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Acpunture story

A Story of Change - my Journey in Acupuncture, By Ellen WhiteEmail this Article   

When I walked in for my initial Acupuncture treatment at a clinic in Miami, Florida, I wasn’t sure exactly of my purpose. I knew I had been chronically suffering with muscular inflammation and pain in my legs, of which regular massage therapy was not curing. But also on a subconscious level, I had been thinking about acupuncture and the process of ‘needles’ poking in to my body as a way of transforming my energetic field inside….thus, my cellular self and reality. I am someone who has sought out varying types of therapy over the years. But I recently concluded these efforts could not match the potential power of “needles” “changing” “things” inside of me. During a recent viewing of the documentary “What the Bleep” I heard the narrator state that patterns, thoughts, and habits (which forms are reality) are stored in our cells in a which in turn causes repetitive behavior physically and emotionally. This made sense why most people essentially repeat the same patterns and realities on to themselves even though externally seeking and talking about change. With this in mind, I continued my daily life, and evolutionary interests, however the thought of our cells as being one of the most active agents of our reality kept resonating inside me thus leading me to book an acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture had also previously come up in a lecture I attended as a method to “re-align” ourselves with our ‘natural’ condition. Metaphysically speaking this suggests that all of us, through our “wounds”, or parents, teachers, or just general society, have fallen far away from our pure and natural organic state of happiness, alignment and completion. I found an Acupuncture Clinic nearby in a miraculous and destined fashion. Knowing that my intention for acupuncture was “special” it was important to find the right acupuncturist that I could trust with my deeper intention. The moment I walked in and met Dr. Rafael Perez DOM, I felt safe and validated as his appearance matched my need for the “Right” acupuncturist. He was young, in-tune and kind. We spoke and I mentioned my muscular inflammation coupled with the phrase “I want to change all my energy inside.” He began inserting needles and said “Most problems can be treated below the knees and elbows.” My response to the insertion was tears, tears, tears. All I could do was cry, cry, cry. “Acupuncture is a release” he said supportively. I cried for nearly 15 minutes straight thinking ‘wow,’ I must have had deeply-stored emotions inside needing release? Energy needing to be moved around? I felt relatively normal afterwards, and continued with my life, scheduling several more treatments. As I continued my acupuncture treatments, which I now perceived as needles penetrating deep under my skin shifting everything I knew to be my reality, I embarked on a journey of self transformation that brought to the surface memories, emotions and a lifetime of living. I felt different. I began to see things differently. I also received treatments in my Third Eye Center which can potentially enhance or change our clarity and perception of the world. Initially for weeks I felt sad, and found myself crying frequently, remembering emotionally painful experiences from my past and processing them in a way that felt real, current, and very uncomfortable. There was a newfound clarity surrounding them that was different than the “story” I had believed for years. As uncomfortable as it felt, through this acupuncture release, I began to change my understanding from the inside out. Dr. Perez told me that many things can happen in Acupuncture depending on what the person is ready for. “It’s conscious based,” he said. My process took me back to unresolved issues of my adolescence that remained in my core, but now after the acupuncture treatments, I was able to see them through a different perspective. This journey lasted approximately 5 weeks until I finally felt cleansed and liberated from the emotional ‘charges’ living inside of me. In addition, the muscular pain I felt also changed form. Perhaps the emotional history that contributed to the pain was now physically released as well. Many of us have a reality of issues, patterns, memories and circumstances that require “release” or “ energetic re-processing”. I feel I was given a miraculous opportunity to go deeply inside myself through my acupuncture journey. I feel compelled to share this experience, as well as encourage any brave souls out there to embark on deep transformational therapy, from the inside out, through acupuncture and a supportive acupuncturist with whom you feel safe! I now have new goals, new interests and new life. Emotional burdens feel lighter, or maybe I just feel stronger. Ellen White

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