ANDREA HEFFNER - Company Message

As a Reiki Teacher, I am able to attune  people to the Reiki energy. Reiki energy is ultimately the life force energy of the universe. 

This energy is in us, around us and through us, and has been for our entire lifetime(s).  It is what moves us to do what we do at a subconscious level. 

During the Reiki Classes I perform what is called an Attunement. This is a sacred ceremony that allows the student to open up to the life force energy of the universe. It is safe, magical and revolutionary.  After you are attuned, I feel you are able to rise above the earthly plane and live on the spiritual plane, which, in my opinion, is so much easier, more freeing, and it gives us the ability to see everything so differently and have different perspectives on what is actually "going on" in our life.

 Reiki Certificate Classes

Reiki I Practitioner -  $150

Reiki II Practitioner - $175

Reiki III Master - $200

Reiki Master Teacher -
9 month Internship
$100 per month

 Karuna Reiki
Certification Classes

To take Karuna Classes, you must be a Reiki III/Master 
Karuna Reiki Practitioner I - $225

Karuna Reiki Practitioner II - $250

Karuna Reiki Master  - $300

Reiki Self Healing Class

3 Hour Class $75

Reiki for Self-Healing and Manifesting Health

Many people associate Reiki with having to touch other people or having someone else touching you. I have created this class for those who wish only to practice their own self-healing and their own self manifesting.

In a structured class setting you will become attuned to the Reiki Master Energy. You will be given tools to begin your own healing practice. This class will only focus on the practice of your own health, your own healing and your own magnificence. Reiki is a wonderful tool for assisting you in creating a new foundation of health and wellness in your life.

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