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Unitive Love

Unitive Love
Ascended Master, Lady Nada’s Weekly Message ~ February 5 – 12, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
February 5, 2014

You are…you. Even as you are, you are not alone. Not even the most remote forested mountain dwelling hermit is not truly alone. Because within each of you is a profound knowing, this profound knowing also understood as your intuition supports much of your everyday life. Your intuition is that inner voice that reminds you what you like and what you don’t and what you can feel safe doing. Of course working together in unity does provide excellent evolutionary means and purpose for survival, growth and development as you learn to look after one another and treat each other with equal kindness and considerations. Yet love is the one fundamental that has the ability to surpass any need to survive. Love does not make its presence known to you as a special inheritance, there is no medical implant added to your body that makes you capable of surviving. It is reasonable to think and to say that your own survival is a profound benefit of the purity of your love due to your ability to unite naturally within a group or social structure. It is this primary, natural unity that is able to exceed everything while connecting so much together, creating a central core quality of incredible unitive energy which you already know is love.

When your personal will works its way through any unitive energy, there is no splitting or separating. Will is always one, it is not divisible even if its surface appearance appears to be falling apart. Individually speaking, your own personal will is what determines your differences from another dear soul. Your own personal will is where you may discover harbouring conflicts, desires, where you are at odds with life and disagreements with yourself. Sometimes these differences within yourself becomes further fractured, splitting and causing the quality level of love energy to diminish. But when you are working within unitive energy, your personal will can maintain its divine wholeness even while you are in action. This is because of love. When you add love Beautiful Bright Hearts, you then experience your deepest and most profound unity: the unity of will and motivation.

It is also well understood that pure love is able to go beyond the similarities found within your physical body that leads to action and cooperation. You are able to meet and move beyond your sameness of consciousness, which will provide you with the innate feeling of community or brotherhood, a belonging that is felt deeply within your heart and soul. When speaking from the perspective of love, there is only one that is moving through you every time and that dear ones is God, your Heavenly Father. Every action you take that is of pure unconditional love is joined always with God. Every time you treat another with mutual respect, mutual kindness, patience, compassion and love…God is working through you and with you. When working together you are able to align your personal will with others through the source energy that is moving through you. It is this source energy from God that provides you with the power and ability to bring action that is positive and effective through group effort within your global backyard. When working together, bringing together all your differences for a common, mutual purpose you are raising your wholeness and combining the unitive power of One Will within One Love. Even the deepest and most holy unity of love is able to transcend your normal experience by touching you from the level of your precious heart through actions, thoughts, feelings and words of compassion, acceptance and interconnectedness.

A great way to actively direct your personal will is by putting your compassion into action towards others. When you witness another dear soul, or even one of God’s creatures in pain, you feel for them, you want to help in any way; you treat these poor souls as if they were one of your family. You are able to feel their suffering as your own. When you feel this deeply you know you would never wish to cause another harm because you know that to cause another person harm, even in the smallest manner would be like bringing harm to yourself. Your ability to be genuinely kind radiates an energy that creates the same feeling to come forth in others. When you meet someone on the street, a stranger whom your intuition tells you is harmless, you are able to make a connection, a kind of kinship with them and even if you don’t speak with them, you are sharing a part of yourself at that moment. Your ability and capability to come across as being harmless is a part of demonstrating compassion. To be non-harming to others creates a compassionate response and gentle attitude towards all people in all instances.

Compassion and harmlessness are virtues each of you already have; they are there within the central core of your being. Beautiful Bright Hearts, all your inner work helps to be rid of the layers of self-centeredness in order to be reacquainted with those qualities. Through acts of courteousness and kindness, both compassion and harmlessness can be practiced with interacting with others who are in need of your goodness. Therefore, when you act, everything you say and do is an act of kindness that is influential and beneficial to the world that is evolving and moving all around you.

Learning to direct your personal will with your unitive energy within acceptance of yourself and others prepares you to be more receptive to yourself and those around you through the love you demonstrate in all you do. Being able to accept yourself, making yourself your own friend no matter the situation helps to heal so many inner wounds that for some dear souls have had since childhood.

Understand Beautiful Bright Hearts that your ability to accept yourself, even your inner critical voice helps you to reach your personal, inner coach. Instead of following the belittling you do to yourself, and believing in your known shortcomings, you allow yourself to see your truth and to focus on what you are combined with all strengths and weaknesses. You cannot accept the good of yourself without accepting the weaker part of yourself…you are a combination of both. When you are able to accept all of your whole self, then you will be delivered to true inner peace and possibly providing yourself with more growth and development opportunities. It is necessary to remind yourself that after all your self-judging, your ego, even your superego is all part of the illusion that causes any separation to begin with…it is the part that you have built as a substitute for your real authentic self. When you let go of your egoic burdens and gift yourself with freedom from its heavy clutches, you are able to get on with your life and continue with your inner work and cultivation. Letting go of the acidity of your self-critic by loving yourself and giving yourself the respect you deserve is a step in the right direction.

Beautiful Bright Hearts, it is vital for you to become more aware of your inner challenges. As you learn to accept more of your whole self, you open a divine door that leads to your ability to accept the same in others. When you are more aware of the meaning behind your impulses, you might discover that many of your desires are the cause to some of your inner challenges. Being able to recognize your sameness in others provides you with the capability to see that those you once found to be different, are not as different as you thought. Being able to accept your own limitations allows you to accept the same in others and to see that they too are human, capable of making mistakes and learning from them, in their own unique way. To judge them for how they respond to life, is like judging yourself. Instead of judging, try loving, try being considerate and kind. Learning to work harmoniously together eliminates the feeling of separation and provides you with the ability to see you are not alone on this journey. These other people that fill the Earth are a part of your humanity…creating a coexisting unity based on love, respect and mutual courtesy.

When compassion is actively working through you, you are able to feel another person’s suffering because you have tuned in to the obvious suffering that another is experiencing and it is this compassionate connection that compels you to help strangers in need. It is always easy to help those you know well, but you are not necessarily able to move beyond compassion where you can feel their suffering as your own. This is mainly because if it is someone you know, you generalize their needs, emotions and desires. The synergy and energy actively used to help those you know well comes from a place of familiarity, where love has already been established. When you are helping someone you know well, you create a unitive synergy of interconnectivity that is forged through pure love. This synergetic willingness to actively be one with another dear soul and to be receptive and accepting of that person regardless if this person is your spouse, brother, sister, son, daughter, friend or fellow worker; it opens your heart a little wider, allowing you to embrace this synergy as love. And through your love-filled actions, inwardly you are also rejoicing and embracing in the unity of your connectedness. Their wants and wishes for themselves are also your wants and wishes from them as well. When you are able to love another dear soul with all your heart and soul, this pure love Beautiful Bright Hearts is able to influence others. Becoming more accepting and connected with one person, makes it more than possible to accept and to connect more with other dear souls with similar likes and interests.

Of course, life does get in the way and will throw you the occasional bump along the way, maybe a couple of issues here and there to make life more interesting and personally informative. Challenges will come your way, from a friend asking too much of you to a child demanding candy before bedtime or a spat between you and your spouse. Anger, hostility, resentment and jealousy and other destructive and negative emotions are what will derail you and distract you from the living from a place of love in every instance you are in.

Regardless what the circumstance you may be facing understand Beautiful Bright Hearts, you can face any situation as love being your key motivator. By overcoming your need to react or respond you are able to sustain peace and this peace dear ones comes from love. Love has never been beyond anyone’s reach. Love is not a foreign or alien substance that only certain ones can attain. Love has the ability to touch everyone through the unification of your will that is at the very core of your being. Love that is pure and lacking of egoic purpose has more power and provides more drive than any other force. When you are no longer dwelling within the realm of separateness, love is able to melt away any of your egoism. Even when you are giving love to another, you are not lost in love, you are fully yourself and deeply connected by a synergetic energy that is divinely encouraged by God Himself.

As we prepare to end this week’s transmission, think about how you can practice sharing unconditional love and compassion; how you can become more courteous, kind receptive and accepting of others that would help bridge more connections and increase the unity of your brothers and sisters of God; then make it your personal responsibility to recognize what it is that is preventing you from loving wholly and purely.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Lady Nada…
… through Julie Miller

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