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More Reiki Information

Reiki Cirlce February 7, 6:30 - 9:30 - Antelope

If you cannot make the Reiki Circle in Davis this Sunday, there is another circle next week.
Thur. Feb 7  The Reiki Circle for everyone ..Cost $10.00
Reiki Healing Circles- contact Bev for address 916-204-7426 -  This circle is in Antelope

These circles are where the practitioners come and do reiki sessions with you and there are more than one that  work on you at a time, which is even more incredible.  

Come give it a try.

New Energy 2013

Ok, I know everyone is saying "this B is crazy". Why does she keep writing all this stuff.  I am trying to help others heal because this is my new calling.  To help other heal.  In many forms.

So, let me ask you, have you been feeling out of sorts, kind of heavy?  Have you  noticed more coincidences? Are you having strange headaches or body aches?  Cant loose that extra weight?  Thats what I have been feeling.  And its not  fun.  

This is mostly energy generated. Its time for all of us to take a look at our life and our behavior and make changes for the better.  Because your past life karma needs to be cleared out.  It is going to be like a monkey on your back until you clear it.  If you clear it out now, your life from here on out, will be like a new beginning.

This is the time.  The earth energy has and is speeding up, and your need to speed up your  body's vibration to match it, or you will continue to feel like crap.  It will force you to get some healing, somewhere.

The healing I do consist of reading your energy, by either scanning your body, or putting my hands on you to see where your energy is stuck.  Then I try to clear out the baggage you have been dragging around your entire life.  This is current life baggage, and past life baggage.  Interesting, huh! We carry grief, lifetimes of pain and joy on our bodies.  Who knew? 

Reiki Master Information

If  you are interested in learning Reiki or what it is: Here is my Reiki Master's website

Also, Awakening to the shift websiteif  you are interested.

Carla and Beverly are amazing energy healers.  See Website for more information.

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