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The power of the present moment

Todaywe would like to focus your attention upon the power that exists within thepresent moment. Surely many of you have been told that the present moment isall that ever really exists. However it is our intention to share with you whythe now moment is so transformational yet it is so often allowed to slip awaywhile you focus on future events and past regrets.
Wehave shared with you that time is an illusion. We often refer to all time asbeing concurrent or simultaneous as each moment is simply another perspectiveof the now moment. Much of your energy is wasted upon your focus of “future” or“past” events. We often say that if you feel worried you are focused on thefuture, if you are sad or remorseful you are focused on the past and if you areat peace you are fully present in the now moment. Certainly you do have theability to feel negatively in the present moment however it is only in the nowmoment that you have the ability to shift your perspective.
Manyof you have allowed much of your life to pass by without truly feeling thepower that the now moment holds. It is where all of your creative power lies.Being present in the now moment allows you to accurately gauge how you arefeeling, right now. What you feel right now is attracting more experiencessimilar to the vibration that you are choosing to maintain. Many allow theconcerns of the future to rob them of the peace of mind they can hold in thenow moment. We can assure you that the desires and the dreams that you have foryour “future” will bring you no more peace of mind, no more happiness than youare able to secure in this now moment. Yet many look to the future and say “Iwill be happy when or I will be happy if”; however the happiness and peace ofmind that you seek will continue to elude you if you continue to seek to findyour happiness in what you have not manifested yet. We are not saying that youcannot have dreams and desires to work towards, what we are saying is thataccomplishing those dreams and desires will not bring you more peace of mindand joy if you do not learn to stay present in the moment and enjoy the momentyou are in.
Yousee, you will continue to push the dreams and desires into your future whileyou chase the “dangling carrot”. Why you ask, because you are not vibrating atthe resonance required to attract those dreams and desires into your life. Wecan tell you that the feeling of gratitude is far more powerful in manifestingyour dreams than any other emotion that you can summon. You see, so many aretrying to manifest their dreams and desires by feeling the gratitude they“will” feel when they have it. Yet this is not actually how the manifestationprocess works. You manifest your dreams and desires by being grateful right nowfor all that you do have. Only then will you attract more to be grateful for.
Manyof you have learned of the tremendous power your thoughts hold, and as a resultmany of you try to force yourselves to think positively as often as youpossibly can remember to. To this we smile. Surely, a positive mind willattract positive experiences, what you focus on expands. However, it is notthat you have to continually think of positive thoughts, but rather be joyful,grateful and at peace in this now moment that will bring to you more momentsthat will allow you to continue to feel joyful, grateful and at peace.
Asyou sit and ponder how your dreams and desires will manifest into your livesand how happy you will be when you achieve those dreams, you continue to keepthem in your “future”. So often do we hear “If only my dreams came true today Icould then be happy and at peace”. Let us share with you the key to manifestingyour dreams; the more you enjoy the now moment the faster your dreams anddesires will flow into your present now moment. When you learn to live in thepresent moment, synchronicity aligns with your being in every moment and youwill wonder how you ever lived any other way. You see, contrary to what manybelieve, the obstacles on your path are not in your way; rather they are theway to manifesting your dreams and desires. They are part of the manifestationof your dreams. If they were not, they would not be there. The more you enjoythe path that you are on, the faster your dreams and desires will be able tomanifest in your reality.
Wewould like for you to become present in this very moment, what do you feel rightnow? Do not think about what must get done in the next hour, day or week, wewant you to think about this very moment. How do you feel? You will find thatin this exact now moment you have the ability to be at peace, to feel joy, tochoose happiness. The stress that many of you feel on a regular basis fades,when you zero in on this exact now moment, with no other thoughts, cares orconcerns other than this exact moment. It is only when you allow yourself tostart focusing on the future again that you find the fear, frustration,concern, stress, judgment and worry to reenter your mind. To constantly live inthe future of “what’s to come” is a learned habit that many of you have formed,however each of you have the ability to retrain your mind to be present in thenow moment much more often.
Whenyou feel the rush of fear, worry and stress begin to flood your mind we askthat you direct your focus once again back to this present now moment. Theworries that you hold are based on “if’s” and impending probabilities, yet theyhave not actually happened. Those manifestations are only what your logicalmind fears “will” take place. The only way that you can prevent or solve thoseprobable future concerns is being fully present in this now moment. We ask thatyou allow yourself the gift of peace that can only be felt in this now moment;it is where your creative power lies. You will direct your future now momentsbased on the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you hold right now.Remember, fear and happiness are both choices, its up to you to decide whichone you would like to feel right now.
Sowe remind you, be present, be in peace and enjoy this moment.
Inlove and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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