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A Successful Reiki I Class

This past weekend was my first Reiki Class Level I.  I had 4 students.  At first I wasnt sure if I was capable, because really, what if it does work?  That always seems to be my greatest fear, it always seems to be what if I am a success.  And this always brings to mind that saying of our greatest fear is not that we are inadequte, but that we are more powerful beyond measure.  Right! Well, I am working on that. lol


As I went through the book I assembled and began talking about my experience with REiki and using it on a daily basis on myself and others, the magic just began to flow and it felt as thought I have been doing this for years.  At the end of the class everyone was confident and sure that Reiki was working for them and through them, so I feel as though it was a success.  And, all I really had to do was show up and let the universe do its work.  How magnificent. 


It was a great day!


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