formation. Those things that are part of the 3D body are passing through. Those things that are part of the 3D experience from negative emotions need to pass through. They pass through the digestive system that is your “waste management” system for your body. They pass through the stomach, the intestines and out of the body cleansing your body fully and completely. Is this a pleasant experience? Not always. We know that. But if there can be the slightest shift in the perception about this it will help! All of you in this room are excited about the crystalline bodies, about whole health, about all of these things. Part of this process at this moment in time in your existence is this cleansing and releasing. Some may feel dizzy, some may feel cold, some may feel this or that. Instead of buying into the thought process that “I am sick,” Or, “I am old,” Remind yourself, “I AM a spiritual being going through the Ascension process. I WELCOME this! We know this is hard but it is a suggestion. It will help you to reinforce the positive of these times. As opposed to fretting over what is “wrong”. Does that make sense? Do you think he will understand? Question: I am wondering if this contact I have made to get my books re-published. (One Who Serves): That is a realm we normally do not tend to enter here in terms of a psychic nature what is coming and that type of thing but understand that as you work in various endeavors that you are working within now that all things that happening in your life now and those things that you are drawing or attracting to your life are all part of this orchestration that is going on that we keep speaking about. So, if you are allowing for the process, whatever that might be, to take hold and allow for this attraction process to occur. As we said earlier, not living in the past and not only focusing on what is coming in the future but being in the now, you will have your answer. Just be in the present moment, allow for the orchestration to take hold and all will be as it needs to be. “It is what it is” as the James is fond of saying. Does this help here? Maybe not the direct answer you were looking for but several of you know here how we operate. We are not here to provide a show for you in terms of being the Gypsies or anything of this nature. You see? If it feels right within you, you will know you are on the right track! Question: When will we know that is time for the healing chambers to come? (One Who Serves): You will know when they are coming when they are here. That is really the only way we can answer this because we have worked with the time thing here in the past and that, as you know, did not go very well. So, we tend not to operate in that area any more. But as things start to develop, the City of Light, the Light Chambers, the Crystal Chambers, all of this, it is already here. It is not a point that it is coming as it is already here now. It only needs to manifest into your existence. And you into its’. And that is important, that your vibration must match the vibration of what is coming. You see? Question; Should we visualize that happening? Does that help? (One Who Serves): Yes. Of course it does. This is what we have been working with you on, is it not? Going here, Going there, Taking these trips? It is not just for our entertainment. You are being trained. You are being worked with so that you can assist others when the times come, when the frequency is right. You are operating at the fifth dimensional vibration by doing this. Question: I saw colors in the sky as I drove home Friday and I felt that I had messages from the Guardians as I drove home. Was that a message from the Guardians? (One Who Serves): We are both going to answer this one. You are experiencing the coming of the Guardians and the manifestation that they are providing. This was told to all of you the last time here by the “Guardian of the New Dispensation” that this would be. To look at the sky and see the colors coming through the clouds that are not normally there. But you must understand that all may look up but not all will see this. It is only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear at this present time, moment and frequency here. You see? Ashira? (Ashira): The reason colors don’t show up (in her photos she tried take) for all is because they are fifth dimensional colors. Those who have eyes to see will be able to see those colors. And yes, as the Guardians connect with each of you, which they will because you have merged with them, your energy is their’s and their energy is your’s. That started, of course, last week and as this starts to move forward more and more, those who have ears to hear their voices as they converse with you. You are able to connect with many, many besides the Guardians. As you are inspired to look up and see a brilliant display of lights it is for you at that moment but also, each and every one in this room has that same opportunity to experience what you are experiencing. Perhaps you have called in a Guardian and you see a sign in the heavens that they have showed up but does that not mean that another could be on that same road and be called to look up as well? Perhaps that one could see the same sign! They will show themselves to you in many different ways. They have come to be present on the planet but they have connected with those in this room in a very special way. (One Who Serves): We also wish to add here that which we are speaking of is also for those who read these words. We know these discourses and question/answer periods go out to many thousands of individuals around the world and it is important that as you read these words and if you resonate to them, that is the important thing, that they are meant for you as well. Question: When I am home alone I hear a sound like a bell but we don’t have a bell. I was wondering if it is my imagination or is there another explanation? (Ashira): Thank you so much for chiming in today. We wish to share with you that this is a sound that is actually meant to bring comfort for you. It is meant to bring comfort in the absence of your husband so that you might feel safe, sound and secure. What we would suggest is that you say thank you! If you would like a different sound ask those who are there with you. These are being provided by those who surround you with love, your guides, your angels, all of those you pray to, all of those who fill your home with love and protection. It is not in your imagination. Remember, we do not think of the imagination as something bad. Imagination is those things placed within you for joy. This sound is to bring you security and to know that you are surrounded with perfect love. They ring the bell to get your attention but now that you have spoken this outward, it will not be repeated as often because they know you have gotten the message. Be in gratitude and know that this is a message that brings you love and comfort. Does that make sense? Question: When I am here in the room during meditation I seem to go somewhere else. I hear parts of the meditation but I don’t remember all of it. Am I blocking an experience? (One Who Serves): Yes. What you are experiencing is what many experience when they work in this area of meditation. They are attempting to do things that are foreign to them. All of you have done these types of meditations before. Many of you have done them before by going deeply into a cave, or a monastery, or something of this nature and doing those experiences more from the eastern area of the world as opposed to this western area. So as you do these meditations here you tend to let go more than someone else might who is experiencing this style more in this time and not so much in the past. You see? For you to be in judgment of yourself one way or another is not going to be helpful. Rather we would say just let go and have the experience and let it be whatever it is. You see? And not try to put anything on it that makes it positive or negative. Does this make sense? Question: So I am not really falling asleep. There is a part of me that is getting it? Yes. Anything to add, Ashira? (Ashira): I was simply going to say that you cannot do it wrong so don’t worry about it. (One Who Serves): There is no wrong or right. When you come into the higher vibrations on a permanent basis you will completely understand that statement. Question: I want to move closer to my children and grandchildren but I keep having fear come up that blocks my actions. Is this a real fear? (One Who Serves): Now you understand why you are having those teeth problems. This decision making thing you have going on here, you can’t sink your teeth into it. Just allow for the process. Again, it is always this. Allow for this orchestration to take effect here whatever it might be. Go with the flow. Allow the stream to take you as it will. But know that as this is happening you are a part of this yourself. It is not something outside of you, manipulating you. It is your own Higher Self that is providing this direction for you to go in. As you know we cannot say directly which direction to go in, should you go or should you stay or anything of this nature. That is not for us. But it is for you and deeply within yourself to allow for this process to occur. Question: I have been trying to visualize a better health for myself. I am not having success. Can you help me? (Ashira): Did you hear me explain earlier that many people are experiencing what they see as illness? These are times when the energy is very high and people are experiencing many pains, many reactions, many symptoms that would seem to be illness. What we would suggest to you during these times is to take in as much as you can of pure, clean water, also juices that will help de-toxify, help cleanse the system such as pure cranberry and pure apple juices and for you to allow the process. Know that the sinuses flow because they are cleansing. They are cleansing those things that you are taking in through breathing, those things known as chemtrails that bring things into your sinus cavities; sinuses flowing with clear discharge are a sign of cleansing. Headaches can be caused by the cleansing, the pulling of the mucous from the sinus cavities. This can cause pains behind the eyes, they cause pains in your teeth. You can have sore throats from that same mucous that flows into your stomach. And then as the stomach and intestines have been working overtime to cleanse the body, they take this toxin filled mucous that has been flowing down from the head to push them down and out of the body. During these times you can feel fever. You can feel body aches. You can feel shakes. All of these things are aspects of you growing and being more whole and more happy! When you meditate on allowing, simply allow that greater health to flow into you. Use the methods we utilize here. As opposed to simply “seeing” a healthier you, invite that white light to come into your body. Meditate in that way. Allow the healing energy of the universe to fill you, every cell, every organ, every part of your being, your bones, your muscles, your tissues with vibrant radiant white light. This will continue to help to bring balance to your body. It will continue to bring health to your body. And, call that which you now call illness, call it cleansing. As you continue to allow your body to cleanse you allow your body to rise in vibration and move more into this crystalline state with a higher frequency. Does that make sense? Bless you. (One Who Serves): Any further questions here before we release channels? Then we will release this one, James. Know as you continue to move on in whatever direction you are going in always allow for that process to occur. Allow for yourself to be deeply guided within yourself. Do not go against it. Whenever you feel the chills or the goosebumps or palpitations or anything of this nature, this is your guidance, it is the small wee whisper within you that is directing you. So allow for that process to occur. Shanti. Peace be with you. Be the One. Much of what I was to discuss at the end has been raised in questions today for we wanted to address the physical issues again. We know that the energies now are raising higher and higher every day. We know that these bodies you live in are experiencing these symptoms moment to moment. We would say too, be in the NOW moment. If fear arises it may not be the time to make a decision. And as you continue to paint the world that you want on that screen in front of your eyes know that you are creating that world moment to moment. Pay no attention to things that may come from left field or right field or any other direction that might knock you off course. Stay the course and be the one you are, a magnificent, powerful Human who is having this existence as this point in time because you are meant to be one of those who make the changes first to help others. Yes, I used the word Human. It is not a bad thing. It is something that is changing. It is something that is moving forward. And you, as a Human, are part of this enormous Human Being body and you have an important part to play within it. We give you thanks for our time with you today. We leave you with our love and our blessings. Namaste.

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