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Welcome March

March is a month of seemingly hectic realms of infinity. Around and around we go, yet where we stop no one knows as the energy of the past winter has a grand foreboding of the future energy of springtime. Sprig time brings in new resilience energy with the foretelling of newness in the air around us march sometimes means more wet weather therefore calling for more of the unveiling of the tears of heaven so to speak. As heaven clears its light calendarlike, as do we as well. March comes in like a lion’s roar and sometimes tiptoes out like a sweet summer breeze. Its ebbs and flows are as natural as the sunlight glistening off the blue waves of the water. Tumultuously in and sweepingly out. Allowing our body temperature to begin to ruse and begin to capture the meaning of the spring time element. Awaken my friends your soul says, as we have been asleep and hibernating. Awaken to the bliss that has been commonly known as winters sleepy tale. Once forgotten, and now again alive. Alive with tenderness and beauty and blissful knowledge of newness abound. The endless possibilities all look like a new morning snow clean and ready for fruitily. Once again, we become alive with the harvest of life and we begin to allow our spiritual body to lead us into the world of springtime of joy of radiance of bliss. Once again, our souls awaken as though the butterfly from the golden chrysalis. It has been transformed from a watery goo substance into a beautiful hue of wonder. It knew not of this beauty at the beginning of the process, however is now grateful for the journey. Alas we are free, once again to become joy and beauty abound. I honor all that have reawakened and give a loving kiss of grace to your soul.  Happy march to all.


Your Vibration is your Divine Signature, Your Soul Essence

Your vibration is your personal energy frequency. It is a culmination of every life you have ever lived, every thought you have ever had and every action you have ever performed. It is the energy that surrounds and permeates every cell in your body.

Your vibration is your divine signature, your soul essence, and it is special only to you. Just as there are no two snowflakes alike, no two souls in the entire universe have the same name or “soul signature”. That’s how incredibly unique and special you are. Your vibration is a direct reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, choice of words, how well you take care of yourself, the Earth and others.

The higher your vibration the more light you hold, the faster your light particles vibrate, the higher your consciousness and the stronger you are connected to your soul and God self.

When your vibration is low, your light particles are vibrating slowly and become condensed. Your energy literally feels heavy because you are not in alignment with your soul or divine self and are mostly operating from your lower self or ego.

Distorted beliefs, fear, anger, resentment, blame, guilt, jealousy, judgment, shame, addiction, unforgiveness, conditional love, lack of self worth, greed, separation consciousness and poor health keep you in very dense low vibrating energy.

When you are a high vibrational being you recognize your divinity and the divinity within others. You are in alignment with your soul, which is nourished by spirit, you are vibrantly healthy and your life flows with ease and grace.

Although we identify ourselves with our physical body we are actually energy or light beings. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Every thought, word, feeling and thing is energy – everything!

Things that appear to be solid are actually very tightly compacted energy particles creating a shape, form or physical matter. Our physical body, that part of us that is not eternal, is surrounded by our eternal divine essence consisting of our emotional, mental and spiritual energetic layers.

We are much more than our physical body; we are actually multidimensional, energetic, spiritual beings having a physical human experience. It is important for us to bring into our awareness the many layers of our energetic body.

This is the key to our self-empowerment. When it is brought into our awareness, our soul will begin to integrate all of the layers of ourselves bringing us into a state of wholeness. Each of us needs to become aware of who we really are and reclaim all of our energy.

When we become aware of our energetic bodies and set our intention to heal, balance and activate them, we have the potential to raise our vibration to such a point that each layer of our energetic body will unify and activate the creation of our “light body”. When this occurs we have reached a very high vibrational state where our spiritual self or God self is able to merge with our physical body.

This cannot occur until we have raised our vibration high enough for divine union to occur. This is the moment of en-lighten-ment and the return to one’s true spiritual essence and identity. Once this occurs, we will never be the same and we will be propelled forward beginning a new more evolved journey into self-mastery and the development of our Christ Consciousness.

This is the true meaning of being “reborn”. We reincarnate ourselves while in a physical body. Being reborn is a physical, energetic, blissful experience. Being reborn is not a mental concept, a belief or a desire to be a better person. It is an incredible experience where every cell in our body is flooded with light, all of our energetic fields and chakras are cleared, energetic blocks and karma is released, dormant strands of DNA are activated, our spiritual gifts are returned and our consciousness is expanded.

Being reborn is when our divine essence or God self merges with our physical body and we experience complete oneness with God and all beings. We experience our true nature, the truth of our being, which will catapult us into a new journey of self-transcendence. This is divine plan for everyone to eventually reach this state of divine union helping us to bring Heaven (Spirit) here down on Earth (Matter).

We are in the process of planetary ascension and everyone choosing to stay on this planet will raise their vibration high enough to anchor in their Spiritual self or God self.

Each of us are being asked to surrender to this process allowing ourselves to be “reborn” shedding the illusions of the ego and shining light on our shadow consciousness so we can bring all of our disowned rejected parts of ourselves into wholeness.

Although our spiritual self is never separated from us it does reside in a higher vibrating dimension, several feet above our head, called the spiritual realm. The Creator has given us free will and it must be our choice to choose to climb the mountain of self in order to access and activate our divine birthright of God realization. This is divine plan and bringing our higher vibrating, loving, true selves down into our physical body is how we will heal the planet.

Expecting someone or something outside of ourselves to save us is disempowering and will not get us anywhere. No one is going to save us; we have to save ourselves. We have to heal ourselves and we have to heal the planet.

We have to take personal responsibility for our own vibration and salvation. We cannot give our power away anymore to the churches, the governments, the healthcare system or the financial system. Your power to change resides in yourself. You must commit to your own soul growth and spiritual development and shift your focus from trying to accomplish “things” to devotion and connection with your God self.

The mass consciousness of the planet is being bathed in high vibrational photon energy emitted from the galactic center, sun and stars. This energy is shaking our foundation, penetrating every cell in our bodies and triggering our DNA codes awakening us to our true magnificence.

This very high vibrational light energy is a gift from God encouraging us to transform our denseness. Unfortunately, many people are so engulfed in the physical illusion and are vibrating at such a low rate; they are having a hard time adjusting to these higher vibrational frequencies.

They are unaware of what is happening and are resisting the process of transformation and change doing everything they can to avoid the inner work necessary to raise their vibration. Anxiety, chaos, drama, war, confusion, anger, stress, rage and erratic behavior are all symptomatic of humanity’s resistance to receiving this divine light.

The chaos of the world is a reflection of our own inner chaos. It’s not that we have more darkness on the planet, it’s that we have more light permeating the planet forcing the darkness within each of us to rise to the surface to be healed, transmuted and released.

Each of us are going through a period of spiritual detox and investing in our spiritual self and making a conscious decision to actively participate in the raising of our own personal vibration will assist us in moving through this time period with ease and grace.

Where we focus our energy is precious! If we focus our energy on spiritual development and emotional clearing we will rise in vibration and expand our consciousness. After all, it is our state of consciousness that creates our world. Expanding our consciousness goes hand and hand with raising our vibration and it needs to be our top priority if we want to enter into the Golden Age.

There are many ways to raise our vibration. The most important thing we can do right now is state our intention.


2017 The Year of Cleansing

I have been informed from both my teacher and my guides that this new year will be the year of discarding our old waste and then taking a look a this waste product and gaining knowledge from all of it. Delving deep into this by product of repulshion. It may be ugly but totally worth it, Watch for my workshops on it.  There will be two of them.  i have already written them here while I am in Aruba. 


The Unveiling of Ourselves to the Light

Perhaps you are feeling it? You may be feeling the energetic intensity of the collective through your own body. Sometimes I feel that emotional intensity that is anxiety, and with no apparent cause. Why do I feel this strong anxiety? It was wisely pointed out to me that it is often the collective emotion coming to the surface through me, and maybe through you if you. You may be an energetically sensitive person and not know it. When it is intense emotionally, it may not be personal! Keep this as mind.
Healing Crisis and Wake up Call
Our collective is going through a big wake up and I heard it described as a healing crisis, as if the emotional body of the world is on a cleansing fast and sores and pus are arising in this body to the surface. It feels scary, looks bad but is actually bringing the body, the collective to a higher level health and even a higher vibrational octave of existence. Those old toxins are finally being cleared out.
To those of you who experience yourselves as ones who anchor light, I sense that you also discharge the emotions under the surface of everyone. It is like we are one body feeling it all. We discharge the negativity that everyone carries and hides and now it is rising up. Now it is 11/11 a portal day gateway for energy to flood the planet. It is flooding all right and I feel blissful and anxious depending on the moment that I am in. Are you noticing an emotional roller coaster ride and a sense of being ungrounded? Recently I have felt overwhelmed and like time was going too fast for me, but now that has cleared with great relief. I am feeling it, this intensity of change, and I am with you, whatever you are feeling.  What might this be about? There is a mass processing of emotion about the election that is being worked through. And there is a shift, an energetic shift of the ages, upon us all.
Highest Timeline
Reminders today are first to choose the highest timeline always. No matter whom is president, no matter the chaos, no matter the emotions rising to the surface. No matter what is coming out that was hidden. It does not matter what expectations are being let go of. Emotions arise and they fall. Let them flow. Let others purge their emotions and feel better and not take it personally, as well.
The highest timeline is made by you for you in the little choices you make each day for happiness. A timeline is the dimensional and vibrational space you travel and experience. You are ultimately the authority of your life, and your reality. Regardless of whatever is happening in the world, it is a time to reclaim your life, your choices for happiness, and the highest timeline possible. Shine your light no matter what. You’ve got this. Yet at the same time, feel what you feel, and let it flow through you as the vehicle, the anchor, your body as the catalyst of light for the planet’s shifting which is also your own transformation.
Things have gotten real. You feel it. You know it. This is a time of shift, the great prophecies have foretold. It is where rubber meets the road. It is where the great unveiling happens of all the rot under the surface coming up. How appropriate at this time of Scorpio, just after the Day of the Dead. You can feel and sense the stench of what is hidden even if you haven’t all found the dead body and have it seen by everyone. You who are feeling emotions are feeling the experience of the unveiling of the hidden greed, corruption, violence, and control that is hidden by our governments, everyone in the collective to some degree, and ourselves as our own hidden parts and darkness we are coming face to face with.
Parts of us, of our participation in the system are coming to light. Are you being taken out of your comfort zone like I am? We are given a great opportunity to feel and see something important happen. We are participating in the apocalypse, the unveiling of ourselves to the light. It is a time of no easy answers, no easy solutions. Yet our hearts know the way even if our minds do not.
Even though there is Chaos…
Through this chaos and upheaval we are being shown that we always can rely on ourselves. We are to rely on our heart through it all and not let outer circumstances dissuade our progress. Feel the relief, feel the awakening underneath the dismay, the emotions, the blaming, the uncertainty. Our hearts know the way through this. We are making collective progress toward that tipping point of light.
This is a divine universe. We have divine protection from the Creator. We are infinite eternal beings. The sun is blasting our consciousness to a higher level, and everyone’s consciousness to a higher level. It makes sense that the things are being revealed that we don’t want to look at. Keep breathing. Be curious and observe, not blame. All of this is divinely guided and for a higher purpose. Trust in that.
Finishing up the Year of Completion
Be excited for we are making steps toward a doorway, this gateway of 11/11/2016 in this year of completion. I say completion as 2+0+1+6=9. The number nine in numerology is about completion. We are completing the years of illusion to a new year of truth and disclosure and new beginings. The numerology for 2017 is this 2+0+1+7 = 10= 1+0 or 1 year, a year of new beginnings and we are almost there. Underneath the stench is the fresh air, the fresh new beginning, awakening and that tipping point toward light that we have all been waiting for.
On Getting through this Time
A way of getting through this time is to do your inner practices. Do what keeps you happy and in balance.  Work and play together with your friends and family as we are in this together. Forgive and find ways to love them. Put aside your differences. Emotions are just emotions and let them come to the surface and be released, in yourself and in others. Let’s honor our feelings and get to the other side to equanimity once again. This process is all coming to a better place, a better world for all.
Be in the heart. Remember sacred reciprocity, called Ayni as the Quechua word used in Peru. From Wikipedia: Ayni can refer to either the concept of reciprocity or mutualism among people of the Andean mountain communities or the practice of this concept. As a noun, the law of ayni states that everything in the world is connected, and is the only commandment that rules daily life in many communities like the Q’ero. As a verb, this often refers to the cooperation between the members of a community when one member gives to another, he or she is entitled to receive something back.
The way out of the old paradigm is through love, love and sacred reciprocity. Let us learn to give and receive to one another in new ways of mutual support.
Prayer: I am willing to let my old ways in which I participated and contributed old paradigm that I was born into, now die, in order to create the new. Creator show me how to take responsibility and change my ways. Know that as my personal hologram shifts the collective shifts. Let us not turn our eyes away from that which is coming to light. Break my heart open with compassion even if I feel it as if it is my own sadness and hurt. This is unity being born when we all feel one another and the collective. We can no longer push away another’s pain as consciousness rises.
I see many indigenous prophecies and religious prophecies point to this time we are in. Unity is so important and that it is happening is so inspiring right now. I see so many peoples coming together at Standing Rock to protect the water and the native lands from desecration. I see outrage over people being treated unfairly. The metaphorical unearthing of the dead body that I mentioned that is now being witnessed is the unfairness of how people are treated, and how the earth is treated. When our brother is hurting, when a sister is hurting, when our Mother Earth is hurting, we feel it as ourselves. We are feeling it now and that is beautiful. Let’s expand our consciousness and create entirely new systems as this one crumbles and completes. Onward to 2017 with great excitement for what is to come.
In the meantime let us hold one another heart to heart for what we are going through.
Love and blessings


It is my pleasure to announce the Mind Body and Spirit Movement.

I have been gently guided to develop a series of spiritually guided transformative healing movement techniques in a class setting. Or if you prefer, you may have a specific set designed specifically for you privately.

Each session is held in a delightful metaphysical healing environment. These  sessions are developed and created with the intention of allowing you to grow and nurture yourself quietly within your well-space during each session.

As you get stronger in all aspects of yourself, you will literally become restored to perfection. Each one of us has the ability to recreate ourselves each and every moment and with the help of these spiritual techniques you can reset the clock and begin each day anew and become restored to excellence within your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Stay tuned for more information

Messages from Matthew

Climate change; pole shift; planetary course; US presidential election; awakening, guidance; life purpose; illusion, reality; suicide bombers; faith in humanity’s future

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Let us ease your minds about issues that are causing some anxious moments. First, with climate change a topic of global discussion, there is talk about the seas covering islands and inundating coastal areas up to mountain ranges and people by the millions being drowned. That willnot happen—Earth is not going to endanger the lives of her beloved residents during her return to a moderate climate globally. As polar ice and glaciers continue melting, water levels will continue to rise slowly and in small measure overall, and residents of potentially affected areas—sea-level islands, parts of continental coastlines, banks of your largest rivers, and low-lying countries—will have plenty of time to take any necessary preventive action or relocate.Then there is the prophecy that a sudden pole shift is going to devastate the planet. It would be devastating if the shift were to happen abruptly, but it won’t. Eighty-some years ago Earth’s axis was so out of balance that she was in danger of flying out into space and certain destruction. Powerful civilizations beamed massive light to stabilize Earth’s orbit and enable her to start on an ascension course, and that was the onset of the pole’s ongoing gradual shifting.Other readers are concerned about Earth’s trajectory into a collision course with a planet that some think is Nibiru and others think is a recently-detected planet considerably larger than Earth. 

Some information being circulated about this speculative situation is solely to create fear, but lack of knowledge is the root of most. Your astrophysicists don’t know that for more than eight decades Earth has been journeying into successively higher energy planes, thus they are mystified and alarmed by seeing new celestial bodies. We reassure you, dear family, Earth will continue traveling safely and steadily all the way to her destination in fifth density!

Emails about the United States’ presidential election have been coming in for well over a year, and now that two individuals have been designated as their parties’ presumptive nominees, my mother’s inbox is filling with questions about who will win. Based on the ever-accelerating vibrations that are undergirding people with moral and spiritual integrity and exposing those who lack that quality, we are seeing the likelihood that neither of the presumptive nominees will become president, Senator Bernie Sanders will. If the vibratory momentum continues, the likelihood of his winning will keep moving toward certainty in Earth’s energy field of potential and in November, the voters will elect a wise, honest president.

Always we are happy to receive your questions and comments, and especially at this stage of Earth’s transformative process, we welcome those that give us the opportunity to offer guidance to new soul-searchers. “Awakening can be a very lonely and often confusing endeavor. Can Matthew offer any advice to Lightworkers who seem to have come under psychic attack for the purpose of confusing them and making them less effective in their work?”Awakening is profoundly different from anything you can remember, and if none of your family or friends has mentioned anything similar, hesitation to speak about what you are experiencing is natural; and the realization that you are a part of God can seem overwhelming, as if it is a sacrilege to even think of yourself that way. The combination of feeling lonely and bewildered about your higher state of awareness and accepting your god-self can be stressful indeed and thought of as a psychic attack. When vibratory levels were much lower because darkness still enshrouded the planet, the bright auras of lightworkers did make them targets for dark attacks. Now the light on the planet is too intense for that, but via the universal law of attraction, thoughts about being attacked reach energy streamers with like sensations and bring them back to you.Please replace those kinds of thoughts with the knowledge that neverare you alone! Not only are your guardian angel and spirit guides constantly at your side, but many souls are having an awakening experience somewhat like yours and others are confidently moving along the path of self-discovery. Often spiritual and metaphysical bookshops host groups of like-minded individuals or post notices of social meet-ups, seminars and workshops. General bookstores carry books in that genre, too, and if you feel uncertain which to choose, ask within to be led to those that will be most enlightening. Search the Internet for sites with postings by kindred spirits and messages from light beings such as Patricia Cota-Robles, and always you can ask for divine help to feel self-confident and excited about awakening. Soon you will ease into a joyful relationship with your god-self and avenues will open to areas where you can serve the light effectively and with deep satisfaction.“Can you ask Mathew how we can find out our life purpose while here on earth?” The best way to find out what you chose as your life purpose also is the simplest: Pay attention to messages from soul-level to your consciousness—intuition, instinct, inspiration, aspiration and conscience. When you follow those guidelines that are specifically aligned with choices in your soul contract, you will have a strong sense of moving smoothly along life’s pathway as opposed to struggling with decisions and perhaps asking others what they think is the most logical direction for you.

“Is it true dark beings are being removed from Earth and taken to an alternate holographic Earth? If so this would be great since it decreases the darkness on this planet and speeds up the timetable towards full disclosure. And what is meant by we live in a holographic universe or matrix, is 3D a dream and higher dimensions are real or is it all just a projection of our consciousness?” Dark beings leave Earth the same way light beings do, death of the physical body; and, like light beings, they enter the part of Nirvana, Earth’s spirit world, where the energy corresponds to the energy they generated throughout the Earth lifetime.There are good explanations of the holographic universe in books and Internet articles insofar as your cosmologists have discovered. They have mathematically concluded that the universe began with the Big Bang, but they have yet to understand that science and spirit—or, energy and cosmic consciousness—are one and the same: the love-light essence of Creator, the most powerful force in the cosmos and Source of everything in existence.Higher dimensions are real, and it isn’t entirely correct to say that 3D is just a projection of one’s consciousness. Whatever a person believes, however far from factual it may be, is that person’s reality, and most likely you would get a serious argument from anyone whom you tried to convince that what he or she believes is “just a projection of your consciousness.” However, what seems real in your 3D world is a “dream,” or better said, an illusion, and we can explain this no more clearly than it was in a message several years ago. Mother, please find that message and copy the pertinent part. We think it will be especially helpful to awakening souls and perhaps to long-time lightworkers, too.     “What does Matthew mean when he says, ‘We are living in an illusion?’   Does each person have his or her own reality or do we all share one reality?”     “By definition an illusion is deceptive, something perceived as real but without basis in reality. The illusion of third density is that there is this one life on Earth, then you die and afterwards, according to many, there’s a nebulous place that’s either a blessed or a hellfire-and-brimstone “afterlife” where you stay forevermore. The reality is that this is but one of many hundreds or many thousands of experiences of a soul that is living in many different forms and locations simultaneously in the universe.     “The illusion is that you are your body, your personality, your characteristics, your feelings, your achievements, and incidentally, you have a soul that goes God only knows where when you die. The reality is that you are the soul, a part of God, inseparable from Him and all other souls in this universe; you are having the physical experience that you chose to balance other lifetimes; and you are an eternal being.     “The illusion is, according to one’s religious affiliation, that the Supreme Being of this universe is correctly portrayed only by yourreligion and His laws as interpreted by your religion are absolute. The reality is that the Supreme Being of this universe is subordinate to Creator, the Supreme Being of the cosmos; God is an amalgamation of all souls, all life forms, throughout this universe and He knows every thought and feels every feeling of every life; He cannot interfere with Creator’s law of free will when souls veer from their pre-birth agreements, so it is not His “will be done”; although we commonly say “He,” God, or the Source by your name selection, is the epitome of androgyny, perfectly balanced male and female energies; and He didn’t devise religions—a few of his misguided god-self parts did.     “The illusion is that evil is the opposite of godliness. The reality is that darkness is the absence of light, the absence of love and spiritual clarity.     “The illusion is that Earth is a small, solid planet whose residents are the only verifiable intelligent life in the universe. The reality is that Earth is a soul with a planetary body that is home to beings within, on and above her, and her surface residents for the most part are far less advanced spiritually, intellectually and technologically than many other civilizations.     “Yes, each soul has his or her own illusion as it pertains to self, every facet of the lifetime, planet Earth, and the Source of All, but ultimately all will share the same universal reality. [May 23, 2005]Thank you, Mother. The rash of suicide bombings has evoked numerous questions, and first we say, becoming a suicide bomber never is part of a soul contract. Because each person’s contract is one part of a pre-birth agreement made with others who want to share the lifetime, it must include not only a person killing someone to balance the experience of being killed and a person who chose to be killed to balance another lifetime, but must offer all other participants opportunities to experience what they chose for soul evolvement.It is so that some agreements do include souls who want to transition as a group. In such a case, it is in service to all the others, who need to experience whatever emotional and financial hardships may follow the group’s transitional event. Depending upon the number of souls involved—the number can vary from comparatively few to many thousands—the event may be a mode of transportation that wrecks, troops in combat, family members living in a war zone, a natural disaster or rapid spread of a virulent disease.Some young people who become suicide bombers are indoctrinated from childhood onward to believe that they must defend their religion by killing people of other religions, and they act upon that powerful form of mind control. Their lifetime review in Nirvana is very difficult emotionally as they feel the full extent of suffering that their final act caused to others. Because they acted in accordance with potent programing, they do not incur harsh karmic lessons, and their next lifetime will be dedicated to helping the neediest people in a third density civilization that has started to awaken spiritually and consciously.Suicide bombers who are adults when they decide to become terrorists act upon a radically distorted sense of empowerment that is bereft of caring about the consequences for others. In addition to an extremely painful lifetime review, suffering exactly as did all persons whose lives were affected by their self-destruction, they will experience one or more difficult lifetimes in a low third density civilization where the karmic merry-go-round is going full tilt. That self-consignment isn’t determined only by these individuals’ final act; it is that the energy of their desire to kill as many people as possible and of the act itself is so dark that it supersedes all other aspects of their lifetimes.A Belgian reader who lives near the Brussels airport wrote: “I must admit that it becomes ever more difficult to keep up positiveness and faith in humanity’s future. I don’t know what to tell other people anymore when subjects like these [suicide bombings] are discussed. It also becomes more and more difficult to stay convinced that after this life another existence is waiting. I am wondering if other readers of your messages undergo the same doubts. If they too feel not connected to any out of the body world anymore.”Loss of faith in the future of humanity is an understandable reaction to violence when people you know have been directly affected, and while you may not think of “detachment” from the world as a form of divine grace, it is—it is giving the heart and mind a respite from shock and despair and sadness. In such times, it is difficult to think of a life after this one and derive any comfort from what may seem only a nebulous idea, that there is a glorious spirit world of love and peace. But holding fast to that reality is what will uplift the spirit and restore faith in humankind’s determination and ability to make this world a far better place than it is this moment. Beloved brothers and sisters, please do not doubt that this transformation within Earth’s civilization ishappening!As for speaking with people about tragic events, let your genuine feelings flow. Crying is ever so much healthier than stoically suppressing feelings, so let tears come in abundance. Ask for divine help to heal; see the beauty in Nature; think of the miracle of birth, the innocence of little children and devotion of your pet; know that there is far, far more good than bad in your world and the light is continuously strengthening good, weakening bad. Your expression, “Time heals all things” is only partly true—it is how you use time that brings healing, a return to well-being and positivity, or not.Now I am speaking just as Matthew to say that stress made its way into our last message. Attributing the devastation of Haiti to a hurricane instead of an earthquake was a rare instance of my mother’s thought—and a lapse in your memory, Mother—overriding my transmission. She is dismayed that the week of stress about her computer’s technical difficulties, which blocked her site and email address, permitted her momentary departure from clearly hearing my words.We bid you farewell for this moment only as we are forever with you in unconditional love.

Mary Magdalene's Weekly Call

Mary Magdalene's Weekly Call
13 April 2016 - 1:41pm |  kryon12
Greetings Dear One, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. As I come into your energy fields I ask each of you to hold the space of love for yourself. I ask you at this time to place your feet firmly on the ground and begin to breathe. Begin to breathe in the beautiful energy of the manifested light, the golden white light of God, surrounding yourself in this beautiful essence and presence of peace, into this beautiful essence and presence of joy, and this beautiful essence and presence of light. So as you stand tall and you stand proud, be not afraid of what you do not understand, for as I have spoken, the power of love will heal all. And so take a deep inhaling breath and simply begin to breathe in the energy and the frequency of the white light of God. Letting yourself now begin to breathe, and to focus on the manifested light of God’s healing love and strength.

As Jeshua and I and the holy mother come to you, we surround you in our protective shield of light. You are a part of our family of light, you are a part of our family of light. And so dearest children as you hold this energy within your heart and begin to breathe, begin to feel this strength beginning to build around you of the power of love. Begin to feel the essence and presence of the manifested light, begin to pour into every pore, every cell, every fiber of your being. Breathing in the energy of the power of love. We know Dearest Children you have heard this many times before, but it is of truth. We are flooding your planet and we are flooding each of you with this power of love.

It is indeed necessary as you hold the space of love for yourself to begin to allow those pieces and those dark shadows inside of your own psyche to now begin to heal, letting go and letting God. During those dark days before and during and after the crucifixion, we knew the difficulty and the strain and the sorrow and the pain of what our Jeshua would be going through. And so we hold the power of love for him as we surround him, and wherever we hold his energy field, his beautiful etheric body, and his physical body in love, we would cradle him as if he was a newborn baby, protecting his energy field, for you see Dearest Ones, he was moving into his ascended self.

And the release of the old Jeshua would never be again. As he was merging into his Christ Consciousness, emerging into his crystalline light body, we knew that he was a tender soul, a powerful soul, and we all loved him so deeply that our unconditional hearts poured forth the energy and essence of love, as we opened the portal of Divine Love unto him and on us as well. And today as we stand with you, we open this portal of Divine Love, allowing it to enter into your physicality, into your lives, into your heart, into your etheric and all aspects of your being. We know the earthly life is not an easy one, and Dear One, we have come to be with you, to support you. As you know, many of you were there during the crucifixion and you supported us and Dear Jeshua as well. As so we stand with you, pouring this Divine Love into your being.

And so breathe it in, and let peace settle into your heart, breathe it in and let peace settle into your heart. It is of utmost importance children that you understand that you are never alone, and that regardless of what is appearing and is happening within your life that is not of peace or of balance, it can all be healed with love. And so Dearest Children imagine this powerful frequency around you, as if you are beautifully enveloped in a sea of light, and the healing essence is now pouring into your body. Pouring into your mind, into your heart, pouring into your soul. May the light of God surround you, the love of God enfold you, the power of God protect you, and the presence of God watches over you wherever you are God is and all is well.

This is our sacred covenant unto you. And at this time, the beautiful Holy of the Holies are here, each taking your hand, and holding you, and cradling you in this pure frequency of love. As if you truly are a newborn child, because yes dear ones, you are precious souls. And so allow us to begin to clear the pathway for each of you, of that which appears to be blockages and struggles in your pathway. The changing of the vibration and the changing of the guard of energy, and as we have said before, the burning of this new energy into the earth, you are in the labor pains of the birthing of this new earth. It has been taking place for many years, but you are in the final stages of the birthing process of moving from the void, moving from one energy into an energy of freedom and joy, prosperity and hope. It is about trust, it is about surrender, surrendering to this energy frequency of love, knowing that this powerful force of love can heal all. And that no man is an island, and no man stands alone. As many of your people may say, you are born alone and you die alone, but this is not truth dearest ones, you are surrounded, protected both at the moment of your birth and at the moment of your death, and in all incarnations of time. More and more beings of light are with you than you can realize. And all you have to do is surrender to their love, ask and you shall receive.

Just as Jeshua needed to surrender to our love, surrender to the sea of love that we bathed him with each and every morning, and each and every evening. For 30 days and yes, 30 nights before the crucifixion. We called in the energy of the essence of God’s powerful love to protect our Jeshua, to protect his beautiful spirit, and this is what we are doing with you today. Never give up, never feel alone. There are challenges that at times seem to be overwhelming, but if you allow the love to be the essence that is the simmering energy behind all. You will see the beauty even in the darkest of moments, you will see the beauty even in the darkest of moments. These are not words that are empty, they are filled with love, strength, and truth. Embrace them within your consciousness and psyche, within the essence of your being. As if you truly are carrying and imprinting this energy inside of your heart. You are all soldiers you know, beautiful warriors of light. We know that the heart, the heart is melting with our hearts, and the freedom and the joy and the love and the light that is pouring through you will heal the heart. Do not allow the energies of others to cause you to be frightened, to doubt yourself, or to live in fear. You are stronger than you understand yourself to be, because Dear One, you are love, and you are light. And when you begin to value yourself and understand the power of who you truly are, then no man can create any pain, fear, or discomfort for you.

You are rising above this frequency, just as we knew Jeshua would go through the pain of the crucifixion, but he would emerge must stronger in his physicality, in his mind, as the living Christ. That was as we say, our own dark night of the soul. It was our own test of faith. Indeed we were frightened, what if he did not survive, what if we did not hold the space of love for him, what if we did not hold that space of love for him so that he would not wither? We knew we had very little control of what would happen, but we knew the power of all of our energies, we were at the stations of the cross. Elizabeth, myself, Judith, and Ruth, we were all at the stations of the cross, and mother was holding the energy as well as Dear Joseph and many others. But Jeshua had to endure this, and he prepared himself well. And so Dearest Ones, we want to say, that you are well prepared for what is happening. And understand at this time, the world may seem to be chaotic, and full of fear, but again I repeat, it is the birthing process of the new energy of the new earth, of the new paradigm, of the new frequencies.

Look beyond what you may see as the bubble of light, of darkness, and see beyond, within your third eye, within your clairvoyant eye. Take a deep breath and begin to see what you may call your future self, or your life as you may know it to be. Breathe in this beautiful energy of the power of love, and allow your third eye to open, so that you may see your manifested self in this new earth, this new energy, bathed in this sea of love. And so Dearest Children, as you hold this space of love for the creation of life, your life, the life of the new earth, and the life for all of creation, you are now leaving and transforming your energy and your essence, just like Jeshua. There is a death and a rebirth process that is happening, many of you are feeling, you are wondering, why is there such a void? Why am I confused, why do I not have peace or clarity of purpose, why am I struggling, what is this about? And yes, globally, many are going through it. Many of the awakened ones, the light workers, are saying “why me, why now? I’ve worked so hard, I’ve worked so diligently? Why have I been forsaken? And yet, Dearest Ones, you are not forsaken, this is the growing pains, this is the birthing process, and this is soon to be over, we promise unto you.

Now focus on clarity of purpose, focus on your third eye, on your clairvoyant eye, and breathe the energy into your heart, calling in the essence and presence of light into your heart chakra, and breathing it into your third eye. There the essence and presence of love is felt. You can begin to feel stronger and stronger and stronger, and know that the birthing pains are now over, they’re almost over. Can you feel the excitement, can you feel the anticipation of your new life coming forward? Every day in every way, you are each becoming stronger and stronger and stronger. And you are the living light. You are the creative energy, and you are the peace. When you return into your ascended self for your final moment, you will understand more clearly the duality as they say of this planet. But living in the duality we know is difficult. We struggled within ourselves, and so this is why we come to be with you, to help you. You are a part of our family. You are not forsaken, be not angry, be not depressed, be not forlorn. You see we have spoken of this many times before, but the density of the energy on this earth plane is overwhelming, and even to us as spirit, we commend you for being on this earth plane, focusing and dealing with the density of the energy on this earth plane.

Even though there is so much light that has been infused upon this planet, there is still a great deal of darkness, of duality. And you are to be commended for staying here, for staying present, staying focused, staying committed. We make our presence known to you, and our covenant and our promise that we will help each of you with your individual struggles and problems. Hold this close to your heart, and believe, and so shall you receive. Believe and so shall you receive.

The door is opening as we have promised, in this year of 2016, for it is the year that the light workers are pushing forward into the new energy paradigm. You’ve come through the ages of time and many of you remember the dark ages, the middle ages, when the consciousness was so dark, and the people were so afraid, and many of you were burned at the stake. Many of you hold this in your consciousness and you are afraid to push out into the world. What if I’m ridiculed? What if I’m persecuted? What if I’m killed? And yet, Dearest Children, you are in a new time now. And yes, there remains darkness still. It is not until all beings of light on this planet awaken to the consciousness of oneness that there will be no more duality, no more separation. No more challenges, no more struggles. This is why many of you are drawn to the teachings of the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, the beautiful beings of light that live in Telos, in the underground mountain. They live in the beautiful crystalline city of light, and eventually, yes, these crystalline cities will be on the surface of your planet. But until then, you are the crystalline cities, your bodies, your minds, your souls are the crystalline cities, you are the beacon of light.

You are the portal, and just because someone else does not understand you, does not like you, or does not like your frequency, does not mean you have to give in. And so dearest children, know that you are all brave for being here and choosing to remain day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, serving Mother Gaea. Jeshua and I left our imprints upon the earth plane over 2000 years ago to be reawakened at the appointed hour. And this energy was reawakened at the appointed hour, on September 28, 2015. On that day, at Mt. Shasta California, the energy was illuminated and the portal was opened for peace to prevail, for the darkness to be illuminated. And those who were present and those who were there in spirit were changed forever in that moment of time. There has been a void, a shift of energy. The portal is opened. And you Dearest Children are there in this moment in this powerful frequency between two worlds, the shift of worlds, as we call the swing between worlds. Jeshua and I and the holy family lived between the swing of worlds, and we understand this. You must persevere, and know that it is temporary, and that this too shall pass. And by September 28, 2016 of this year, everything will be clearer for all of you. This birthing process will take approximately 1 year, for the imprints of our energy to move forward.

It has come to Lea’s attention, the being named Noble, who is from her planet Sirius, has advised her that she will be working with him placing information into a time capsule for future generations. This energy, this information, is about the swing between worlds, about what is happening on the planet, that will create heaven upon earth. This information will be revealed in 2250, and will be discovered of what is happening at this time energetically upon this planet. You see, Dearest Children, these are times of rebirth. We are all being born again. If you feel that you no longer have a purpose in this life, that you have confusing moments, of why am I still here, what am I doing? It is simply because you are in this void. The swing between worlds, where we left our imprints to awaken the energy of Divine Father/Mother God, on September 28, 2015, until that moment of September 28, 2016, on Mt. Shasta, at the doorway of ascension, the doorway of light. You are going to feel this, this sense of confusion. It is not a punishment, it is just simply the process of rebirthing our imprints of Father/Mother God upon this earth plane. As you know, the energy of Divine Union is being brought forth of our essence upon this earth plane.

Many do not even know or understand our role that we brought forth and left here 2000 years ago. Many are confused about me and about Jeshua. But I tell you Dearest Children, we have come to bring peace so that there is no longer duality. And today as you call in the energy of Divine Union within yourself, and the power of Father/Mother God within your essence, within your spirit, we have spoken of the twin flames that are now united. We are asking you to call in this essence and presence within your own energy field, and bring the essence of Father/Mother God into your own energy field, your own conscious state. Divine Mother of receptivity, love and peace. Father God, action, clarity, and focus. Allow these two energies to focus into your heart, calling on the energy of Father/Mother God to bring balance and peace to your struggles, and yes, the energy of Divine Sophia, mother energy has been present with each of you. And now call the energy of the balance of Father/Mother God within your being.

It is not in desperation that you call these energies, but it is with balance. Father/Mother God, open the heart of your heart. And so Dearest Ones as you allow this frequency into your heart, know that the time has come for each of you to be the master, and once again, the hope creator, and Divine God/Goddess that you all are. The blueprint of your lifetime is now being rewritten for many of you. Your etheric blueprint for many of you is being rewritten, the etheric blueprint that you came in with, with your soul’s essence, to complete your soul’s journey, is now being rewritten for many of you. Because of the new energy frequencies, and the presence of your mission, is now being recalibrated. And so what you may feel is a detour, what you may feel is a void within your life, you will all have new pathways that will open, so that you can complete your mission on this earth plane. Many of you are very upset or frightened that you are not going to complete your mission, and that you will be halted by the density and the duality of the energies on this planet, but that is not going to happen, and it certainly is not going to be allowed, even by your own dense thought forms, this is not going to happen.

And so Dear Ones, you are going through a detour, or bypass to get through the challenges, there is always a pathway, the power of love to heal, holds the doorway and pathway for each of you. I knew that Jeshua as he laid upon the cross would not physically die, we knew this was not to be, but we could not guarantee that he would not hold his strength and his will to endure his suffering. And you see, when we held him, and cradled his consciousness for three nights and three days in the tomb, Elizabeth and I, we were frightened, deeply deeply frightened. Dear Elizabeth called in the breath of light, as she called into Jeshua breathe in the fire of life. She jumpstarted the fire of life within him, and he physically lived on, and he physically recovered. It was not easy, but today Elizabeth is calling forth the fire of life within each of you, so that you can live on no longer in duality, or being affected by the void that is taking place, for we’ve opened the portal of light.

Breathe in the fire of life, this is Elizabeth. Breathe in the fire of life, this is Elizabeth. Breathe in the fire of life, this is Elizabeth. And breathe it in, and release and let go, and let God. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in the fire of life, letting go and letting God. It is what saved Jeshua and revitalized him, and many of you are at that point of weariness and caution. Breathe in the fire of life, breathe in the fire of life. Letting go and letting God. It is within these challenges that strength and commitment to your own self, be true. You are all stronger than you understand yourselves to be, and with Elizabeth’s energy of the fire of life infused within you, you are now jumpstarted once again, as if you have primed the pump, as they say, of your new life. In that moment, when Elizabeth breathed the fire of life into Jeshua, his body came back to life, and we looked at each other, and we knew that it would all be ok. We cried and we wept, our Jeshua was back. And we cry now for you, as we weep with joy, for we see that you understand the power of the fire of life that has been ignited within you on this powerful day. Breathe in the fire of life, call forth Elizabeth, she is powerful, she was Jeshua’s cousin, raised by Mother Mary, and is indeed a powerful soul. She is a healer and a wisdom keeper of all times. And you may call upon her when you need the fire of life to be reunited and ignited within you.

We will take our leave, as Mother Mary is here to bring our final message.

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mother Mary. I come within your energy field, I ask that you bring me your sorrow, and bring me your pain. I wish to bring comfort to each of you, and allow each of you to heal, with the essence and presence of love, and the essence and presence of light, and the essence and presence of peace upon your soul. Joseph and I stand with you, and we place our arms around you, carrying you if you need to be carried. And so allow us to be your crutches, for we are here to comfort you, to bring you tender mercy, and to bring you love. Go with the understanding that all is in order, and all is as it should be, for our hearts come forward to you, and you are never forsaken, and you indeed are never alone. Remember the power of love, it is healing, it is transformative, it is the energy of the portal of Mother/Father God, that mother energy and father energy have brought forward to bring peace to this planet, and my son Joshua and his beloved Mary are the representations of this energy. They left their physical imprints for all the world to see and all the world to know, and what a beautiful remembrance of their calling. Go now, Dearest Ones, and call the energy of Father/Mother God within the essence of your being. Call in the energy, go now, be at peace, be still, and know that you are God.

​The significance of physical ailments.

In my practice and within myself, I have found that after a time, mental and emotional issues that have not been addressed will start to become a physical ailments.  And If not taken care of will sometimes make us ill for the rest of our lives.

I write this now thinking about a person whom I had a healing session with who had cancer. I could see the black square of cancer in his body, and the funny thing was that as I put my hands on his head, I could feel the flow of energy, and as I put my hands on his fee I could feel the flow, but as I put my hands on his stomach where he had the cancer, I saw in my mind’s eye a black box and the flow went around the blockage.  I told him, knowing how sick he was, omg, you have got to forgive these people or you are going to die, unfortunately it was too late and he had manifested this cancer space within his liver and eventually died soon after.

What I learned from that and countless other healings is that our thoughts, our emotions and our feelings, if negative and self-destructive, will cause physical illness in some way shape or form.
We get little hints within our realm of our person, when our body becomes tired, or we become depressed and keep looking for the answers outside our self.  Honestly, the answers are within our self and our person. If we sit long enough, get quiet, and take a conscious look at this physical ailment, I believe most of us will be able to pinpoint the beginning of this ailment. And from there you can begin to change your thoughts and feelings about it using positive thought, affirmations, and self-love. Seems silly, but I can tell you from firsthand experience it all works. It’s so simple that people think it won’t work.  People think that other things can help you overcome a spiritual obstacle, but the bad news is that it won’t. It will put a band aid on it, but it will come back, manifested in some other form, illness, phobia, etc.

I urge you today, to scan your body, look for any specific feelings or perceptions that need to change and take charge of healing your life.  It can be done.




Beloved masters, the Rays of Divine Light, which are radiated throughout Creation via the great Archangels, not only contain the all-encompassing attributes of our Father / Mother God, but their thoughts and emotions of love and wisdom are also constantly being Ray-diated throughout all Creation. However, it is each person’s responsibility to be receptive to this gift of Living Light, to integrate as much as possible, and then to pass on a portion to humanity, and also a “tithe” of Love/Light and gratitude back to the SOURCE of ALL.

Universal Law mandates that there must come a time when all conscious Souls begin to return a portion of the Divine gifts of Love/Life they have been allotted—it is called the Law of Responsive Return.

When you actively participate in sharing your allotment of Adamantine Particles in times of prayer, affirmation, meditation and via the World Pyramid, you are fulfilling your obligation to our God Parents as an active and caring cocreator. This is the highest and most effective form of tithing. It is important to share your earthly riches, but even more important to share your loving energy, gifts and talents of Spirit.

The SACRED WHITE COSMIC FIRE, Adamantine Particles, that you magnetize to you as an awakened Self-master must continually circulate. Only a certain amount— that which is appropriate for each Soul to integrate at their current level of en-Lighten-ment—can be stored within the physical vessel. The remainder must be RAY-diated out into the world of form. The Supreme Creator is composed of infinite, indefinable Essence power which is so overwhelming that you cannot even imagine ITS magnitude. That wondrous Essence power has been reduced within every dimensional level of Creation so that you, the Star Seed cocreators, may claim your portion of this magnificent energy.

Each human Being contains hundreds of potential personality traits, which have been stored within the genetic structure of his/her four-bodily systems (physical / mental / emotional / etheric). It is up to each person to determine which personality traits he/she will develop and present to the outside world. The faster you neutralize or harmonize your negative personality traits, the more quickly your godly potential or your master Self will emerge. Only then will you gain access to your full potential as a cocreative master within the physical planes of existence.

When you achieve a certain level of harmony within, you open the physical body gateways or portals to the higher Dimensions: the Ascension Chakra or Medulla Oblongata at the base of the skull; the back portal of your Sacred Heart; your Sacred Mind, which is located in the upper, back portion of the brain; and the expansion of the opening of the Crown Chakra and your column of Light. These are major physical steps in the Ascension process, for they will clear and expand your connection with the River of Life, which contains the Living Light Particles of Creation called Adamantine Particles.
At that point, you begin to build a force field of the Full-Spectrum Light for this Sub-Universe, as you strive to become a Self-master, and a conscious cocreator who only creates those things which are for the greatest benefit of all. From that time forward, your breathing exercises and affirmations take on a whole new meaning.

In order to become a living tributary for the River of Life, you must prepare yourselves to allow the Essence of Life to flow into and through you. You must use what you need, and then allow the remainder to flow forth, ready and available to be used in the wondrous creations of the new Divine Blueprint. In this way, you will become bearers and servers of the Light. This is the ultimate message of all the teachings we have given you over these past years. This is the goal of Self-mastery. This is the way of Ascension.

The SACRED TRIAD is the vehicle through which the God-Seed Atom works, just as the Soul works through the personality on the Earth Plane. The Seventh sub-level, Fourth-Dimensional, Causal Body is a vehicle of higher Soul-consciousness. The Causal Body is the Spiritual Body of the God-Seed Atom Soul Fragments, and it is an intermediary between Spirit and matter, life and form.
THE THREE COSMIC CORDS OF LIGHT: There are three COSMIC GOLDEN CORDS OF LIGHT FROM WITHIN YOUR GOD-SEED ATOM, which flow down through your many SACRED TRIADS into your Fourth-Dimensional Causal Body, and then down into your OverSoul / Higher Self into the physical vessel. The three cords are the LIFE FORCE ENERGY CORD, THE CONSCIOUSNESS CORD, AND THE CREATIVE CORD.

1.The Breath of Spirit/Life/Energy Conduit (which contains two Threads of iridescent Light) first anchors within the Soul Star, OverSoul/Higher Self. Of the two Life Energy Threads, one—a Gold Cord—is then anchored within a God-Seed Atom in the Pineal Gland, and the other one—a Silver Cord—is anchored within the Diamond Core God Cell within the Sacred Heart. This essential “CORD OF LIFE” uses the blood stream as its primary distributing agent.

2.The Consciousness Cord connects with your OverSoul/Higher Self within your Soul Star Chakra, and then anchors within the Pineal Gland in the brain.

3.The Creative Cord connects with the Right Brain hemisphere of the higher mind of intuition and inspiration, and with the Sacred Mind.



The higher wisdom and refined energy required for traversing the sub-levels of the Third/Fourth Dimensions are supplied by the three God Ray attributes and qualities of each, more refined, OverSoul/Higher Self. This vital energy flows through the Threefold Life / Light Cords within the person’s Column of Light: Life Force Energy / Conscious awareness / Creativity.
As a person gradually awakens to the nudgings of the Soul and Higher Self, thereby becoming a Seeker of higher wisdom, the Consciousness and Creativity Cords become active, and vital frequencies of Self-mastery and Ascension begin to flow into the physical vessel. Eventually, higher frequency, vibrational patterns will be radiated from the GOD-SEED ATOM down through the River of Life column of Light–the Antakarana–into the Soul Star, and then directly into the Pineal and Pituitary glands, and also into the Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart. The physical mind, controlled earlier by the ego desire-body personality, is now controlled by the higher frequency consciousness of the Soul Self.

Each Sacred Triad was diminished in Light Quotient as it moved further out into the void and the density of Creation. The beginning Fifth-Dimensional stage of awareness—the densest, first sub-level—will initiate a focus on the mental body, and the integration of Divine Will. Specific evolutionary laws apply on each sub-plane as well as on each full plane of consciousness.
Every SACRED/SPIRITUAL TRIAD contains the Essence of the Three God Rays for this Sub-Universe: DIVINE WILL * LOVE/INTUITION * INTELLIGENCE IN ACTION.

THE LAWS OF SPIRIT WITHIN THE FIFTH DIMENSION ENTAIL: Learning how to wield energy in the physical, material world using the three God Rays from within your GOD-SEED ATOM, via the SACRED TRIAD of the first sub-level of the Fifth Dimension, to which you are gradually becoming attuned. It is also vitally important that you learn to stay centered within the Still Point of Infinity—the NOW moment of God Power.

The TRINITY aspect of the Third/Fourth Dimensions, BODY / MIND / SPIRIT, will become a perfected DUALITY, a Soul-Infused Personality—a fully conscious Soul on the physical plane. From that point onward, the Soul-infused personality is directly connected to the Fifth-Dimensional, entry-level, Sacred Triad, which is connected to all of the higher-frequency Sacred Triads throughout the Multi-Dimensions. After completing this stage of evolution, there will no longer be an Over-Soul/Higher Self within the Third and Fourth Dimensions.


SOLAR PLEXUS: * SOUL-INFUSED PERSONALITY (This occurs after the ego-desire body has been returned to its proper role as a servant of the Soul, so that it may then be incorporated into the SOLAR POWER CENTER).

The Soul’s primary goal is to prepare Its physical vessel host to integrate enough Creator Light to lift Its frequencies from the Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment into the base Fifth-Dimensional level. At that point, the physical vessel becomes Soul-infused, or an empowered Soul, within a complimentary vessel. The aspirant is no longer just a human Being with a sustaining Soul. Each person is like a miniature whirlpool in an ocean of the Creator’s dynamic, swirling energy.




As you traverse the sub-levels of the Fifth Dimension, there is a Sacred Triad stationed within each of the Seven Sub-Dimensional levels, each one diminished in size and Light Power from the one above. All of the Sacred Triads were sent forth directly from within the Heart-Core of your God-Seed Atom, and they have been stationed within every Sub-/Full-Dimensional level—all the way down to the lowest—the first Sub-Plane of the Fifth Dimension. As human Beings—Spirit/Soul/Physical Body—you are infused with the WILL to create, a sense of purpose, instinctual incentive, and a complex nature. Each person will have unique moods, desires, qualities, inherited complexities and inhibitions, for each incarnation is the sum total of the major aspects of a person’s thousands of life experiences. The Soul is reflected through the personality until Soul integration is complete, at which time the Soul Self OverLights the personality and expresses directly through it.
Your planet is now plugged directly into the Heart-Core of the Great Central Sun within the Milky Way Galaxy. The new cosmic waves of Creator Light are a great gift to the awakened Souls on planet Earth. Even though these refined, higher-frequency Rays are not being beamed down directly into the lower Fourth- and Third Sub-Dimensional levels, the transforming frequencies of Light will gradually filter into and affect everyone and everything on and within the Earth.

As a result of its alignment with the Galactic Center and attunement with the Great Central Sun of the Galaxy, the Earth is in the process of raising its frequency patterns—its Soul Song—so it can return to its status as a Sacred Planet. This Sub-Universe is also being upgraded in vibrational frequencies as a result of being bombarded with the Adamantine Particles of Creator Light via our Universal Mother /Father God.

Beloveds, the process that is now taking place is called the Inbreath of Creation. A new, powerful and all-encompassing clarion call has rung forth on your planet, and millions have once more stepped forward to answer the call. We are gathering our forces, of which you are an integral part, as preparations are made to expand Creation out into the great void. The Creator’s radiance is now viable and active in your galaxy, solar system and on planet Earth, and you may draw forth as much of this rarified Love/Light as your physical body can contain as long as you use all you draw forth for the greater good.

Ask and we will assist you in every endeavor. Call on us and we will bolster your courage and lighten your burdens. Know that the days ahead are bright with promise as you walk the path of the masters before you. We shower down upon you a full measure of the radiance of our Father/Mother God. I AM Archangel Michael.

​​​Transmitted through Ronna/Sacred Scribe * As transmitter of this article I, Ronna, claim the universal copyright in the name of Archangel Michael. Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered, excerpted or added to, and credit of authorship and my Email and website address is included. It may be published in journals, magazines or public print with permission from :
Channelled by : Ronna Herman

Peace and Resurrection

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Your Flowing Mind

We are on the cusp of great change. Exactly when, where, what, how, and to whomthese changes occur will be determined in the fifth dimensional worlds that are beyond “time.”

We are on the cusp of great change. Exactly when, where, what, how, and to whomthese changes occur will be determined in the fifth dimensional worlds that are beyond “time.” Therefore, “when,” which is a third dimensional term, will be “within the NOW” in which these changes are experienced.

This may seem confusing to your third dimensional thinking. However, if you are to consciously experience these changes, your consciousness—and thus your perceptions—will need to be calibrated to that frequency range and energy pattern of those changes.

Please remember that change does NOT occur – unless YOU experience it. And, whether or not you experience these changes will largely depend on whether or not your consciousness is calibrated to the frequency of reality in which that change is occurring within the NOW.

We realize that you may be confused by the 5D mode of conversation. Our speaking within the NOW of “no-time” no longer confuses Suzille. However, the side effect of her adaptation to that frequency of the NOW is that her third dimensional, time-bound experiences are very difficult to keep track of. We know that many of you are having this experience.

As you adapt to “NO Time,” which means, “NOW,” you begin to live more and more within your multidimensional mind. Meanwhile, your physical brain, consciousness, thoughts, and emotions are trying to cope with the third dimensional stimuli and fourth dimensional stimuli.

This third/fourth dimensional stimuli, as well as the construct of your physical life, are fading from your “choice of perception.” There is such a diversity of stimuli in your third/fourth dimensional reality that you can become lost in the myriad illusions that arise at that frequency of reality.

You see, the third dimensional construct of reality is based on the polarity and separation that you experience in your physical world. Even your dreams can be frightening or limiting. However, time runs much faster in the fourth dimension.

Therefore, many of you learn to meditate, lucid dream, draw, sing, dance, and/or be an athlete. It is through these creative endeavors that you activate your innate connection to wonderful creative ability of your fourth dimensional consciousness, and thus fourth dimensional thinking.

Fourth dimensional consciousness/thinking is constructed of a more fluid reality in which your thought and emotions can change the structure of your reality. You may also be moving through the fourth dimension to remember how to be active your higher states of consciousness.

OR, if you are in the process of “entering into” an earth vessel—or—releasing your earth vessel, the fourth dimensional frequency of reality is very different form your third dimensional experience of what you had formerly thought of as the “person,” or “body” that died.

Of course, while in your astral body you are very aware that you cannot die. Death is a third-dimensional concept. While in your fourth-dimensional Astral Body or your fifth-dimensional Light Body you have the perspective of looking at your third dimensional reality from the perspective of a higher dimensional version of your self.

We do not mean that the 3D issues diminish. What we are saying is that the worries and fears of your third dimensional reality will diminish in importance. As you continue to hear, see, feel and sense that “something is VERY different,” your third dimensional perceptions seem “less important.”

Now, this is very confusing to you because you know you HAVE to take care of your 3D life. You have to pay your bills, go the work, take care of your family, etc., etc. Yes, within this NOW you still have to maintain a strong connection to your third dimensional reality because YOU are changing it.

But how can you change something that you don’t really understand? That is a very important point because you are being called upon to expand your awareness of what is truly happening on physical Earth, so that YOU can participate in this change.


Therefore, we will move on to the “where” aspect of this change. That is an easy answer. The “where” is inside of YOU—deep within your Core! Since you are among our volunteers who took an earth vessel to more intimately assist Gaia, you are fully merging into your/Gaia’s planetary SELF. Therefore, your “where” is every where on planet Earth.

This brings us to the “What is going to occur?” We, your Galactic and Celestial Family, happily answer, “What ever you create!” If you are to ascend with Gaia, you will need to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality.

If you observe reality only from the third dimension, you will likely judge your self—a LOT! However, if you have learned to Unconditionally Love yourself, you will NOT judge your self. Instead, you will listen to the many voices inside your head, your heart, and your body.

We suggest that you tune into the roar of the myriad Higher Beings surrounding your world. Then, intimately and daily connect with your own Higher Self who resonates to the “you” who has found the courage to listen to your reality.

Remember, if you allow all of your senses, perceptions, thoughts and emotions to send you an understandable message, you will need to Unite all this information into the ONE voice of your own Higher Dimensional SELF.

There are many, many of our brave volunteers to Earth that are in the process of communing with their Higher Self. The challenge is that many do not realize that it is their own Higher Self with whom they are communing.

You have all been indoctrinated by the Lost Ones that, “You are just one, insignificant human.” We ask you to slightly change that message to, “I AM ONE very significant, multidimensional being.”

To best fulfill that mission, we suggest that you transmute “back” into your “Flowing Body.”Your Flowing Body is a return back into your fifth dimensional vessel of light.


To assist you with that “return,” we will NOW send you our latest transmission. We have spoken with you “inside your consciousness.” We NOW wish to assist you to interpret our message in a manner in which you can share with others in a way that they can understand.

We come to you within this NOW to share that we, your Galactic Family, surrounds your planet. Hence, we are able to give you all the protection and illumination that you are able to accept. Gaia is a free will planet, which both strengthens and weakens her.

Since Gaia chose to explore being a reality in which Her inhabitants could be the directors of their own version of reality, She was able to accept residents from myriad different worlds and dimensions onto Her planet.

However, the origins of these inhabitants were forgotten, as they adapted to a third/fourth dimensional reality. We come to you again to remind you that IT IS THE NOW for you ALL to release your old “adaptations” into your current third/fourth dimensional resonance and return to your true Multidimensional SELF.


All of your inter-dimensional abilities, and more, are becoming increasingly common. Best of all, more, and more, people are beginning to follow their inner urges and document that which they are experiencing. Best of all, you are sharing these experiences with others.

Fully remembering your initial arrival on planet Earth will greatly assist you to release your third-dimensional adaptations. Please remember that you bi-located from the fifth dimension, and beyond, from your true, fifth dimensional self.

“Bi-located” means that your fifth-dimensional expression of you who chose to merge a component of his/her energy field with the “you” who is wearing a third dimensional earth vessel – still resonates to the fifth dimension.

When your 3D self is consciously aware that you are infinitely connected with an expression of YOU who resonates to the fifth dimension, your third dimensional self will be able to merge with this fifth dimensional energy field.

When your third dimensional expression merges with your fifth dimensional expression, your collective SELF will perceive you as ONE with ALL the higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

Since YOU consciously resonate with both Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional SELF, as well as your fifth dimensional SELF, you become an open portal through which the fifth dimensional energy fields of your fifth dimensional SELF can flow into and merge with your physical earth vessel.

Your physical earth vessel shares Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional elements of earth, air, fire, water, and either. Your fifth dimension expression of SELF sends fifth dimensional energy fields down through your portal to intermingle with your third dimensional earth vessel.

This fifth dimensional energy field merges with every molecule of the inter-dimensional portal that your fifth and third dimensional selves have opened to commune with each other. Because Gaia is a “free-will” planet it is the decision of your 3D earth vessel self as to whether or not you receive this energy field.

The difficulty is that if your 3D expression cannot perceive this portal connection, you will not recognize the “feel” of the fifth dimensional that your “higher self” is sending to you via the portal of your join connection.

Please remember that this energy is meant to go through your 3D earth vessel and into the planetary body of Gaia. Your fifth dimensional SELF will continue to send you as much fifth dimensional light as you are able to ground into the body of Gaia.

It is vital that you remember that you MUST let this energy travel “Not From You-but THROUGH you.” The synaptic junctions of your third dimensional earth vessel cannot tolerate continual interaction with the fifth dimensional energy fields.

If you do not send this energy into the core of Gaia, you can greatly harm your fragile 3D earth vessel. However, as this energy travels through you, you are able to share it with others via the task that humans have called Channeling.

When you “channel” it is vital to ALWAYS remember:

“The energy travels THROUGH me not FROM me.

If you try to use this frequency of energy before you have fully grounded it in the planet, the ungrounded higher frequency can damage the delicate neural/electrical systems of the clay earth vessel that that expression of your Multidimensional SELF is wearing.

Furthermore, if your ego becomes engaged or you seek to use this energy for selfish reasons, your fifth dimensional expression will stop using “the Portal” until your grounded version regains their “service to others” consciousness.

Even when the grounded one maintains a service to others state of consciousness, the clay vessel that that YOU is wearing can become harmed by light that is too out of sync with the tunnel/portal through which it travels.

From the perspective of your earth vessel self, you will become extremely tired and perhaps even ill. Also, there can be some neurological damage if you do not take “rests” and remain connected with your higher dimensional YOU. This higher dimensional you is much like the “puppet master,” whereas your 3D self is much like the puppet.

However, this “puppet” is actually a very evolved human who has followed the necessary light choices that allows you to consciously connect with your own fifth dimensional (and beyond) expression of Multidimensional SELF.

Remember, your fifth dimensional self maintains the multidimensional opening of your shared inner portal. Simultaneously, your third dimensional self maintains the third/fourth dimensional opening of your shared inner portal.

These two expressions of YOU resonate to the frequency of consciousness of the part of the portal that you maintain. However, what has been occurring more and more is that the third dimensional expression of you is allowing more and more of this higher frequency of light to enter into your earth vessel.

As long as your physical expression realizes that you MUST maintain a higher state of consciousness on a regular basis or the higher light can actually harm your earth vessel. We remind you to not be alarmed, when the higher light “opens” higher dimensional messages that have been dormant in your physical brain.

Your third dimensional self is beginning to consciously perceive these messages because your earth bound consciousness has expanded enough to activate your higher brainwaves. It is these higher frequency brainwaves that allow you to receive higher and higher dimensional messages without damaging your physical brain.

It is at this point that your fifth dimensional self can pull through messages from higher and higher dimensions of realty. Simultaneously, your third dimensional YOU can ground these messages deeper and deeper into the planetary body of Gaia. You are also able to consciously perceive and share these messages with others.

When the third dimensional YOU at the 3D opening of your portal can consciously receive, document and share the messages that your 5D sends from the higher dimensions, our inter-dimensional portal expands more deeply into the core of Gaia, as well as into higher and higher dimensional realities.

Eventually this YOU will be able to totally release all attachment to the third dimensional “holographic timeline” of planet Earth and merge the consciousness of your personal earth vessel self with the consciousness of the fifth dimensional SELF.

Furthermore, once you have merged your personal consciousness with your planetary consciousness, you be fully aware of the portal within the core of the Earth. It is then that your bi-located SELF, can be in constant communication with your earth vessel self.

When you entered your earth vessel, you entered time, as well as all the myriad possible, probable, alternate, and simultaneous incarnations of Earth. In this manner, you have access to the YOU in what you likely now consider your “past self.”

To your third dimensional self, these lives are within the “time” of the past. However, to your fifth dimensional self, these lives are ALL resonating to the NOW of the ONE. Hence, your constant connection to your Higher Self will greatly assist you to expand your perceptions of reality far beyond one individual being living in only one timeline.

We ask you now to go deep inside your long forgotten memory waves to remember entering the earth vessel that you are currently wearing. When you remember entering “this life,” you can remember the YOU that is often known as your “Higher Self.”


Hopefully the WHO is YOU! All of your inter-dimensional abilities, and more, are becoming increasingly common. Best of all, more, and more, people are beginning to follow their inner urges and document that which they are experiencing. Best of all, you are sharing these experiences with others.

Beings who have ascended beyond the third dimension often briefly return to the physical world to show others that a transition into Lightbody is possible.

Perhaps YOU will be one of those being.

Perhaps, you already are!

Our Founding Father Speaks for the Healing of our Nation

My guides have pointed out to me that our nation needs assistance.  One of our founding fathers came to me and said you have got to do something to asssit our nations capitol for this is not what we wanted our nation to be.  Everything is mixed up. 

So he said that there are ley lines under Washington DC and I knew this from prior research, the sacred geometry of our nations capitol was built as such using astrology and sacred geometry. I also reserch the ley lines and thee is a long earthly power line that goes from New York, through Boston, through Pennsylvania, Virginia Maryland DC and down all the way to the Mexico Pennisula where there is a pyramid.

So I focused my attention and began to send healing energy. There are layers and layers upon layers of so much in that area, greed, hate, discust and the like, so I did my best to clear the energy, the the energy of the entire US, We need so much spiritual help here. Our country was built upon the essence of God, and it is so lost. I ask that you pray of our country, and if you are an energy healer clear off our country and the world. It can hurt. Below is part of my channeling I received from George Washington. In my last trip to Pennsylvania, he spoke to me and said he was dissapointed in our nation, so i am not at all surprised he came through again: 

Here is my channelling: I didnt reaize it was so political: 

Guides speaking: The earthly lines; from our forefathers, they sort of constructed a planetary circular cusp so to speak and within this sort of cusp there were many natural and unnatural truths of our nation
It holds within it a time of justice that at one time was prevalent, and not it is inherent; the lines ha e been mixed up as well as trampled on when it comes to the equality of man himself
Me: Right
Guides: And their fortitude nature  has been butchered to the point where no one is in charge of all or many the cat is in the hen house so to speak, and it taking adventitia of all who he can and all who can help him gain further control; let’s work on that; completely ratify this and these people
Me: How
Guides: With help from all of the above; the forefathers are ready to assist
Or ancestors are already to assist, the angels are ready to assist; god is ready to ass
Me: So how and what to do
Lay your hands at your heart
Resonate the land of the free for a multitude of ranges and of time
This will not only enhance our communal fortitude but grant others to do the same
This is a the most necessary of things to do this day be frank and wit
Cut in
May we cut in?
Yes George Washington carver?
Carver was and is a place of the township, It has come and gone
We precisely are here to endure your fathomable endurable path my lovely
What has been done is simply unprocessible to us
Your country is in deep need of deep and nourishing faith
It has non, absolutely none
Lincoln tried when he abolished the slaves but still the others we more powerful
The most powerful ones are still doing the same thing
They must be stopped how
By the undoing of the political party that has wasted all or time and money
The republicans
The republicans sand the democrats always seem to fight, but they are all on the same side
There interested bear only fruits to any and all of them
This part or parties are disparaging
Well sir what can I do
Assist in the healing of the nation
Help the nation heal
And gain access to their hearts
That is the only way we you are going to survive this
We will guide you

And as I did the healing they did guide me. Along with the angels, our ancestors, and our plenetary guides as well.  the universal beings do not want us to be at war, they are doing their best to assist our planet in peace. 

Sanada- Christ Consciousness Message


Dear Brothers and Sisters, I bring you greetings from the entire Company of Heaven this Holiday Season. Of course, many of you know that my birthday was actually in the spring, but it doesn't matter. We all celebrate at this time of year. These celebrations go back far beyond the time when I came to Earth during the Jesus lifetime. We like to think of it as a time to celebrate the rising of Christ Consciousness on Planet Earth.

Christ Consciousness Is the Will, Mind and Love of God
For those who have been trained by their religion to think of the name "Christ" as mine alone, let me explain. The Christ Consciousness is the expression and realization of the mind, will, and heart of God. It is the knowing within oneself that we are here to represent God's Love. I came in that lifetime with my wife Mary Magdalene, who carried the Christ Consciousness as I did, and we were surrounded by our loving family who all supported and carried the Mission to uplift and inspire the people of Earth to Ascend. It was our hope that the great effort at that time would usher in a wave of compassion, good will and a deeper connection with God.

It was the hope of the Company of Heaven that we would begin the rise in consciousness that would usher in the New Golden Age at that time. Unfortunately, the backlash against our teachings by the ones who coveted their power over others led to the distortion and falsification of the simple and direct message of Love we brought.

And so, in the time since that life, we have all continued to incarnate at various times, with the same intention of bringing Peace to Earth and all her people. Yes, all of you reading this message have been a part of the Mission in one capacity or another, and we are here again to finish the job we started during those days in the Holy Land. This time, we have the help of so many of our Galactic friends, and the dedication once again of the entire Company of Heaven. We are wiser to the ways of the dark ones, and have worked steadily to remove their influence as 4 th dimensional overseers who would have interfered once again to stop us.

This Time Nothing Will Stop Us
Today, December 22, 2015 is the beginning of a new era. It will herald in the New Golden Age you have so longed for in a very... well, obvious way. The programs we have all worked so hard to bring to fruition will seem to "suddenly" come into view in your daily lives. The next few days will bring changes that will enter the consciousness of humanity in a gradual, quiet way at first, with little fanfare. You who have been with us through the building and creation of new economic, political and social systems behind the scenes will not be overwhelmed, nor will you see the changes as something to fear.

You, Beloved Brothers and Sisters, will be the ones who will soothe and comfort those who are just now awakening. It will be a new phase of our Mission together to bring through the Light of the New Earth, to teach and to raise up our fellow humans to be able to accept the goodness and the freedom we are now introducing. Yes, it will be frightening to some, because they have staunchly held to the belief that one must always prepare for the worst, and it has made them suspicious of the best life has to offer them.

Bringing in the New Day through Gifts of Kindness
It may be surprising to you who have worked so hard and held your faith foremost in your minds and hearts to find that you fellow humans are somewhat reluctant to accept the great blessings we bring forth now. It is natural for them to be suspicious and frightened of change, even if that change brings them abundance and freedom from all that has enslaved them in the past. It is now our work to help them learn to acclimate to the good times. What a pleasure it will be to surprise your friends and neighbors with gifts from your heart, true gestures of kindness, just because it feels right, and it expands your own vision to see others find relief and freedom.

Do not be daunted by those who would question or diminish the Light of your generosity. It is to be expected that there will be some who cannot immediately understand the goodness of what we bring. It will take compassion and a deep sense of the long-range goal we all hold: to uplift all of humankind to Ascend to a higher dimensional life together. Above all, Beloved Partners, be patient, move gently, spread your Light with equal parts of Joy and Forgiveness, for not all will understand our Mission in the first days of our great celebration.

Some will not believe or trust that the blessings we bring come truly from Mother and Father God. It will seem impossible to them that such a monumental shift in their day to day lives could come because of Heavenly intervention, since they have lived so many days in the grip of darkness, slavery and pain. We must show them by our Light and our presence that such grace is not only possible, but is now the natural result of their own deep longing for freedom and for Peace on Earth. This great upsurge of Light is not a mystery, nor is it a surprise for those who understand the science behind quantum energy.

We Are One Joyful Family
We have created this, Dear Ones, by the combined energy of our hearts and our will. We have proven the simple rules of physics - the simple Laws of Energy and Matter. We cannot be created, except by the loving will of our Creator. We can join our energies in a way that creates as our beloved Creator intended. We cannot be denied, and the result is a magnificent, Cosmic realization of Truth: We are One, and we endure. We are the Children of God, and we prevail because we are the Light.

This day, join with me and the rest of your family in the Company of Heaven Beloved Ones, as we meet together as One, builders of the Rainbow Bridge, the ones who will herald this new day, and who will create the most beautiful celebration our dear Planet Earth has ever seen. We will laugh and cry and embrace one another, and we will never forget the Joy of this precious time we have shared together.

I am your brother, Sananda. I love you eternally.

CHRISTmas message from our guides

Beloved Ones, 

It is with great love that we come to you this day to share our wishes of good tidings of great joy to you in this season that is ultimately about peace and prosperity for all. That is what is your birthright. That is what the Christ child incarnated to share with all of you. That is what every great spiritual master has wished for you - to know that no one can keep you from peace. Peace is within you and it is for you to cultivate and sustain. And abundance is yours as a divine child of Creator, you have been given the gift of co-creation. Imagine peace and prosperity for all. 

We remind you of this with the heartfelt intention that you keep peace in your heart as you navigate your way through this season that means many different things to many different people. Keep in mind that there are those among you who feel no joy at this time, only heartbreak and great loss. There are those who have lost loved ones at this time who have constant reminders that their loved one is no longer with them and therefore are filled with grief. There are those of you who have loved ones that are slipping away as we speak. We do not share this to infringe on your joy, but to help you keep things in perspective - to help you open your hearts to those who may be alone, lonely, angry, sick, forlorn, forgotten, unable to be present and be merry, unable to hold the same joy that you might, disconnected from family or friends or lovers through time, distance, death, misunderstanding, and so many other reasons. So many feel unfulfilled and do not know how to fill themselves. 

Dear ones, this is a plea to share yourselves, your tables, your time, your love, your presence with others who may not have what you have, may be lacking a loving home to go to to appreciate what you may take for granted. We are not necessarily talking about making a donation to the food pantry or some other cause, although that is not unappreciated. We are talking about stretching yourselves to be more like the man from Galilee during this season. What way can you help someone or perhaps many, that may take you out of your comfort zone in some way and be a stretch for you but will definitely make a big difference in the lives of others, and therefore in yours as well?

Can you organize round the clock care for an elder whose deepest desire is to be able to spend the holiday with their family? Can you provide a sumptuous meal for those whose only other option is to go to a church or soup kitchen, eat alone, or have Meals on Wheels delivered to them? Can you provide a place of rest and support for someone who is going through a difficult time? Can you be the love you wish to see in the world? Can you show up for friends, loved ones, or strangers in ways they would never ask for or expect? Can you invite someone to your family meal and truly welcome them as part of your family? Are you one who lives abundantly and does not realize how blessed you are? Do you give thanks for your blessings? Are you able to understand that you who live abundantly created that reality for yourselves and you can help others by showing them that Love Is. Some people forget or never knew that Love Is. Love Is everywhere, all the time, throughout eternity. 

When anyone loses sight of Love, it has not gone anywhere. It is still there as always. People simply lose their ability to see, feel, hear, say, touch, hug, whisper, smile, kiss, embrace, wink, clap, sing, and play Love. That does not mean it is gone. It is an abundant river that never dries up - except in peoples' hearts and minds. Be a water bearer of Love to all who need it as you are able, as you see the need for it, as you see, hear, feel, touch those who are withered and dry. Show them the abundance of love that is everywhere for those who see and believe. Whatever vehicle allows them to remember the magic of Love, take them there - through the story of the Magi, Santa Claus, Immaculate Conception and Birth, the magic of equal time of light and dark of the Solstice, or simply the magic of a heartfelt invitation to join you and your family and experience the love you have for each other. 

Know that this time has been sacred to all peoples of the Earth for long before one called Christ came into embodiment. Dwell on what is true throughout the ages, for all cultures as the divine truth uncorrupted by the special interests of certain groups throughout the ages. Look to nature and her beauty and bounty to find the oneness of all beings. Look to the majestic evergreen trees that are now cut down with little thought of what their significance is other than to put presents under. Look to the beauty of the red cardinals that are so much more noticeable at this time of year as deciduous trees have stripped their leaves and Mother Earth goes into her barren time. See the bright red holly berries on their dark green bushes. These are the original colors of the season. For those of the Jewish faith, blue and white are not only the holiday colors, but colors that hold significance throughout the year - to remind all of the blue of the heavens and the seas. White is a universal color of purity. Think about the sacrifices made both literally and symbolically throughout nature and throughout many cultures' legends of this time of year to prepare for new life - new birth of spring. And think about how most religious rites, symbols, and celebrations have their origin in Nature from well before the word 'religion' was coined. 

Think about this time in terms of what you want for yourselves at a deep level that you are willing to go within to dwell on, to nurture with your life force and measure its worthiness to bring to fruition by holding the intention throughout the winter and making sure it is worthy to plant that seed come spring and water it with your love and attention and intention. If you do not live your life in this way, you are depriving yourselves of the magic and ability to manifest that is within and all around you. Think well on this, dear ones, to create the life and the world you wish to live in, to experience, to be. Know that even the seemingly smallest daydreams can lead to powerful realities. If you are without family or in want of anything to celebrate, imagine your life is exactly how you want it. If there is someone in your life who diminishes you in any way and you know that this person or group is not healthy for you, simply imagine your life without them.  See yourselves only with people, who love, nurture, support, cherish, and value you in all the ways you desire and deserve. 

Families come in all different shapes and sizes and it is never too late to adopt more loved ones. If you feel unwelcome, unwanted, disconnected, or unable to relate to your birth family, create your own. You don't have to wait to be welcomed or adopted into someone else's family. If you have nothing to do this Christmas and no one to celebrate with, spend your time in very constructive imagining of exactly what you want next Christmas to be like for you. Continue to nurture this vision, dream, desire, into reality through the New Year so that again, by spring, there will be something that you can 'plant' and continue to nurture throughout the seasons so next year will be much more fruitful and abundant for you in whatever way you desire. 

We are loving you powerfully, dear ones. Hold onto the magic of this season, believe in it, and pass it on. If you do not believe in magic, you do not truly believe in manifestation, in healing, in the power of thought and intention, in creativity, and you discredit Mother Earth and the elements and all of nature. What would your life be like without the coming and going of the sun, moon, stars, seasons, birds, love, life, birth, death, healing, rejuvenation, reaching goals, art, music, play, and so many other things you have access to that are born of and perpetuated because Magic is. If you equate Love and Magic, you are not far wrong, dear ones. 

You are on the cusp of greater and greater magic. The more who believe in the magic of Love, the more it will manifest for each and every one of you. We wish you good tidings of great joy and the open-heartedness to see, feel, hear, experience, and share all of this and more. Embrace the joys, the carols, the festivities, the tales, the aromas, and the creativity (magic) of making gifts. Relish in the sights and sounds of this season with gratitude and the heartfelt prayer that all can appreciate the magic with the wonder of children and envision that reality becoming true for everyone. And let there be peace within your hearts and all over the Earth. 

And so it is. 

Your loving family of the stars and beyond,

The Collective of Guides

the eviction notice

The Eviction Notice
15 December 2015 - 1:32pm |  R D Miller
Teal Swan
Your pain has convinced you that you are alone here; that there is no way out of the well of the wound that has swallowed you.  I am a teacher.  I sit on a throne of certainty and ease, as if it were never tested; or so it now appears.  Now that I am showing others how to live a life of ease.  But this throne has not been mine forever.  And my place upon it is tested every single day.  There are many gates that one can pass through to reach awakening.  The gate of oneness, the gate of nothingness, the gate of the present or the gate that I came through…  The gate of suffering.  I do understand pain.  The smile you see on my lips has been pieced together from the crumbs of a shattered life I once led.  I have left myself behind so many times.  I have left myself to drown in the acrid blood I spilt myself.  I have died again and again.  I have made a hobby of dying in this life.  It is as if I were an onion, whose layers have been peeled off one by one by pain.

It is a decision we get to make and re-make every day… To stop resisting the way that life strips you clean…  To let it take bone and blood and sinew.  To let it take all that you think you are.  The moment you can’t fight back anymore and you let go is the moment life stops stripping you clean and instead begins to dress you.  It dresses you in the image of transcendence.  It cradles you in the support that was there all along.  It carries you to the very thing you desire.  But I do understand how hard it is to allow.  It is just that I also understand how much harder it is to stay where you are.  In a resistant state of being, trying to keep it all together, doing what you’ve been doing all your life.

When we outgrow our current life, our life does not wait for us to be ready to move on to a new life.  It simply begins the process of evicting us.  We have to let the life we are currently so identified with, die.  But to let something we are identified with die is to let a part of ourselves die.  And for most of us, we are only willing to do that when we discover first hand that there are worse things than dying.  It is only when you let yourself die to what you have outgrown that you find yourself born again; and in an instant.  I wish you the freedom that is inherent in being stripped clean of yourself like an onion, layer by layer and one by one.

The theme of this entire trip to San Francisco for every one of us that has come here has been shedding.  Allowing what was to die.  And taking the actions required in order to step into a new life.  We are no exception.  The common theme for people at this time on earth is the feeling of being stuck in transition.  At times like this, you end up torn between the idea of allowing and the idea of taking action. They seem (at face value) to be contradictory states of being when they are not.  To be in a state of “allowing”, means to deliberately choose thoughts, words and actions that allow your desires to manifest in your reality.   In order for you to allow your desires to manifest, your thoughts, words and actions must line up with your desires.  For example, you can’t desire money and simultaneously think the thought “there isn’t enough money” and have money manifest in your experience because the thought of money and the thought of there isn’t enough money aren’t a vibrational match; they aren’t in alignment.  We cannot be thinking a thought that feels emotionally negative to us and be in a state of allowing.  We cannot take an action that feels emotionally negative to take and be in a state of allowing.  And no amount of action that we ever take can make up for what we lack in thought.  But is action a contradiction to allowing, or is action a key ingredient to allowing?

Most of us have the same picture in our minds when we think of allowing.  For most of us, the picture we have is a person who is blissed out and meditating in a state of complete, passive surrender to the universe.  We picture in our minds, a state of inactivity.  We imagine that allowing means letting the universe live out our lives for us.  We treat our lives as if we were chess pieces here to be played by the universe according to a pre determined game and we call it “destiny” or “purpose”.  But this picture of allowing is a misunderstanding.  The state of allowing is not a state of inaction; it is not a state of spiritual laziness and surrender.  It is a state of deliberate focus and inspired action.

You could think of the state of allowing as the state of total non-resistance.  And the state of total non-resistance is not stagnant energy; it is forward moving energy.  There is a saying in the spiritual community, “whatever happens is meant to happen”.  And it is true that the way you know if something should be happening is if it is happening.  But we, in the spiritual community use this saying to cop out of the responsibility of being the creators of our own lives.  When we feel utterly powerless to our own lives, the thought “whatever happens is meant to happen” is a comfort to us.  It helps us to release resistance, but that there is the problem.  Those of us, who live our lives according to this belief, often feel deep down that we are powerless to our own lives.  We live our lives at the mercy of the universe, which is to forget that we are extensions of this universe.  In essence, we use the passive surrender statement of “whatever happens is meant to happen” when we have given up.  We have created so much resistance relative to our lives and we distrust our ability to create what we want to such a degree that giving up and turning it over to the universe feels like relief.

The entire reason you are here is because the universe at large knew that it would benefit by projecting itself, in the form of you into the physical dimension, which is the leading edge of expansion.  “Leading edge” means that you are the one leading the universe, not the other way around.  You are the one telling the universe which direction you want your life to go, not the other way around.  The universe is merely arranging your reality so that it is an exact mirror and match to your current thoughts.  Whether you are thinking something negative or positive, you are telling the universe what to become and thus what your reality is to become.  The universe is no more God than you are God.  The universe is learning through your perspective and your desire what is right for you.  The universe is not playing us like a chess game full of inanimate chess pieces.  Instead, we are like animated chess pieces that tell the player (the universe) which direction we want to move and through that, the player (the universe) learns about itself.   The chess player learns about itself through the chess pieces because the chess pieces are just a projection of itself.  The chess pieces and the chess player are different manifestations of the exact same being.

You did not come here so the universe could live your life for you.  In fact, that would be the sure fire way to stop the expansion of this universe.  When you spend your whole life turning your life over to the universe, there is no real point to living.  It is as if there is a lull in the game because the universe can’t play the game when you don’t play the game.  The universe keeps waiting for your move because it’s your turn and you keep waiting for its move because you think it is the universe’s turn.  You wind up stuck.  You are not giving the universe the energy or momentum to direct.  It is important to remember something; you have to throw the ball for the universe to throw it back.  Another important thing to remember is, the more balls you throw, the more chances that one of those is going to be a home run.  When we are attached to the idea of needing one specific thing to pan out so we can meet our desire, we develop a lot of resistance because we fear that if it does not pan out, we will not achieve our desire.  And so, we can’t stop worrying about it.  Worry is resistance.  And so, if we can instead throw energy towards many options, we will have less resistance and therefore we will be in a state of allowing towards our desire and thus, it will manifest much faster and easier.

On a practical level, we can see this issue playing out amongst the demographic of people who play the lottery.  If we become convinced that the only way we are going to make millions is if we win the lottery, we put all of our energy towards the lottery.  But we also care so much about winning the lottery that we worry about the potential of not winning the lottery.  And thus, we resist the very thing we desire; and because of it, we do not allow ourselves to create a situation in our lives where we do win the lottery.  And what’s more than that, we disallow all other potential avenues for financial abundance to come into our experience.  Via our beliefs, we have told the universe that the only way that money can come is via the lottery, which is the very venue that due to our worry, we are in resistance to.  We cannot allow our own abundance when we are doing that.  Instead, we limit ourselves.  We are not throwing multiple balls to the universe, we are throwing one ball to the universe; and because of our own resistance we are throwing it poorly.  It is sort of like throwing a ball into a gale force wind.  And thus, the chance of that ball becoming a home run is very low.

Spiritual living and allowing does not mean a state of blissed out laziness.  That very idea is a direct opposition to the truth that you are the creator of your reality.  Action feels good; it feels good because you manifested physically specifically to act.  The sweetness of the experience of taking action as the result of an inspiration is the reason we choose to come into the physical dimension again and again.  And so, it must be said that sometimes the highest form of allowing is taking action.  Passive surrender is not always the most allowing state.  Passive surrender can be the result of disbelief and distrust in the self.  It is all too often the indication that we are trying to cope with the feeling of being overwhelmed and powerless.  We use the modality of passive surrender to escape the pressure of being in charge of a reality that we feel is out of our control.

The time has come to ask yourself:  Am I trying to let the universe live my life for me, or am I the one living my life?  In order to be the one living your life, you must first deciding what you desire and then use inspiration to take action to move in the direction of that desire.  The most allowing state to be in is not the state of surrender.  The most allowing state to be in is the state of positive focus.  And the second most allowing state to be in is the state of taking inspired action.  To take inspired action, is to take action that is inspired by a positive emotion.  This is opposed to an urged action, which is the byproduct of a negative emotion.  Though urged action may feel like temporary relief, it will not yield positive results because it is caused by a negative emotion.  The law of attraction, which is the most powerful law in the universe dictates that negative emotion can only be a match to negative action, which can only be a match to negative results.  You can see this easily by examining the behavior of a heroin addict.  When I am feeling afraid or powerless, I may feel the urge to shoot up heroin.  The idea and action of shooting up heroin may feel like relief because it is an improvement from the feeling of powerlessness and fear.  But it was still an action that was the result of powerlessness and fear and so, due to the law of attraction, only more powerlessness and fear can be the result of taking that action.  On the other hand, if I was feeling afraid or powerless and I was to deliberately look for better and better feeling thoughts to think, (thoughts that in the thinking of them felt like relief) I would eventually find myself thinking a thought that felt emotionally positive and empowering to me.  Maybe that positive thought would cause me to suddenly feel the inspiration to go on a hike in nature; and because that action was inspired from a positive thought that felt like empowerment, it would yield positive results that would only lead to more empowerment.

Living a spiritual life does not mean taking a back seat to God or a back seat to the universe.  It means allowing yourself to work with the universe instead of against it; to work with yourself instead of against yourself.  What is meant to happen is what you want to have happen!   The universe will arrange all necessary conditions for you to achieve your desires and because the universe doesn’t have resistance, it will arrange those conditions the second you desire them.  If anything other than what you think you want to have happen occurs, it is because of one of two things:

1)   You yourself, are resisting what you desire with something you are thinking, believing or doing.

2)   You are in denial of what you truly desire, while you have been simultaneously subconsciously informing the universe of what you truly desire; and so the universe is responding to the deeper, stronger truth of what you really desire.

In either case, you are the one calling the shots.  You cannot live your life without taking action.  Learning to surrender and just “be” is valuable because it helps you to release resistance and re connect with the truth of who you are as a spiritual being in a quantum universe with no time, where the present moment is all that exists and it is perfect as it is.  But to try to “just be” in the physical dimension is not possible.  It is ended-ness.  It means that you are not allowing yourself to be the creator that you came here to be.  This is your life.  Now live it.

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