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Arizona Grand Canyon and Scottsdale

We stopped at the Grand Canyon and it was a wonderful magnificent place to see and just be in its grand energy.  I felt at home at this place too. lol


These teepes were off the freeway, I wanted to stop and take a pic.
















So we get to Scottsdale and we stayed at the Four Seasons. It was a wonderful place, lots of cactus all around.  This was or view from our patio. 


The second day we were there I got a hot rock massage, and it was incredible.  He put the Rocks under each of my hands, on my hand chakras.  And then put little rocks in between my toes, and I had two rows of hot rocks down my spine.  Honestly to die for. 


In talking with the massage therapist he said the place we are staying at is on ..... wait for it.... an Indian Burial Ground.  Well Duh.  Am I on my path or what... All that came to me though were women and children.  So I felt like there were only women and children there. 


So after this I left in awe and amazement of my treament and the news I had just received.  So I went to our room and did a cermony out my back patio.  On my journey, I have acquired a medicine bag with some tools in it.  So I did a cermony, the only way I know how , and I got my message about what my purpose here is.  I kind of already knew it, but not to what degree and why.


My energy is needed at these Native American and other nationalities to help trapped souls cross over.  Which completely made sense to me since I had the experience at work earilier this year where the souls of the Native American by the American River came to me to help them get home.  I believe I wrote about that somewhere on my blog.  But My job off Arden way, is right by an Indian Burial Ground in the are off Arden and Royal Oaks.  Gardenville or something it is called, I cannot rememer.  Anyway, it is an honor to serve all in any capacity.









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