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Ancestral Healing

I have been seeing this all over Social Media. And when I see it, I start gettting pings from my ancestors to bring forward my work to help heal society.

I have a 3 Session Ancestral Healing Session where I work from a couple of different angles.

First we work with each of your ancestors beginning from you and your mother and then you and your mother's  mother, then you and mother's father, etc.,

As we energetically clear what each ancestor has brought to you by way of pain, suffering, genetics, DNA, disease, we then go on to the next person. We also can have conversations with each ancestory to see what they have to say in order to bring light to your family history. You did not even have to know these ancestors, they simply show up and help.

This is a very fascinating process, as each time I do this, a few things pop up. They can  bring in healing, medicine, magic, recipies, and also answeres to alot of family "secrets". I am always surprised as what people hold onto that create angst in families. To date, the most difficult healing has been a person who was holding slave ships on her person. She was heavy, in deep depression, and pain. As we had those hard conversations, and I saw the hard pictures, however, she begain to feel lighter. After she left, I had to remove this very difficult energy from my space, as I did not realize the impact it had on me.

So again, we never know what a person is dealing with until we can energetically see it. I learned so much from that session as she also energetically had the chains around her neck and spikes on her skin. Ugh so awful. 

My point in bringing this up is to bring light to the human suffering. I carried my grandmothers heavines from the Holocaust, as she was in a concentration camp. I got to heal that piece of my lineage and help my other family.

If you are ready, check out my link to my website:

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