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A New Day, with New Choices

A New Day, with New Choices Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ July 3 – 10, 2015 received by Julie Miller July 3, 2015   The moment you change your thoughts, you change your perception and even direction in life. It has always been the best way to attain peace, and bring harmony into your life is simply by changing how you think. All your efforts to change your outer world will not be long-lasting if you don’t take the time to change your inner self. It is important dear ones to realize that your thoughts are really dictators to how you behave. When you change how you think, regardless of what is going on, you will bring change to your thought process. Many thought patterns occur due to habit, you became conditioned to thinking a certain way, and sometimes you fall into old self-sabotaging ways that not only harm the situation, but harm you as well. Taking a stand to change how you think in order to change certain behavioral ways will help to better your life.   By taking the time to clean up your internal, mental clutter, you discover many of your negative thoughts have kept you from achieving certain dreams and ambitions…they trapped you into thinking you are unable to achieve and that you are limited. By finding these thoughts and understanding how damaging they have been, you have the power to replace any negative, or derogatory thought into something more positive and helpful. Remember, it is that internal mental clutter that predicts the direction you will take. A great way to still the mind is through meditation. Even if it takes a little while to get used to and to allow your thoughts to come and go without reacting to them, in time you will find how helpful and healing meditation is.   Having good, healthy communication is essential. When you converse with another, say what you mean. When you are clear with your speech, even if it is in writing, then there are no reasons to be misunderstood. When there is misunderstandings due to not expressing yourself clearly, situations become stressful and further away from attaining harmony and peace. Being clear with your speech, not only encourages a general sense of peace, you will gain the respect from others when you are true to your word by demonstrating integrity not only in your words, but in your actions as well.   So many people get caught up in the negative aspects of any situation. They have trouble seeing that even in the direst of circumstances, there is something positive to be gained. By being able to turn your negative thoughts into positive ones, you change the course of any outcome from any situation. Remember dear ones, everything has a reason and purpose. It is the ego that complains and wants to feel wounded after you experience something hard and disappointing. Listen to the beating of your heart, you are here in the now moment; stop and think honestly and truthfully and discern how you can change your negative thoughts into positive ones.   Every experience you have overcome, came with important life lessons and they were not all negative. Sometimes it takes a second or third, or even more to look, without attached emotions to see the good that was right there all along, ready for you to acknowledge it, and to embrace it. Don’t get stuck in negative, energy draining ways of thinking as it will only help to attract more unpleasant situations. Remember positive attracts more positive. You are not meant to be trapped by victim-like feelings. You are meant to learn and to grow from what you have learned, and that growing is never-ending. Each day you wake up to, is a new day with bright potential to help unfold more of you.   Taking some time in soothing solitude is another great way to instill peace and harmony to your mind, body, heart and soul. Bring yourself to an envisioned place that is peaceful in its surroundings and focus on your in breath and out breath as the scene that you have captured in your mind brightens and flows. Allow yourself to connect to it and let the troubles of the day dissolve into nothingness. And if you fall asleep during this moment, you are still receiving the beneficial healing from the experience.   Becoming more organized, learning to manage your time and by completing mundane tasks helps to clear your head so you are able to make better choices. You cannot make a sound choice, if your thoughts are unorganized and cluttered. The sooner you begin organizing your life, the faster you will see results from your efforts.   Thoughts have always been powerful. Everything that was ever created in your world, all came because of a thought. The thoughts you have now are helping to shape your tomorrow. By taking control of your thoughts, you will illustrate through your actions, words and choices just how stable your life is, just as it is. When you have stability dear ones, you are able to bring peace and harmony into your whole life, allowing their calming presence entry to your inner self, so your outer world can become more tranquil, and at ease.   No one can bring peace and harmony into your life. This is something only you can do for yourself. It will take longer than a couple of days for peace and harmony to be long-lasting but by investing your time and energy, you will be able to anchor more peaceful and harmonious moments. Every step you take thinking more positive, and allowing new, light-filled changes to emerge brings you closer to attaining peace of mind and harmony into your life. Enjoy each step, don’t rush any part, even if some parts are unruly and ugly. Every day is teaching you to become more of your true, and authentic self, which favours living in simplistic peace and harmony.   And so it is….   … I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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