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karuna Reiki Jesus Mother Mary Krishna healing energyI am officially a Karuna Reiki Master Teacher.
The Karuna energy in an even bigger opening to Love and Compassion in Action. 

Below is my experience with Karuna classes, their energy, and the Ascended Masters who show up to assist. The total and complete compassion and love that comes from using this magical healing energy is beyond words. I was so amazed at the love and the forgiveness that takes place during these healing classes and sessions. There is truly an ulimited amount of light love and total and true compassion coming from the guides. Their assistance is both honoring and immeasurable. What a beautiful space to work in and help others to heal.  


When I did my first healing using this new energy, it was as though I could see into the 4 dimensions of the person. 

Their layers stacked up, sort of grid-like and the symbols dropped into their person and the deep healing began.  This energy is also along the same lines as Jesus, Mother Mary, Krishna, Kwan Yin, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Michael.  It’s a light and lovely and very deep emotional healing on so many levels of Love.
This explains the experience I had when I was journaling in Turks and Caicos and I began to write the names of Krishna and Buddha began channeling their words.  These two Ascended Masters are actually Avatars of Visnu.  As in all healing classes, as soon as you sign up, the healing begins.  I truly believe this.
Karuna Reiki Level II
I have received my Karuna Reiki Practitioner Level II.   In this class I was bumped up about 4 more levels and was able to see about 8 levels of the person I was healing that had things to be cleared out.  Its as though I grew 4 sets of internal eyes from the last 4 from Level I class.  This is truly amazing and I cant wait to become a teacher next month.
In the training for the Karuna Teacher, its as thought the Karuna symbols took on a life of their own, and magically knew what was needed for the healee. 

I saw a cocoon of pink light of love surrounded the person and began to help them heal with a gently loving magical feeling of Divine Love. 
Karuna Reiki classes are designed for Reiki Masters as the energy is very intense for the practitioner.  In order to take the Karuna classes, Reiki III is required. 
Stay Tuned for more.........


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