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Angels everywhere

Last night at the Divine Spark Healing circle, the healings were outrageously wonderful and colorful.  I had a specific person 2 times in a row, which never happens, and I used to be cheerleaders with her. lol.

She came with long poles of missing energy spheres, like they were poles coming from the universe that needed filling.  As she sat the huge white light was present and then the white light began to fill the holes going up and down and filling these poles.  This is all healing that the person does as it recognizes the god within me and within them.  I belive she just needed validation of herself.

Then the earth energy began pusing up from her feet and it was a beautiful light tourquoizy blue, and it said I will heal you,  then basically she was finished.  So so awesome.

THEN, she came back and her light had grown immensly and it was just shinny bright clear white intense light, and it began to move into a angelic feeling and flow and then I began to see the edges of huge white wings as I looked at her through my spiritual eyes (as my eyes are always shut during healings) and the wings were taking shape and forming I could see the outline of these huge incredible wings, then she became an angel right before my spiritual eyes.

I guess she needed more light the second time or needed acknowledge herself.  whatever the case, it was wonderful.

Just had to share.


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