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Past Lives update- Ascension info

At this point within the compressed ascension/evolutionary process, I believe many more people will suddenly be perceiving, feeling, remembering and integrating some of their so-called “past” lives and selves; more accurately their simultaneous lives and selves. There is no linear “past” in that sense, and with our consciousness rapidly evolving/ascending out of a narrow linear 3D reality via the body and brain rewiring process, increasing numbers of people will suddenly be encountering other aspects of themselves through “past lives” in other times and locations around Earth, as well as off-planet, non-physical other dimensional existences too. Due to our ongoing ascensions and two brain hemispheres integrating (the Rewiring and removal of the Veil between of our  lower 3D polarized and separated brain halves) and much more, our sense of individual egoic self is rapidly outgrowing its old 3D one-channel-only confines and evolving into more complex Multi-D aspects of Itself both in and outside of time. In other words, we’re evolving into being able to consciously hold far more awareness of other aspects of ourselves via quantum or spherical consciousness. This isn’t about us being regressed or remembering  “past” or “future” lives and selves in the old linear 3D fashion, but about our overallsense of self evolving and expanding to comfortably include more of these multiple aspects of ourselves into a larger unified sense of Greater Self.  It’s always been this way but now we canconsciously be more aware of more of us and not become lost, imbalanced, intimidated or traumatized because of it. As our consciousness evolves and expands, so to does our sense of self/Self, plus the many other Earth locations and multiple dimensions we find we can consciously access. Don’t be surprised if you begin remembering or having bleed-throughs from one or more of your “past” lives and selves into your consciousness in this incarnation and timeline. This is just you evolving, stretching out and consciously incorporating some of your other aspects/past lives/past selves that are all connected to this you (and you to them) in your timeline here now. Soon even this life prior to the start of your biological ascension will appear and feel to you to be one of your “past” lives and past selves…and it will be! 
Denise Le Fay

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