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Initiations & Rites of Passage (In Termsof Pain & Suffering

Whileour experiences in life are mainly attributed to “karma”, does that mean thatwe are simply meant to suffer and that’s it? No. All suffering and adversity can be shifted into aspace of learning if we only open ourselves up to the possibilities. Sufferingis an opportunity to face our fears, our pains and to shift it into a space ofhealing and eventually into a space of love.
Whenwe are overcome with sorrow, grief, pain or suffering our bodies (minds,spirits) are trying to communicate with us. There is something, often muchdeeper, beneath the surface that is calling our attention. Like a splinter thatwill agitate the flesh if not removed, cleansed, cleared and healed entirely,the true source of the pain will only fester and become infected until we canno longer manage it. That is when we get hit with our “pain points”. It’s thepoint where you take action and DO SOMETHING.
Beaware that none of these seemingly “bad” situations just happen to us. Rather they happen asa manifestation of our own wishes. If we wish for true, deep, sacredlove–sometimes, it will mean that we have to address those parts of ourselvesthat feel unworthy and/or undeserving of receiving such divine love. Sometimes,the greater your desire to experience love, the greater “the work” will be… andin the end, isn’t it worth it? Aren’t YOU worth it?
Theseare all initiations that we go through in unfolding unto our Divine OriginalBlueprints. In seeing, connecting and LIVING our Divine Authentic Lives. Sowhen you are hit with sadness or adversity, see it as an invitation toexcellence and greatness… for that is what we ARE.

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