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I have been spiritually guided to create enjoyable simple meditation and movement classes for the children of the stars.  The children today are literally Star Children.  Each time I see one of these children a giant grey star is shown to me above their head. 

What this says to me is that their frequency is not of this planet, and they need a way to balance out their earth energy with their higher frequency.  The frequency they present is a non-linear frequency that comes off a bit almost enchanted at times.  These children revel in the times of daydreaming, literary reading and fascination. Their night dreams almost become their day dreams and their focus is difficult to keep at times.

I have been guided and told that if I can assist them with slowing down, and teach them these practices, they will be able to further focus and become more adept and life. I am not saying there is anything wrong with them, I am just conveying that their old soul continuity needs to be kept furthering along their soul path. These children are literal ancient stored time capsules. They produce within each of their little persons a new ray of hope. They have come back to literally create a new world for their children and their children's children by assisting us with our own selfish problems, and our own selfish needs. Some of them are angry because they can see that we, as adults have not faced up to our end of our bargain in this life. They are angry because we let others treat us bad, but mainly because we are not walking our spiritual path. believe me, I know, I have two Star Children, and we finally figured all this out together.

Recently on a trip to Mt. Shasta I had an encounter with 5 little children at a sweat lodge and spirit would not let it be.  The first two I met had names of Archangels Ishmael and Nathaniel. I looked both of these Archangels up to find the meaning of the names and one meant Grace, ascension and altruism and the other Karma.

So, Here it is folks, a way for your children to relax and begin to learn how to go within and become calm and insightful for approximately 1 and a half or so.

As a Reiki Teacher, I find that children are drawn to my space.  They don't know why but I do. Fortunately for all of us, I just say hello and greet their space and move on. These beautiful children just want to be acknowledged and seen. I know from my practice that some of the children have a hard time focusing on school because they already know their purpose here and the schooling seems so silly to them. All the sports, art, gymnastics in the world cannot give them what they seek. They are seeking love and understanding on a level in which the normal person cannot see nor understand. These Star Children live from a higher sight, understanding of life and knowing. They know exactly who and what they are and where they come from. They are the Children of the Stars.

Here is what I propose for the class.










Class Outline:

Begin in a calm relaxing setting with music and essential oils

Simple Breathe Work

Begin with the OM Chant

Pick Some Crystals

Learn About Meditation and how it works and why we do it

Learn about Movement and how it works and why we do it

Chakra Work

Mudras - Hand movements



My Studio is a very loving, non judgmental and self transformative space. I ask that we all come in peace and leave as one.

The ideas of these classes are primarily for the children to have fun, but secondly for us all to be together and have a higher sight and live all within the same eyesight of each other. These Star Children come her with a sheer purpose. I can guarantee it. Their support is especially needed for all of our future. We must all support one another as well as our children as the future needs it so much.


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