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Universal bridge builder and Grids

After my soul retrieval in Shasta I have found out a few things.  I am a universal architect that builds bridges from our universe to others to help heal people, religions, soul family release fear.  I also use sacred geometry as part of my healing tools.  I have various guides from this planet and other realms of the universe.  I am here to help clear the grids of fear from the consciousness our family and ancestral issues as well as raise the vibration of the earth to the Christ consciousness.
In reading about sacred geometry I learned that all around our earth are grids.  Also on the earth are grid power points and at most of these points of the earth built  on the power centers are sacred buildings which are a build using the pi ratio and sacred spiral or biaccoanral (sp)  spiral.  All things universally use this ratio in one way or another.  Atoms protons electrons and the nucleus all have the grid pattern.  If you break down any person or object to its infinite makeup you will see the molecular pattern which is essentially a grid.. So our reality is consciousness and energy.  Reality crated by electromagnetic grids which contain al and everything that one can experience in this reality. Each grid has many program s in which our souls can experience simultaneously.  In 3 dimensional frequency you can only remember what you are aware of that which is physical.  When you grid travel, you move on your consciousness from one grid to another focusing and processing.  The brain is forever in a state of grid travel on many levels.  So when sickness idea starts, the illness hovers over a person aura on their grid.  This illness can be cured by raising the vibration of the person through hands on healing or sound.  These two things destroy the illness idea hovering around the body just wasting to take hold and manifest sickness. 
My gift is to see this grid first around the earth then around the person.  Find the illess in the person or earth and heal it, if I am able to.  The person or place must be wiling to release it. I has to want to get better.  I know its weird to talk about a place as a consciousness but the earth is alive and has consciousness to the places of the earth hold energy from the past that need healing.  It cold be from war, death, slaughter, illness what have you.  The illness is still in the grid. 
Earth grid
Each species, bloodline, religion thought pattern negative/positive, great idea, bad idea, love, hatred, etc., has a grid around this earth.  The earth also has a grid on its surface that has power points.  In the past these points were used for mind control during the wars to gain control over the worlds minds and make them believe that war was a good thing so everyone was for it.  Now it seems this grid was trying to be permeated during the 60s when the Kennedys and martin Luther king were becoming popular and people were protesting and woman wanted to be equal and all heck broke loose.  This is an example of breaking a grid.  Which is amazing to me.  The dark wasn’t ready for the light to shine just yet.  So they all went away.
Soul groups/ religions
Every species on earth has a grid around the earth specific to its makeup. So when one evolves so does every other species around the earth.  This is amazing.  These species don’t even have to be on the same continent.  I have read a few times now about the hundred monkey project, where monkeys on one island ate sweet potatoes but the dirt kept getting in their mouth, so they began dipping them in water and then eating them this caught on all over the island then to the surprise of the researches, monkeys on the other side of the continent were doing the exact same thing without ever having contact with the first set of monkeys.  This is an example of the grid work in action, as one species changes and evolves so do all the rest as they are on the same grid.  Which brings to light that when one nationality, bloodline, ancestry heals so do the rest of the people.  I know this by my experience and knowledge I gained in this soul retrieval.  During this session, I was taken into a city in the earth and saw the Star of David.  This being guided me into a room and I saw a blue light and realized it was the Jewish people I instantly felt their fear and loss of lifetimes after lifetimes. This day happened to be Rosh Hashanah the time where the Jewish people release all their fear. I got to heal and help them release their fear or as much as they group would let go.  After they released all their fears, I filled them with the golden light of god.  I was taken into the next room of another group of Hassidic Jews, not sure of the spelling but the ones who have the larger black hats with the curls on each side of the head and a beard.  They also needed healing.  As I was doing this I was taken back through the universe and I could see black holes of fear and lifetimes of pain and anger just billowing back life time after life time after lifetime.  They released their fear as much as they could and I filled them with the golden light.  The lady performing this soul retrieval asked when I would be back and I said kwanza, so I am apparently healing groups of religions and nationalities.  I also have help form other realms of reality to help with this earth ascension.  All of this means as one person awakens and is helped to awaken so do the rest of the people.
I am so excited to be a part of the earth at this time as I do know if many of you do not know but, we are raising our consciousness to the Christ consciousness and all becoming one with each other and the universe as we are all really one collective mind and consciousness.    This was tried 26,000 years ago, but it was a no-go.  The people of the earth were not ready to change and they were still being let by the patriarcy of the male energy.  Today we are all evolving and using our feminine energy to raise our vibrations,  men and women alike.  We are here to bring love to all.  Leading from our hearts. The children today born into the indigo and crystal to rainbow children already know this that is why they are all so loving and spiritual.  They are here to raise up the vibration wo we can live in this love and have a planet of peace.
This all sounds pretty difficult to me, but it just  takes one person at a time .  First we get someones attention by doing the work yourself, and become the change they see and want to be like, and then we lead them to the pathway. 
After becoming a reiki master teacher and a divine spark practitioner and am constantly wanting and needing more knowledge, so I continually seek new teacher and examples in my life.  It seems that yesterdays knowledge is never enough, its more and more knowledge each day, a new book, anew article, a new friendship.  Life is a wonderful journey to be shared and enjoyed.

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