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Archangel Raphael

Monday, June 29, 2015

Channel Ann Dahlberg

My name is Raphael and I have come to you today to talk a bit about the phenomenon of fear. The fear you earthlings have been built up over thousands of years of evolution. Early on there was not much to fear on earth, but as more and more darkness and oppression have come into people's lives fear has increased. The mind or the "ego" as you call it has taken over the part that controls your fear. As humans have evolved and received the gift of speech, the mind has sat itself in the driver's seat and warned of everything that can happen. It has been of great help at the same time as it has taken more space and crowded out your intuitive abilities. It would have been best if these two had collaborated together and that your intuitive abilities, or the soul was in the driver's seat. It is when the result is the best. Now the "ego" constantly adds one fear after the other. It is incredibly overprotective. If there is nothing to be afraid of it will always find something. It's "the ego" duty to protect you from all sorts of dangers and if there is nothing it will lose its power. This the "ego" will expose itself to, so it reminds you of various dangers old and new, there are many stored in your memory, because a lot has happened during your many lives. So there is much to retrieve.

The question then becomes if you will allow yourselves to be guided by the "ego" or fear. Sometimes you do not even know what the fear is coming from. It is so far back in your life so you do not remember it. Remember then that this is the "ego’s" way of surviving. It knows no other way. It has forgotten that it can contribute to the soul down here on earth, and that they can work side by side but where the soul will have the last word, since it is more wise and true than the "ego". The soul sees the big picture, while "the ego’s" image is limited to life on Earth. It is limited to belonging to a body, which it should be assisting. So please calm down the "ego" and say that everything is ok. Tell "ego" that you can help each other to listen to the inner intuition. Hug "ego" and say that you are grateful for its help but that you want to have the soul on-board as well. Say you that you want all three to work together.

Body, mind and soul need to pull together to move forward now. You will form a unit where the soul is sitting in the driver's seat, but you are all three as loved and cherished. It is the future you are facing now. See fear for what it is - "Ego" view of the world with all its dangers. The soul's vision is peacefulness and truth. The body can sometimes feel torn between these two. The balance you will get back when you listen within and follow the intuition while you invite the "ego" and the body to follow. You get the world you desire - what world do you want? Unrest or peacefulness? I think you choose the serenity and truth world. Invite the soul in your life as much as you can, at the same time as you pat "ego" on the back and say that everything will be fine. We work together now.

I wish you good luck on this path.

Your brother Raphael

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